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// Copyright (c) 2014, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
// @dart = 2.7
// Test that we do not accidentally leak code from deferred libraries but do
// allow inlining of empty functions and from main.
import 'package:async_helper/async_helper.dart';
import 'package:compiler/compiler_new.dart';
import 'package:compiler/src/compiler.dart';
import 'package:expect/expect.dart';
import '../helpers/memory_compiler.dart';
void main() {
asyncTest(() async {
OutputCollector collector = new OutputCollector();
CompilationResult result = await runCompiler(
memorySourceFiles: MEMORY_SOURCE_FILES, outputProvider: collector);
Compiler compiler = result.compiler;
var closedWorld = compiler.backendClosedWorldForTesting;
var env = closedWorld.elementEnvironment;
var outputUnitForMember = closedWorld.outputUnitData.outputUnitForMember;
lookupLibrary(name) => env.lookupLibrary(Uri.parse(name));
dynamic lib1 = lookupLibrary("memory:lib1.dart");
var inlineMeAway = env.lookupLibraryMember(lib1, "inlineMeAway");
var ou_lib1 = outputUnitForMember(inlineMeAway);
dynamic lib3 = lookupLibrary("memory:lib3.dart");
var sameContextInline = env.lookupLibraryMember(lib3, "sameContextInline");
var ou_lib3 = outputUnitForMember(sameContextInline);
// Test that we actually got different output units.
String mainOutput = collector.getOutput("", OutputType.js);
String lib1Output =
collector.getOutput("out_${}", OutputType.jsPart);
String lib3Output =
collector.getOutput("out_${}", OutputType.jsPart);
// Test that inlineMeAway was inlined and its argument thus dropped.
// TODO(sigmund): reenable, this commented test changed after porting
// deferred loading to the new common frontend.
// RegExp re1 = new RegExp(r"inlined as empty");
// Expect.isFalse(re1.hasMatch(mainOutput));
// Test that inlineFromMain was inlined and thus the string moved to lib1.
RegExp re2 = new RegExp(r"inlined from main");
// Test that inlineFromLib1 was not inlined into main.
RegExp re3 = new RegExp(r"inlined from lib1");
// Test that inlineSameContext was inlined into lib1.
RegExp re4 = new RegExp(r"inline same context");
// Output can be null when it contains no code.
Expect.isTrue(lib3Output == null || !re4.hasMatch(lib3Output));
// Make sure that empty functions are inlined and that functions from
// main also are inlined (assuming normal heuristics).
const Map<String, String> MEMORY_SOURCE_FILES = const {
"main.dart": """
import "dart:async";
import 'lib1.dart' deferred as lib1;
import 'lib2.dart' deferred as lib2;
inlineFromMain(x) => "inlined from main" + x;
void main() {
lib1.loadLibrary().then((_) {
lib2.loadLibrary().then((_) {
print(lib1.inlineMeAway("inlined as empty"));
print(lib1.inlineFromLib1("should stay"));
"lib1.dart": """
import "main.dart" as main;
import "lib3.dart" as lib3;
inlineMeAway(x) {}
inlineFromLib1(x) => "inlined from lib1" + x;
test() {
print(main.inlineFromMain("should be inlined"));
print(lib3.sameContextInline("should be inlined"));
"lib2.dart": """
import "lib3.dart" as lib3;
test() {
print(lib3.sameContextInline("should be inlined"));
"lib3.dart": """
sameContextInline(x) => "inline same context" + x;