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// Copyright (c) 2012, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
#include "platform/thread_sanitizer.h"
// Don't use USING_PRODUCT outside of this file.
#if defined(PRODUCT)
#define USING_PRODUCT true
#define USING_PRODUCT false
constexpr bool kDartPrecompiledRuntime = true;
constexpr bool kDartPrecompiledRuntime = false;
// TODO(39611): Address races in the background compiler.
constexpr bool kDartUseBackgroundCompilation = false;
constexpr bool kDartUseBackgroundCompilation = true;
// The disassembler might be force included even in product builds so we need
// to conditionally make these into product flags to make the disassembler
// usable in product mode.
P(disassemble, bool, false, "Disassemble dart code.") \
P(disassemble_optimized, bool, false, "Disassemble optimized code.") \
P(disassemble_relative, bool, false, "Use offsets instead of absolute PCs") \
P(support_disassembler, bool, true, "Support the disassembler.")
R(disassemble, false, bool, false, "Disassemble dart code.") \
R(disassemble_optimized, false, bool, false, "Disassemble optimized code.") \
R(disassemble_relative, false, bool, false, \
"Use offsets instead of absolute PCs") \
R(support_disassembler, false, bool, true, "Support the disassembler.")
constexpr bool FLAG_support_il_printer = true;
constexpr bool FLAG_support_il_printer = false;
#endif // defined(INCLUDE_IL_PRINTER)
// List of VM-global (i.e. non-isolate specific) flags.
// The value used for those flags at snapshot generation time needs to be the
// same as during runtime. Currently, only boolean flags are supported.
// The syntax used is the same as that for FLAG_LIST below, as these flags are
// automatically included in FLAG_LIST.
#define VM_GLOBAL_FLAG_LIST(P, R, C, D) \
P(code_comments, bool, false, "Include comments into code and disassembly.") \
P(dwarf_stack_traces_mode, bool, false, \
"Use --[no-]dwarf-stack-traces instead.") \
P(lazy_async_stacks, bool, true, "Reconstruct async stacks from listeners") \
P(lazy_dispatchers, bool, true, "Generate dispatchers lazily") \
P(use_bare_instructions, bool, true, "Enable bare instructions mode.") \
R(dedup_instructions, true, bool, false, \
"Canonicalize instructions when precompiling.")
// List of all flags in the VM.
// Flags can be one of four categories:
// * P roduct flags: Can be set in any of the deployment modes, including in
// production.
// * R elease flags: Generally available flags except when building product.
// * pre C ompile flags: Generally available flags except when building product
// or precompiled runtime.
// * D ebug flags: Can only be set in debug VMs, which also have C++ assertions
// enabled.
// Usage:
// P(name, type, default_value, comment)
// R(name, product_value, type, default_value, comment)
// C(name, precompiled_value, product_value, type, default_value, comment)
// D(name, type, default_value, comment)
#define FLAG_LIST(P, R, C, D) \
P(abort_on_oom, bool, false, \
"Abort if memory allocation fails - use only with --old-gen-heap-size") \
C(async_debugger, false, false, bool, true, \
"Debugger support async functions.") \
P(async_igoto_threshold, int, 5, \
"Number of continuations after which igoto-based async is used." \
"-1 means never.") \
P(background_compilation, bool, kDartUseBackgroundCompilation, \
"Run optimizing compilation in background") \
P(check_token_positions, bool, false, \
"Check validity of token positions while compiling flow graphs") \
P(collect_dynamic_function_names, bool, true, \
"Collects all dynamic function names to identify unique targets") \
P(compactor_tasks, int, 2, \
"The number of tasks to use for parallel compaction.") \
P(concurrent_mark, bool, true, "Concurrent mark for old generation.") \
P(concurrent_sweep, bool, true, "Concurrent sweep for old generation.") \
C(deoptimize_alot, false, false, bool, false, \
"Deoptimizes we are about to return to Dart code from native entries.") \
C(deoptimize_every, 0, 0, int, 0, \
"Deoptimize on every N stack overflow checks") \
P(deoptimize_on_runtime_call_every, int, 0, \
"Deoptimize functions on every runtime call.") \
R(dump_megamorphic_stats, false, bool, false, \
"Dump megamorphic cache statistics") \
R(dump_symbol_stats, false, bool, false, "Dump symbol table statistics") \
R(enable_asserts, false, bool, false, "Enable assert statements.") \
P(inline_alloc, bool, true, "Whether to use inline allocation fast paths.") \
R(null_assertions, false, bool, false, \
"Enable null assertions for parameters.") \
R(strict_null_safety_checks, false, bool, false, \
"Enable strict type checks for non-nullable types and required " \
"parameters.") \
P(enable_mirrors, bool, true, \
"Disable to make importing dart:mirrors an error.") \
P(enable_ffi, bool, true, "Disable to make importing dart:ffi an error.") \
P(fields_may_be_reset, bool, false, \
"Don't optimize away static field initialization") \
P(force_clone_compiler_objects, bool, false, \
"Force cloning of objects needed in compiler (ICData and Field).") \
P(getter_setter_ratio, int, 13, \
"Ratio of getter/setter usage used for double field unboxing heuristics") \
P(guess_icdata_cid, bool, true, \
"Artificially create type feedback for arithmetic etc. operations") \
P(huge_method_cutoff_in_tokens, int, 20000, \
"Huge method cutoff in tokens: Disables optimizations for huge methods.") \
P(idle_timeout_micros, int, 1000 * kMicrosecondsPerMillisecond, \
"Consider thread pool isolates for idle tasks after this long.") \
P(idle_duration_micros, int, 500 * kMicrosecondsPerMillisecond, \
"Allow idle tasks to run for this long.") \
P(interpret_irregexp, bool, false, "Use irregexp bytecode interpreter") \
P(link_natives_lazily, bool, false, "Link native calls lazily") \
R(log_marker_tasks, false, bool, false, \
"Log debugging information for old gen GC marking tasks.") \
P(scavenger_tasks, int, 2, \
"The number of tasks to spawn during scavenging (0 means " \
"perform all marking on main thread).") \
P(marker_tasks, int, 2, \
"The number of tasks to spawn during old gen GC marking (0 means " \
"perform all marking on main thread).") \
P(max_polymorphic_checks, int, 4, \
"Maximum number of polymorphic check, otherwise it is megamorphic.") \
P(max_equality_polymorphic_checks, int, 32, \
"Maximum number of polymorphic checks in equality operator,") \
P(new_gen_semi_max_size, int, (kWordSize <= 4) ? 8 : 16, \
"Max size of new gen semi space in MB") \
P(new_gen_semi_initial_size, int, (kWordSize <= 4) ? 1 : 2, \
"Initial size of new gen semi space in MB") \
P(optimization_counter_threshold, int, 30000, \
"Function's usage-counter value before it is optimized, -1 means never") \
R(randomize_optimization_counter, false, bool, false, \
"Randomize optimization counter thresholds on a per-function basis (for " \
"testing).") \
P(optimization_level, int, 2, \
"Optimization level: 1 (favor size), 2 (default), 3 (favor speed)") \
P(old_gen_heap_size, int, kDefaultMaxOldGenHeapSize, \
"Max size of old gen heap size in MB, or 0 for unlimited," \
"e.g: --old_gen_heap_size=1024 allows up to 1024MB old gen heap") \
R(pause_isolates_on_start, false, bool, false, \
"Pause isolates before starting.") \
R(pause_isolates_on_exit, false, bool, false, "Pause isolates exiting.") \
R(pause_isolates_on_unhandled_exceptions, false, bool, false, \
"Pause isolates on unhandled exceptions.") \
P(polymorphic_with_deopt, bool, true, \
"Polymorphic calls with deoptimization / megamorphic call") \
P(precompiled_mode, bool, false, "Precompilation compiler mode") \
P(print_snapshot_sizes, bool, false, "Print sizes of generated snapshots.") \
P(print_snapshot_sizes_verbose, bool, false, \
"Print cluster sizes of generated snapshots.") \
R(print_ssa_liveranges, false, bool, false, \
"Print live ranges after allocation.") \
R(print_stacktrace_at_api_error, false, bool, false, \
"Attempt to print a native stack trace when an API error is created.") \
D(print_variable_descriptors, bool, false, \
"Print variable descriptors in disassembly.") \
R(profiler, false, bool, false, "Enable the profiler.") \
R(profiler_native_memory, false, bool, false, \
"Enable native memory statistic collection.") \
P(reorder_basic_blocks, bool, true, "Reorder basic blocks") \
C(stress_async_stacks, false, false, bool, false, \
"Stress test async stack traces") \
P(use_table_dispatch, bool, true, "Enable dispatch table based calls.") \
P(retain_function_objects, bool, true, \
"Serialize function objects for all code objects even if not otherwise " \
"needed in the precompiled runtime.") \
P(retain_code_objects, bool, true, \
"Serialize all code objects even if not otherwise " \
"needed in the precompiled runtime.") \
P(enable_isolate_groups, bool, false, \
"Enable isolate group support in AOT.") \
P(show_invisible_frames, bool, false, \
"Show invisible frames in stack traces.") \
D(trace_cha, bool, false, "Trace CHA operations") \
R(trace_field_guards, false, bool, false, "Trace changes in field's cids.") \
D(trace_ic, bool, false, "Trace IC handling") \
D(trace_ic_miss_in_optimized, bool, false, \
"Trace IC miss in optimized code") \
C(trace_irregexp, false, false, bool, false, "Trace irregexps.") \
D(trace_intrinsified_natives, bool, false, \
"Report if any of the intrinsified natives are called") \
D(trace_isolates, bool, false, "Trace isolate creation and shut down.") \
D(trace_handles, bool, false, "Traces allocation of handles.") \
D(trace_kernel_binary, bool, false, "Trace Kernel reader/writer.") \
D(trace_natives, bool, false, "Trace invocation of natives") \
D(trace_optimization, bool, false, "Print optimization details.") \
R(trace_profiler, false, bool, false, "Profiler trace") \
D(trace_profiler_verbose, bool, false, "Verbose profiler trace") \
D(trace_runtime_calls, bool, false, "Trace runtime calls.") \
R(trace_ssa_allocator, false, bool, false, \
"Trace register allocation over SSA.") \
P(trace_strong_mode_types, bool, false, \
"Trace optimizations based on strong mode types.") \
D(trace_type_checks, bool, false, "Trace runtime type checks.") \
D(trace_patching, bool, false, "Trace patching of code.") \
D(trace_optimized_ic_calls, bool, false, \
"Trace IC calls in optimized code.") \
D(trace_zones, bool, false, "Traces allocation sizes in the zone.") \
P(truncating_left_shift, bool, true, \
"Optimize left shift to truncate if possible") \
P(use_compactor, bool, false, "Compact the heap during old-space GC.") \
P(use_cha_deopt, bool, true, \
"Use class hierarchy analysis even if it can cause deoptimization.") \
P(use_field_guards, bool, true, "Use field guards and track field types") \
C(use_osr, false, true, bool, true, "Use OSR") \
P(use_slow_path, bool, false, "Whether to avoid inlined fast paths.") \
R(verbose_gc, false, bool, false, "Enables verbose GC.") \
R(verbose_gc_hdr, 40, int, 40, "Print verbose GC header interval.") \
R(verify_after_gc, false, bool, false, \
"Enables heap verification after GC.") \
R(verify_before_gc, false, bool, false, \
"Enables heap verification before GC.") \
R(verify_store_buffer, false, bool, false, \
"Enables store buffer verification before and after scavenges.") \
P(enable_slow_path_sharing, bool, true, "Enable sharing of slow-path code.") \
P(shared_slow_path_triggers_gc, bool, false, \
"TESTING: slow-path triggers a GC.") \
P(enable_multiple_entrypoints, bool, true, \
"Enable multiple entrypoints per-function and related optimizations.") \
P(enable_testing_pragmas, bool, false, \
"Enable magical pragmas for testing purposes. Use at your own risk!") \
R(eliminate_type_checks, true, bool, true, \
"Eliminate type checks when allowed by static type analysis.") \
D(support_rr, bool, false, "Support running within RR.") \
P(verify_entry_points, bool, false, \
"Throw API error on invalid member access throuh native API. See " \