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// Copyright (c) 2019, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
import 'package:kernel/kernel.dart' show Component, CanonicalName, Library;
import 'package:kernel/target/targets.dart' show Target;
import '../api_prototype/compiler_options.dart' show CompilerOptions;
import '../api_prototype/experimental_flags.dart' show ExperimentalFlag;
import '../api_prototype/file_system.dart' show FileSystem;
import '../base/nnbd_mode.dart' show NnbdMode;
import '../base/processed_options.dart' show ProcessedOptions;
import '../fasta/compiler_context.dart' show CompilerContext;
import '../fasta/incremental_compiler.dart' show IncrementalCompiler;
import 'compiler_state.dart'
show InitializedCompilerState, WorkerInputComponent, digestsEqual;
import 'util.dart' show equalMaps, equalSets;
/// Initializes the compiler for a modular build.
/// Re-uses cached components from [oldState.workerInputCache], and reloads them
/// as necessary based on [workerInputDigests].
/// Notes:
/// * [outputLoadedAdditionalDills] should be given as an empty list of the same
/// size as the [additionalDills]. The input summaries are loaded (or taken
/// from cache) and placed in this list in order, i.e. the `i`-th entry in
/// [outputLoadedAdditionalDills] after this call corresponds to the component
/// loaded from the `i`-th entry in [additionalDills].
Future<InitializedCompilerState> initializeIncrementalCompiler(
InitializedCompilerState? oldState,
Set<String> tags,
List<Component> outputLoadedAdditionalDills,
Uri sdkSummary,
Uri packagesFile,
Uri librariesSpecificationUri,
List<Uri> additionalDills,
Map<Uri, List<int>> workerInputDigests,
Target target,
{bool compileSdk: false,
Uri? sdkRoot: null,
required FileSystem fileSystem,
required Map<ExperimentalFlag, bool> explicitExperimentalFlags,
Map<String, String> environmentDefines: const {},
bool? outlineOnly,
bool omitPlatform: false,
bool trackNeededDillLibraries: false,
bool verbose: false,
NnbdMode nnbdMode: NnbdMode.Weak}) async {
bool isRetry = false;
while (true) {
try {
final List<int>? sdkDigest = workerInputDigests[sdkSummary];
if (sdkDigest == null) {
throw new StateError("Expected to get digest for $sdkSummary");
Map<Uri, WorkerInputComponent> workerInputCache =
oldState?.workerInputCache ?? new Map<Uri, WorkerInputComponent>();
Map<Uri, Uri> workerInputCacheLibs =
oldState?.workerInputCacheLibs ?? new Map<Uri, Uri>();
WorkerInputComponent? cachedSdkInput = workerInputCache[sdkSummary];
IncrementalCompiler incrementalCompiler;
CompilerOptions options;
ProcessedOptions processedOpts;
if (oldState == null ||
oldState.incrementalCompiler == null ||
oldState.options.compileSdk != compileSdk ||
oldState.incrementalCompiler!.outlineOnly != outlineOnly ||
oldState.options.nnbdMode != nnbdMode ||
explicitExperimentalFlags) ||
!equalMaps(oldState.options.environmentDefines, environmentDefines) ||
!equalSets(oldState.tags, tags) ||
cachedSdkInput == null ||
!digestsEqual(cachedSdkInput.digest, sdkDigest)) {
// No - or immediately not correct - previous state.
// We'll load a new sdk, anything loaded already will have a wrong root.
// The sdk was either not cached or it has changed.
options = new CompilerOptions()
..compileSdk = compileSdk
..sdkRoot = sdkRoot
..sdkSummary = sdkSummary
..packagesFileUri = packagesFile
..librariesSpecificationUri = librariesSpecificationUri = target
..fileSystem = fileSystem
..omitPlatform = omitPlatform
..environmentDefines = environmentDefines
..explicitExperimentalFlags = explicitExperimentalFlags
..verbose = verbose
..nnbdMode = nnbdMode;
processedOpts = new ProcessedOptions(options: options);
cachedSdkInput = new WorkerInputComponent(
sdkDigest, (await processedOpts.loadSdkSummary(null))!);
workerInputCache[sdkSummary] = cachedSdkInput;
for (Library lib in cachedSdkInput.component.libraries) {
if (workerInputCacheLibs.containsKey(lib.importUri)) {
throw new StateError("Duplicate sources in sdk.");
workerInputCacheLibs[lib.importUri] = sdkSummary;
incrementalCompiler = new IncrementalCompiler.fromComponent(
new CompilerContext(processedOpts),
incrementalCompiler.trackNeededDillLibraries = trackNeededDillLibraries;
} else {
options = oldState.options;
processedOpts = oldState.processedOpts;
Component sdkComponent = cachedSdkInput.component;
// Make sure the canonical name root knows about the sdk - otherwise we
// won't be able to link to it when loading more outlines.
// TODO(jensj): This is - at least currently - necessary,
// although it's not entirely obvious why.
// It likely has to do with several outlines containing the same
// libraries. Once that stops (and we check for it) we can probably
// remove this, and instead only do it when about to reuse a component
// further down.
for (WorkerInputComponent cachedInput in workerInputCache.values) {
// Reuse the incremental compiler, but reset as needed.
incrementalCompiler = oldState.incrementalCompiler!;
incrementalCompiler.trackNeededDillLibraries = trackNeededDillLibraries;
options.packagesFileUri = packagesFile;
options.fileSystem = fileSystem;
// Then read all the input summary components.
CanonicalName nameRoot = cachedSdkInput.component.root;
Map<Uri, Uri>? libraryToInputDill;
if (trackNeededDillLibraries) {
libraryToInputDill = new Map<Uri, Uri>();
List<int> loadFromDillIndexes = <int>[];
// Notice that the ordering of the input summaries matter, so we need to
// keep them in order.
if (outputLoadedAdditionalDills.length != additionalDills.length) {
throw new ArgumentError("Invalid length.");
Set<Uri> additionalDillsSet = new Set<Uri>();
for (int i = 0; i < additionalDills.length; i++) {
Uri summaryUri = additionalDills[i];
WorkerInputComponent? cachedInput = workerInputCache[summaryUri];
List<int>? digest = workerInputDigests[summaryUri];
if (digest == null) {
throw new StateError("Expected to get digest for $summaryUri");
if (cachedInput == null ||
cachedInput.component.root != nameRoot ||
!digestsEqual(digest, cachedInput.digest)) {
// Remove any old libraries from workerInputCacheLibs.
Component? component = cachedInput?.component;
if (component != null) {
for (Library lib in component.libraries) {
} else {
// Need to reset cached components so they are usable again.
Component component = cachedInput.component;
if (trackNeededDillLibraries) {
for (Library lib in component.libraries) {
libraryToInputDill![lib.importUri] = summaryUri;
component.computeCanonicalNames(); // this isn't needed, is it?
outputLoadedAdditionalDills[i] = component;
for (int i = 0; i < loadFromDillIndexes.length; i++) {
int index = loadFromDillIndexes[i];
Uri additionalDillUri = additionalDills[index];
List<int>? digest = workerInputDigests[additionalDillUri];
if (digest == null) {
throw new StateError("Expected to get digest for $additionalDillUri");
List<int> bytes =
await fileSystem.entityForUri(additionalDillUri).readAsBytes();
WorkerInputComponent cachedInput = new WorkerInputComponent(
await processedOpts.loadComponent(bytes, nameRoot,
alwaysCreateNewNamedNodes: true));
workerInputCache[additionalDillUri] = cachedInput;
outputLoadedAdditionalDills[index] = cachedInput.component;
for (Library lib in cachedInput.component.libraries) {
if (workerInputCacheLibs.containsKey(lib.importUri)) {
Uri fromSummary = workerInputCacheLibs[lib.importUri]!;
if (additionalDillsSet.contains(fromSummary)) {
throw new StateError(
"Asked to load several summaries that contain the same "
} else {
// Library contained in old cached component. Flush that cache.
Component component =
for (Library lib in component.libraries) {
} else {
workerInputCacheLibs[lib.importUri] = additionalDillUri;
if (trackNeededDillLibraries) {
libraryToInputDill![lib.importUri] = additionalDillUri;
return new InitializedCompilerState(options, processedOpts,
workerInputCache: workerInputCache,
workerInputCacheLibs: workerInputCacheLibs,
incrementalCompiler: incrementalCompiler,
tags: tags,
libraryToInputDill: libraryToInputDill);
} catch (e, s) {
if (isRetry) rethrow;
Failed to initialize incremental compiler, throwing away old state.
This is likely a result of, if
you are consistently seeing this problem please see that issue.
The specific exception that was encountered was:
isRetry = true;
oldState = null;
// Artificial delay to attempt to increase the odds of recovery from
// timing related issues.
await new Future.delayed(const Duration(milliseconds: 50));