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// Copyright (c) 2016, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
library fasta.type_builder;
import 'package:kernel/ast.dart' show DartType, Supertype, TypedefType;
import '../scope.dart';
import 'library_builder.dart';
import 'nullability_builder.dart';
import 'type_declaration_builder.dart';
import 'type_variable_builder.dart';
abstract class TypeBuilder {
const TypeBuilder();
TypeDeclarationBuilder get declaration => null;
/// Returns the Uri for the file in which this type annotation occurred, or
/// `null` if the type was synthesized.
Uri get fileUri;
/// Returns the character offset with [fileUri] at which this type annotation
/// occurred, or `null` if the type was synthesized.
int get charOffset;
void resolveIn(
Scope scope, int charOffset, Uri fileUri, LibraryBuilder library) {}
/// See `UnresolvedType.checkType`.
void check(LibraryBuilder library, int charOffset, Uri fileUri) {}
void bind(TypeDeclarationBuilder builder) {}
/// May return null, for example, for mixin applications.
Object get name;
NullabilityBuilder get nullabilityBuilder;
String get debugName;
StringBuffer printOn(StringBuffer buffer);
String toString() => "$debugName(${printOn(new StringBuffer())})";
/// Returns the [TypeBuilder] for this type in which [TypeVariableBuilder]s
/// in [substitution] have been replaced by the corresponding [TypeBuilder]s.
/// If [unboundTypes] is provided, created type builders that are not bound
/// are added to [unboundTypes]. Otherwise, creating an unbound type builder
/// throws an error.
// TODO(johnniwinther): Change [NamedTypeBuilder] to hold the
// [TypeParameterScopeBuilder] should resolve it, so that we cannot create
// [NamedTypeBuilder]s that are orphaned.
TypeBuilder subst(Map<TypeVariableBuilder, TypeBuilder> substitution) => this;
/// Clones the type builder recursively without binding the subterms to
/// existing declaration or type variable builders. All newly built types
/// are added to [newTypes], so that they can be added to a proper scope and
/// resolved later.
TypeBuilder clone(List<TypeBuilder> newTypes);
String get fullNameForErrors => "${printOn(new StringBuffer())}";
DartType build(LibraryBuilder library,
[TypedefType origin, bool notInstanceContext]);
Supertype buildSupertype(LibraryBuilder library, int charOffset, Uri fileUri);
Supertype buildMixedInType(
LibraryBuilder library, int charOffset, Uri fileUri);
TypeBuilder withNullabilityBuilder(NullabilityBuilder nullabilityBuilder);
bool get isVoidType;