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// Copyright (c) 2016, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
library fasta.mixin_application_builder;
import 'package:kernel/ast.dart' show InterfaceType, Supertype, TypedefType;
import '../problems.dart' show unsupported;
import 'library_builder.dart';
import 'nullability_builder.dart';
import 'type_builder.dart';
import 'type_variable_builder.dart';
class MixinApplicationBuilder extends TypeBuilder {
final TypeBuilder supertype;
final List<TypeBuilder> mixins;
final Uri fileUri;
final int charOffset;
Supertype builtType;
List<TypeVariableBuilder> typeVariables;
this.supertype, this.mixins, this.fileUri, this.charOffset);
String get name => null;
NullabilityBuilder get nullabilityBuilder {
return unsupported("nullabilityBuilder", -1, null);
String get debugName => "MixinApplicationBuilder";
bool get isVoidType => false;
StringBuffer printOn(StringBuffer buffer) {
buffer.write(" with ");
bool first = true;
for (TypeBuilder t in mixins) {
if (!first) buffer.write(", ");
first = false;
return buffer;
InterfaceType build(LibraryBuilder library,
[TypedefType origin, bool notInstanceContext]) {
int charOffset = -1; // TODO(ahe): Provide these.
Uri fileUri = null; // TODO(ahe): Provide these.
return unsupported("build", charOffset, fileUri);
Supertype buildSupertype(
LibraryBuilder library, int charOffset, Uri fileUri) {
return unsupported("buildSupertype", charOffset, fileUri);
Supertype buildMixedInType(
LibraryBuilder library, int charOffset, Uri fileUri) {
return unsupported("buildMixedInType", charOffset, fileUri);
MixinApplicationBuilder withNullabilityBuilder(
NullabilityBuilder nullabilityBuilder) {
return unsupported("withNullabilityBuilder", -1, null);
MixinApplicationBuilder clone(List<TypeBuilder> newTypes) {
int charOffset = -1; // TODO(dmitryas): Provide these.
Uri fileUri = null; // TODO(dmitryas): Provide these.
return unsupported("clone", charOffset, fileUri);