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// Copyright (c) 2013, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
part of dart.convert;
typedef void _ChunkedConversionCallback<T>(T accumulated);
/// This class is deprecated. Extend [Converter] directly.
abstract class ChunkedConverter<S, T, S2, T2> extends Converter<S, T> {
const ChunkedConverter(): super();
dynamic bind(dynamic other) => super.bind(other);
dynamic startChunkedConversion(dynamic sink) =>
* A [ChunkedConversionSink] is used to transmit data more efficiently between
* two converters during chunked conversions.
* The basic `ChunkedConversionSink` is just a [Sink], and converters should
* work with a plain `Sink`, but may work more efficiently with certain
* specialized types of `ChunkedConversionSink`.
* It is recommended that implementations of `ChunkedConversionSink` extend
* this class, to inherit any further methods that may be added to the class.
abstract class ChunkedConversionSink<T> implements Sink<T> {
factory ChunkedConversionSink.withCallback(
void callback(List<T> accumulated)) = _SimpleCallbackSink<T>;
* Adds chunked data to this sink.
* This method is also used when converters are used as [StreamTransformer]s.
void add(T chunk);
* Closes the sink.
* This signals the end of the chunked conversion. This method is called
* when converters are used as [StreamTransformer]'s.
void close();
* This class accumulates all chunks and invokes a callback with a list of
* the chunks when the sink is closed.
* This class can be used to terminate a chunked conversion.
class _SimpleCallbackSink<T> extends ChunkedConversionSink<T> {
final _ChunkedConversionCallback<List<T>> _callback;
final List<T> _accumulated = <T>[];
void add(T chunk) { _accumulated.add(chunk); }
void close() { _callback(_accumulated); }
* This class implements the logic for a chunked conversion as a
* stream transformer.
* It is used as strategy in the [EventTransformStream].
* It also implements the [ChunkedConversionSink] interface so that it
* can be used as output sink in a chunked conversion.
class _ConverterStreamEventSink<S, T> implements EventSink<S> {
/** The output sink for the converter. */
final EventSink<T> _eventSink;
* The input sink for new data. All data that is received with
* [handleData] is added into this sink.
final Sink<S> _chunkedSink;
Converter/*=Converter<S, T>*/ converter,
EventSink<T> sink)
: this._eventSink = sink,
_chunkedSink = converter.startChunkedConversion(sink);
void add(S o) { _chunkedSink.add(o); }
void addError(Object error, [StackTrace stackTrace]) {
_eventSink.addError(error, stackTrace);
void close() { _chunkedSink.close(); }