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#!/usr/bin/env python
# Copyright (c) 2015, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
# for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
# BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
import os.path
import shutil
import sys
import subprocess
import bot
import bot_utils
utils = bot_utils.GetUtils()
BUILD_OS = utils.GuessOS()
(bot_name, _) = bot.GetBotName()
CHANNEL = bot_utils.GetChannelFromName(bot_name)
def BuildSDK():
with bot.BuildStep('Build SDK'):
Run([sys.executable, './tools/', '--mode=release',
'--arch=ia32,x64', 'create_sdk'])
def BuildDartdocAPIDocs(dirname):
dart_sdk = os.path.join(bot_utils.DART_DIR,
utils.GetBuildRoot(BUILD_OS, 'release', 'ia32'),
dart_exe = os.path.join(dart_sdk, 'bin', 'dart')
dartdoc_dart = os.path.join(bot_utils.DART_DIR,
'third_party', 'pkg' , 'dartdoc' , 'bin' ,
packages_dir = os.path.join(bot_utils.DART_DIR,
utils.GetBuildRoot(BUILD_OS, 'release', 'ia32'),
footer_file = os.path.join(bot_utils.DART_DIR,
'tools', 'bots', 'dartdoc_footer.html')
url = ''
with bot.BuildStep('Build API docs by dartdoc'):[dart_exe, '--package-root=' + packages_dir, dartdoc_dart,
'--sdk-docs','--output', dirname, '--dart-sdk', dart_sdk,
'--footer' , footer_file,
'--rel-canonical-prefix=' + url],
stdout=open(os.devnull, 'wb'))
def CreateUploadVersionFile():
file_path = os.path.join(bot_utils.DART_DIR,
utils.GetBuildRoot(BUILD_OS, 'release', 'ia32'),
with open(file_path, 'w') as fd:
def DartArchiveUploadVersionFile(version_file):
namer = bot_utils.GCSNamer(CHANNEL, bot_utils.ReleaseType.RAW)
revision = utils.GetArchiveVersion()
for revision in [revision, 'latest']:
destination = namer.version_filepath(revision)
DartArchiveFile(version_file, destination, checksum_files=False)
def CreateUploadSDKZips():
with bot.BuildStep('Create and upload sdk zips'):
sdk32_path = os.path.join(bot_utils.DART_DIR,
utils.GetBuildRoot(BUILD_OS, 'release', 'ia32'),
sdk64_path = os.path.join(bot_utils.DART_DIR,
utils.GetBuildRoot(BUILD_OS, 'release', 'x64'),
sdk32_zip = os.path.join(bot_utils.DART_DIR,
utils.GetBuildRoot(BUILD_OS, 'release', 'ia32'),
'' % BUILD_OS)
sdk64_zip = os.path.join(bot_utils.DART_DIR,
utils.GetBuildRoot(BUILD_OS, 'release', 'x64'),
'' % BUILD_OS)
CreateZip(sdk32_path, sdk32_zip)
CreateZip(sdk64_path, sdk64_zip)
DartArchiveUploadSDKs(BUILD_OS, sdk32_zip, sdk64_zip)
def DartArchiveUploadSDKs(system, sdk32_zip, sdk64_zip):
namer = bot_utils.GCSNamer(CHANNEL, bot_utils.ReleaseType.RAW)
revision = utils.GetArchiveVersion()
for revision in [revision, 'latest']:
path32 = namer.sdk_zipfilepath(revision, system, 'ia32', 'release')
path64 = namer.sdk_zipfilepath(revision, system, 'x64', 'release')
DartArchiveFile(sdk32_zip, path32, checksum_files=True)
DartArchiveFile(sdk64_zip, path64, checksum_files=True)
def CreateUploadSDK():
def CreateUploadAPIDocs():
dartdoc_dir = os.path.join(bot_utils.DART_DIR,
utils.GetBuildRoot(BUILD_OS, 'release', 'ia32'),
dartdoc_zip = os.path.join(bot_utils.DART_DIR,
utils.GetBuildRoot(BUILD_OS, 'release', 'ia32'),
CreateZip(dartdoc_dir, dartdoc_zip)
def DartArchiveUploadDartdocAPIDocs(api_zip):
namer = bot_utils.GCSNamer(CHANNEL, bot_utils.ReleaseType.RAW)
revision = utils.GetArchiveVersion()
for revision in [revision, 'latest']:
destination = (namer.apidocs_directory(revision) + '/' +
DartArchiveFile(api_zip, destination, checksum_files=False)
def UploadDartdocApiDocs(dir_name):
apidocs_namer = bot_utils.GCSNamerApiDocs(CHANNEL)
revision = utils.GetArchiveVersion()
dartdocs_destination_gcsdir = apidocs_namer.dartdocs_dirpath(revision)
# Return early if the documents have already been uploaded.
# This can happen if a build was forced, or a commit had no changes in the
# dart repository (e.g. DEPS file update).
if GsutilExists(dartdocs_destination_gcsdir):
print ("Not uploading api docs, since %s is already present."
% dartdocs_destination_gcsdir)
# Upload everything inside the built apidocs directory.
gsutil = bot_utils.GSUtil()
gsutil.upload(dir_name, dartdocs_destination_gcsdir, recursive=True,
public=True, multithread=True)
def UploadApiLatestFile():
apidocs_namer = bot_utils.GCSNamerApiDocs(CHANNEL)
revision = utils.GetArchiveVersion()
apidocs_destination_latestfile = apidocs_namer.docs_latestpath(revision)
# Update latest.txt to contain the newest revision.
with utils.TempDir('latest_file') as temp_dir:
latest_file = os.path.join(temp_dir, 'latest.txt')
with open(latest_file, 'w') as f:
f.write('%s' % revision)
DartArchiveFile(latest_file, apidocs_destination_latestfile)
def GsutilExists(gsu_path):
# This is a little hackish, but it is basically a one off doing very
# specialized check that we don't use elsewhere.
gsutilTool = os.path.join(bot_utils.DART_DIR,
'third_party', 'gsutil', 'gsutil')
(_, stderr, returncode) =
[gsutilTool, 'ls', gsu_path],
# If the returncode is nonzero and we can find a specific error message,
# we know there are no objects with a prefix of [gsu_path].
missing = (returncode and 'CommandException: No such object' in stderr)
# Either the returncode has to be zero or the object must be missing,
# otherwise throw an exception.
if not missing and returncode:
raise Exception("Failed to determine whether %s exists" % gsu_path)
return not missing
def CreateZip(directory, target_file):
if 'win' in BUILD_OS:
CreateZipWindows(directory, target_file)
CreateZipPosix(directory, target_file)
def CreateZipPosix(directory, target_file):
with utils.ChangedWorkingDirectory(os.path.dirname(directory)):
command = ['zip', '-yrq9', target_file, os.path.basename(directory)]
def CreateZipWindows(directory, target_file):
with utils.ChangedWorkingDirectory(os.path.dirname(directory)):
zip_win = os.path.join(bot_utils.DART_DIR, 'third_party', '7zip', '7za')
command = [zip_win, 'a', '-tzip', target_file, os.path.basename(directory)]
def FileDelete(f):
if os.path.exists(f):
def DartArchiveFile(local_path, remote_path, checksum_files=False):
gsutil = bot_utils.GSUtil()
gsutil.upload(local_path, remote_path, public=True)
if checksum_files:
# 'local_path' may have a different filename than 'remote_path'. So we need
# to make sure the *.md5sum file contains the correct name.
assert '/' in remote_path and not remote_path.endswith('/')
mangled_filename = remote_path[remote_path.rfind('/') + 1:]
local_md5sum = bot_utils.CreateMD5ChecksumFile(local_path,
gsutil.upload(local_md5sum, remote_path + '.md5sum', public=True)
local_sha256 = bot_utils.CreateSha256ChecksumFile(local_path,
gsutil.upload(local_sha256, remote_path + '.sha256sum', public=True)
def Run(command):
print "Running %s" % ' '.join(command)
return bot.RunProcess(command)
if __name__ == '__main__':
# We always clobber the bot, to make sure releases are build from scratch
force = CHANNEL != bot_utils.Channel.BLEEDING_EDGE
if BUILD_OS == 'linux':