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#!/usr/bin/env dart
// Copyright (c) 2018, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
// @dart = 2.9
// Compiles code with DDC and runs the resulting code with either node or
// chrome.
// The first script supplied should be the one with `main()`.
// Saves the output in the same directory as the sources for convenient
// inspection, modification or rerunning the code.
import 'dart:io';
import 'package:args/args.dart' show ArgParser;
import 'package:path/path.dart' as p;
import 'package:dev_compiler/src/compiler/module_builder.dart'
as module_builder;
enum NullSafety { strict, weak, disabled }
void main(List<String> args) async {
void printUsage() {
print('Usage: ddb [options] <dart-script-file>\n');
print('Compiles <dart-script-file> with the dev_compiler and runs it on a '
'JS platform.\n');
// Parse flags.
var parser = ArgParser(usageLineLength: 80)
..addOption('binary', abbr: 'b', help: 'Runtime binary path.')
help: 'DART_VM_OPTIONS for the compilation VM.')
abbr: 'd',
help: 'Use current source instead of built SDK.',
defaultsTo: false)
help: 'Run with specified experiments enabled.')
..addFlag('help', abbr: 'h', help: 'Display this message.')
help: 'Option to (compile|run|all). Default is all (compile and run).',
allowed: ['compile', 'run', 'all'],
defaultsTo: 'all')
help: 'Compile for sound null safety at runtime. Passed through to the '
'DDC binary. Defaults to false.',
defaultsTo: false)
help: 'Run with assertions that values passed to non-nullable method '
'parameters are not null.',
defaultsTo: false)
help: 'Run with assertions on non-nullable values returned from native '
defaultsTo: true,
negatable: true)
help: 'Treat weak null safety warnings as errors.', defaultsTo: false)
'Run the compiler in the Dart VM with --observe. Implies --debug.',
defaultsTo: false)
..addOption('out', help: 'Output file.')
..addOption('packages', help: 'Where to find a package spec file.')
abbr: 'p',
help: 'Run with the corresponding chrome/V8 debugging port open.',
defaultsTo: '9222')
abbr: 'r',
help: 'Platform to run on (node|d8|chrome). Default is node.',
allowed: ['node', 'd8', 'chrome'],
defaultsTo: 'node')
help: 'Emit API summary in a .js.txt file.', defaultsTo: false)
abbr: 's',
help: 'summary file(s) of imported libraries, optionally with module '
'import path: -s path.sum=js/import/path')
abbr: 'v',
help: 'Echos the commands, arguments, and environment this script is '
defaultsTo: false)
help: 'Specify the observatory port. Implied --observe.');
var options = parser.parse(args);
if (options['help'] as bool) {
print('Available options:');
if ( != 1) {
print('Dart script file required.\n');
var debug = options['debug'] as bool ||
options['observe'] as bool ||
var summarizeText = options['summarize-text'] as bool;
var binary = options['binary'] as String;
var experiments = options['enable-experiment'] as List;
var summaries = options['summary'] as List;
var port = int.parse(options['port'] as String);
var mode = options['mode'] as String;
var compile = mode == 'compile' || mode == 'all';
var run = mode == 'run' || mode == 'all';
var verbose = options['verbose'] as bool;
var soundNullSafety = options['sound-null-safety'] as bool;
var nonNullAsserts = options['null-assertions'] as bool;
var nativeNonNullAsserts = options['native-null-assertions'] as bool;
var weakNullSafetyErrors = options['weak-null-safety-errors'] as bool;
var entry = p.canonicalize(;
var out = (options['out'] as String) ?? p.setExtension(entry, '.js');
var libRoot = p.dirname(entry);
var basename = p.basenameWithoutExtension(entry);
var libname =
// By default (no `-d`), we use the `dartdevc` binary on the user's path to
// compute the SDK we use for execution. I.e., we assume that `dart` is
// under `$DART_SDK/bin/dart` and use that to find `dartdevc` and related
// artifacts. In this mode, this script can run against any installed SDK.
// If you want to run against a freshly built SDK, that must be first on
// your path.
var dartBinary = Platform.resolvedExecutable;
var dartSdk = p.dirname(p.dirname(dartBinary));
// In debug mode (`-d`), we run from the `pkg/dev_compiler` sources. We
// determine the location via this actual script (i.e., `-d` assumes
// this script remains under to `tool` sub-directory).
var toolPath =
Platform.script.normalizePath().toFilePath(windows: Platform.isWindows);
var ddcPath = p.dirname(p.dirname(toolPath));
var dartCheckoutPath = p.dirname(p.dirname(ddcPath));
/// Runs the [command] with [args] in [environment].
/// Will echo the commands to the console before running them when running in
/// `verbose` mode.
Future<Process> startProcess(String name, String command, List<String> args,
[Map<String, String> environment = const {}]) {
if (verbose) {
print('Running $name:\n$command ${args.join(' ')}\n');
if (environment.isNotEmpty) {
var environmentVariables = => '${e.key}: ${e.value}').join('\n');
print('With Environment:\n$environmentVariables\n');
return Process.start(command, args,
mode: ProcessStartMode.inheritStdio, environment: environment);
Future<void> runDdc(String command, List<String> args) async {
if (debug) {
// Use unbuilt script. This only works from a source checkout.
var vmServicePort = options.wasParsed('vm-service-port')
? '=${options['vm-service-port']}'
: '';
var observe =
options.wasParsed('vm-service-port') || options['observe'] as bool;
args.insertAll(0, [
if (observe) ...[
p.join(ddcPath, 'bin', '$command.dart')
command = dartBinary;
} else {
// Use built snapshot.
command = p.join(dartSdk, 'bin', command);
var process = await startProcess('DDC', command, args, <String, String>{
if (options['compile-vm-options'] != null)
'DART_VM_OPTIONS': options['compile-vm-options'] as String
if (await process.exitCode != 0) exit(await process.exitCode);
String mod;
bool chrome = false;
bool node = false;
bool d8 = false;
switch (options['runtime'] as String) {
case 'node':
node = true;
mod = 'common';
case 'd8':
d8 = true;
mod = 'legacy';
case 'chrome':
chrome = true;
mod = 'amd';
var sdkRoot = p.dirname(p.dirname(ddcPath));
var buildDir =
p.join(sdkRoot, Platform.isMacOS ? 'xcodebuild' : 'out', 'ReleaseX64');
var requirePath = p.join(sdkRoot, 'third_party', 'requirejs');
var sdkOutlineDill = p.join(buildDir,
soundNullSafety ? 'ddc_outline_sound.dill' : 'ddc_outline.dill');
var suffix = soundNullSafety ? p.join('sound', mod) : p.join('kernel', mod);
var sdkJsPath = p.join(buildDir, 'gen', 'utils', 'dartdevc', suffix);
// Print an initial empty line to separate the invocation from the output.
if (verbose) {
if (compile) {
var ddcArgs = [
if (summarizeText) '--summarize-text',
for (var summary in summaries) '--summary=$summary',
for (var experiment in experiments) '--enable-experiment=$experiment',
if (soundNullSafety) '--sound-null-safety',
if (options['packages'] != null) '--packages=${options['packages']}',
await runDdc('dartdevc', ddcArgs);
if (run) {
if (chrome) {
String chromeBinary;
if (binary != null) {
chromeBinary = binary;
} else if (Platform.isWindows) {
chromeBinary =
'C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Google\\Chrome\\Application\\chrome.exe';
} else if (Platform.isMacOS) {
chromeBinary =
'/Applications/Google Chrome';
} else {
// Assume Linux
chromeBinary = 'google-chrome';
var html = '''
<script src='$requirePath/require.js'></script>
paths: {
'dart_sdk': '$sdkJsPath/dart_sdk',
waitSeconds: 15
require(['dart_sdk', '$basename'],
function(sdk, app) {
'use strict';
!($weakNullSafetyErrors || $soundNullSafety));
var htmlFile = p.setExtension(out, '.html');
var tmp = p.join(Directory.systemTemp.path, 'ddc');
var process = await startProcess('Chrome', chromeBinary, [
if (await process.exitCode != 0) exit(await process.exitCode);
} else if (node) {
var nodePath = '$sdkJsPath:$libRoot';
var runjs = '''
let source_maps;
try {
source_maps = require('source-map-support');
} catch(e) {
let sdk = require(\"dart_sdk\");
// Create a self reference for JS interop tests that set fields on self. =;
let main = require(\"./$basename\").$libname.main;
try {
!($weakNullSafetyErrors || $soundNullSafety));
sdk._isolate_helper.startRootIsolate(main, []);
} catch(e) {
if (!source_maps) {
console.log('For Dart source maps: npm install source-map-support');
var nodeFile = p.setExtension(out, '.run.js');
var nodeBinary = binary ?? 'node';
var process = await startProcess('Node', nodeBinary,
['--inspect=localhost:$port', nodeFile], {'NODE_PATH': nodePath});
if (await process.exitCode != 0) exit(await process.exitCode);
} else if (d8) {
var runjs = '''
let sdk = dart_library.import('dart_sdk');
// Create a self reference for JS interop tests that set fields on self. =;
!($weakNullSafetyErrors || $soundNullSafety));
// Invoke main through the d8 preamble to ensure the code is running
// within the fake event loop.
self.dartMainRunner(function () {
dart_library.start("$basename", "$libname");
var dart2jsD8Preamble =
var d8File = p.setExtension(out, '.d8.js');
var d8Binary = binary ?? p.join(dartCheckoutPath, _d8executable);
var process =
await startProcess('D8', d8Binary, [dart2jsD8Preamble, d8File]);
if (await process.exitCode != 0) exit(await process.exitCode);
String get _d8executable {
if (Platform.isWindows) {
return p.join('third_party', 'd8', 'windows', 'd8.exe');
} else if (Platform.isLinux) {
return p.join('third_party', 'd8', 'linux', 'd8');
} else if (Platform.isMacOS) {
return p.join('third_party', 'd8', 'macos', 'd8');
throw UnsupportedError('Unsupported platform.');