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// Copyright (c) 2016, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
#error "AOT runtime should not use compiler sources (including header files)"
#include "vm/compiler/backend/flow_graph.h"
#include "vm/compiler/backend/il.h"
namespace dart {
class CSEInstructionMap;
class AllocationSinking : public ZoneAllocated {
explicit AllocationSinking(FlowGraph* flow_graph)
: flow_graph_(flow_graph), candidates_(5), materializations_(5) {}
const GrowableArray<Definition*>& candidates() const { return candidates_; }
// Find the materialization inserted for the given allocation
// at the given exit.
MaterializeObjectInstr* MaterializationFor(Definition* alloc,
Instruction* exit);
void Optimize();
void DetachMaterializations();
// Helper class to collect deoptimization exits that might need to
// rematerialize an object: that is either instructions that reference
// this object explicitly in their deoptimization environment or
// reference some other allocation sinking candidate that points to
// this object.
class ExitsCollector : public ValueObject {
ExitsCollector() : exits_(10), worklist_(3) {}
const GrowableArray<Instruction*>& exits() const { return exits_; }
void CollectTransitively(Definition* alloc);
// Collect immediate uses of this object in the environments.
// If this object is stored into other allocation sinking candidates
// put them onto worklist so that CollectTransitively will process them.
void Collect(Definition* alloc);
GrowableArray<Instruction*> exits_;
GrowableArray<Definition*> worklist_;
void CollectCandidates();
void NormalizeMaterializations();
void RemoveUnusedMaterializations();
void DiscoverFailedCandidates();
void InsertMaterializations(Definition* alloc);
void CreateMaterializationAt(Instruction* exit,
Definition* alloc,
const ZoneGrowableArray<const Slot*>& fields);
void EliminateAllocation(Definition* alloc);
Isolate* isolate() const { return flow_graph_->isolate(); }
Zone* zone() const { return flow_graph_->zone(); }
FlowGraph* flow_graph_;
GrowableArray<Definition*> candidates_;
GrowableArray<MaterializeObjectInstr*> materializations_;
ExitsCollector exits_collector_;
// A simple common subexpression elimination based
// on the dominator tree.
class DominatorBasedCSE : public AllStatic {
// Return true, if the optimization changed the flow graph.
// False, if nothing changed.
static bool Optimize(FlowGraph* graph);
static bool OptimizeRecursive(FlowGraph* graph,
BlockEntryInstr* entry,
CSEInstructionMap* map);
class DeadStoreElimination : public AllStatic {
static void Optimize(FlowGraph* graph);
class DeadCodeElimination : public AllStatic {
// Discover phis that have no real (non-phi) uses and don't escape into
// deoptimization environments and eliminate them.
static void EliminateDeadPhis(FlowGraph* graph);
// Remove phis that are not marked alive from the graph.
static void RemoveDeadAndRedundantPhisFromTheGraph(FlowGraph* graph);
// Remove instructions which do not have any effect.
static void EliminateDeadCode(FlowGraph* graph);
// Optimize spill stores inside try-blocks by identifying values that always
// contain a single known constant at catch block entry.
// If is_aot is passed then this optimization can assume that no deoptimization
// can occur and environments assigned to instructions are only used to
// compute try/catch sync moves.
void OptimizeCatchEntryStates(FlowGraph* flow_graph, bool is_aot);
// Loop invariant code motion.
class LICM : public ValueObject {
explicit LICM(FlowGraph* flow_graph);
void Optimize();
void OptimisticallySpecializeSmiPhis();
FlowGraph* flow_graph() const { return flow_graph_; }
void Hoist(ForwardInstructionIterator* it,
BlockEntryInstr* pre_header,
Instruction* current);
void TrySpecializeSmiPhi(PhiInstr* phi,
BlockEntryInstr* header,
BlockEntryInstr* pre_header);
FlowGraph* const flow_graph_;
// Move allocations down to their first use. Improves write barrier elimination.
class DelayAllocations : public AllStatic {
static void Optimize(FlowGraph* graph);
static Instruction* DominantUse(Definition* def);
static bool IsOneTimeUse(Instruction* use, Definition* def);
class CheckStackOverflowElimination : public AllStatic {
// For leaf functions with only a single [StackOverflowInstr] we remove it.
static void EliminateStackOverflow(FlowGraph* graph);
} // namespace dart