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// Copyright (c) 2019, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
#error "AOT runtime should not use compiler sources (including header files)"
#include "platform/assert.h"
#include "platform/text_buffer.h"
#include "vm/allocation.h"
#include "vm/compiler/backend/flow_graph.h"
#include "vm/compiler/backend/il.h"
#include "vm/compiler/backend/sexpression.h"
#include "vm/hash_table.h"
#include "vm/object.h"
#include "vm/zone.h"
namespace dart {
// Flow graph serialization.
class FlowGraphSerializer : ValueObject {
M(Target) \
M(Join) \
M(Graph) \
M(Normal) \
M(Unchecked) \
M(OSR) \
M(Catch) \
enum BlockEntryKind {
#define KIND_DECL(name) k##name,
#undef KIND_DECL
// clang-format off
kInvalid = -1,
// clang-format on
// Special case: returns kTarget for a nullptr input.
static BlockEntryKind BlockEntryTagToKind(SExpSymbol* tag);
SExpSymbol* BlockEntryKindToTag(BlockEntryKind k);
static bool BlockEntryKindHasInitialDefs(BlockEntryKind kind);
static void SerializeToBuffer(Zone* zone,
const FlowGraph* flow_graph,
BaseTextBuffer* buffer);
static SExpression* SerializeToSExp(Zone* zone, const FlowGraph* flow_graph);
const FlowGraph* flow_graph() const { return flow_graph_; }
Zone* zone() const { return zone_; }
SExpression* FlowGraphToSExp();
SExpSymbol* BlockEntryTag(const BlockEntryInstr* entry);
SExpression* BlockIdToSExp(intptr_t block_id);
SExpression* CanonicalNameToSExp(const Object& obj);
SExpression* UseToSExp(const Definition* definition);
// Helper method for creating canonical names.
void SerializeCanonicalName(BaseTextBuffer* b, const Object& obj);
// Methods for serializing Dart values. If the argument
// value is the null object, the null pointer is returned.
SExpression* AbstractTypeToSExp(const AbstractType& typ);
SExpression* ArrayToSExp(const Array& arr);
SExpression* ImmutableListToSExp(const Array& arr);
SExpression* ClassToSExp(const Class& cls);
SExpression* ClosureToSExp(const Closure& c);
SExpression* ContextToSExp(const Context& c);
SExpression* CodeToSExp(const Code& c);
SExpression* FieldToSExp(const Field& f);
SExpression* FunctionToSExp(const Function& f);
SExpression* InstanceToSExp(const Instance& obj);
SExpression* TypeArgumentsToSExp(const TypeArguments& ta);
// A method for serializing a Dart value of arbitrary type. Unlike the
// type-specific methods, this returns the symbol "null" for the null object.
SExpression* ObjectToSExp(const Object& obj);
// A wrapper method for ObjectToSExp that first checks and sees if
// the provided value is in the constant pool. If it is, then it
// returns a reference to the constant definition via UseToSExp.
SExpression* DartValueToSExp(const Object& obj);
// A wrapper method for TypeArgumentsToSExp that also returns nullptr if the
// type arguments are empty and checks against the constant pool.
SExpression* NonEmptyTypeArgumentsToSExp(const TypeArguments& ta);
// Methods for serializing IL-specific values.
SExpression* LocalVariableToSExp(const LocalVariable& v);
SExpression* SlotToSExp(const Slot& s);
SExpression* ICDataToSExp(const ICData* ic_data);
// Helper methods for adding Definition-specific extra info.
bool HasDefinitionExtraInfo(const Definition* def);
void AddDefinitionExtraInfoToSExp(const Definition* def, SExpList* sexp);
// Helper methods for adding atoms to S-expression lists
void AddBool(SExpList* sexp, bool b);
void AddInteger(SExpList* sexp, intptr_t i);
void AddString(SExpList* sexp, const char* cstr);
void AddSymbol(SExpList* sexp, const char* cstr);
void AddExtraBool(SExpList* sexp, const char* label, bool b);
void AddExtraInteger(SExpList* sexp, const char* label, intptr_t i);
void AddExtraString(SExpList* sexp, const char* label, const char* cstr);
void AddExtraSymbol(SExpList* sexp, const char* label, const char* cstr);
friend class Precompiler; // For LLVMConstantsMap.
FlowGraphSerializer(Zone* zone, const FlowGraph* flow_graph);
static const char* const initial_indent;
// Helper methods for the function level that are not used by any
// instruction serialization methods.
SExpression* FunctionEntryToSExp(const BlockEntryInstr* entry);
SExpression* EntriesToSExp(const GraphEntryInstr* start);
SExpression* ConstantPoolToSExp(const GraphEntryInstr* start);
const FlowGraph* const flow_graph_;
Zone* const zone_;
ObjectStore* const object_store_;
// A map of currently open (being serialized) recursive types. We use this
// to determine whether to serialize the referred types in TypeRefs.
IntMap<const AbstractType*> open_recursive_types_;
// Used for --populate-llvm-constant-pool in ConstantPoolToSExp.
class LLVMPoolMapKeyEqualsTraits : public AllStatic {
static const char* Name() { return "LLVMPoolMapKeyEqualsTraits"; }
static bool ReportStats() { return false; }
static bool IsMatch(const Object& a, const Object& b) {
return a.ptr() == b.ptr();
static uword Hash(const Object& obj) {
if (obj.IsSmi()) return static_cast<uword>(obj.ptr());
if (obj.IsInstance()) return Instance::Cast(obj).CanonicalizeHash();
return obj.GetClassId();
typedef UnorderedHashMap<LLVMPoolMapKeyEqualsTraits> LLVMPoolMap;
GrowableObjectArray& llvm_constants_;
GrowableObjectArray& llvm_functions_;
LLVMPoolMap llvm_constant_map_;
Smi& llvm_index_;
// Handles used across functions, where the contained value is used
// immediately and does not need to live across calls to other serializer
// functions.
String& tmp_string_;
// Handles for use within a single function in the following cases:
// * The function is guaranteed to not be re-entered during execution.
// * The contained value is not live across any possible re-entry.
// Generally, the most likely source of possible re-entry is calling
// DartValueToSExp with a sub-element of type Object, but any call to a
// FlowGraphSerializer method that may eventually enter one of the methods
// listed below should be examined with care.
TypeArguments& array_type_args_; // ArrayToSExp
Context& closure_context_; // ClosureToSExp
Function& closure_function_; // ClosureToSExp
TypeArguments& closure_type_args_; // ClosureToSExp
Object& code_owner_; // CodeToSExp
Context& context_parent_; // ContextToSExp
Object& context_elem_; // ContextToSExp
TypeArguments& function_type_args_; // FunctionToSExp
Function& ic_data_target_; // ICDataToSExp
AbstractType& ic_data_type_; // ICDataToSExp
Field& instance_field_; // InstanceToSExp
TypeArguments& instance_type_args_; // InstanceToSExp
Library& serialize_library_; // SerializeCanonicalName
Class& serialize_owner_; // SerializeCanonicalName
Function& serialize_parent_; // SerializeCanonicalName
AbstractType& type_arguments_elem_; // TypeArgumentsToSExp
Class& type_class_; // AbstractTypeToSExp
FunctionType& type_signature_; // AbstractTypeToSExp
AbstractType& type_ref_type_; // AbstractTypeToSExp
} // namespace dart