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// Copyright (c) 2020, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
#error "AOT runtime should not use compiler sources (including header files)"
#include "vm/compiler/frontend/kernel_translation_helper.h"
#include "vm/object.h"
namespace dart {
class ClassTable;
class Precompiler;
class PrecompilerTracer;
namespace compiler {
class SelectorRow;
struct TableSelector {
TableSelector(int32_t _id,
int32_t _call_count,
int32_t _offset,
bool _called_on_null,
bool _torn_off)
: id(_id),
torn_off(_torn_off) {}
bool IsUsed() const { return call_count > 0; }
// ID assigned to the selector.
int32_t id;
// Number of dispatch table call sites with this selector (conservative:
// number may be bigger, but not smaller, than actual number of call sites).
int32_t call_count;
// Table offset assigned to the selector by the dispatch table generator.
int32_t offset;
// Are there any call sites with this selector where the receiver may be null?
bool called_on_null;
// Is this method ever torn off, i.e. is its method extractor accessed?
bool torn_off;
// Is the selector part of the interface on Null (same as Object)?
bool on_null_interface = false;
// Do any targets of this selector assume that an args descriptor is passed?
bool requires_args_descriptor = false;
class SelectorMap {
explicit SelectorMap(Zone* zone) : zone_(zone) {}
// Get the selector for this interface target, or null if the function does
// not have a selector assigned.
const TableSelector* GetSelector(const Function& interface_target) const;
static const int32_t kInvalidSelectorId =
static const int32_t kInvalidSelectorOffset = -1;
int32_t SelectorId(const Function& interface_target) const;
void AddSelector(int32_t call_count, bool called_on_null, bool torn_off);
void SetSelectorProperties(int32_t sid,
bool on_null_interface,
bool requires_args_descriptor);
int32_t NumIds() const { return selectors_.length(); }
friend class dart::Precompiler;
friend class dart::PrecompilerTracer;
friend class DispatchTableGenerator;
friend class SelectorRow;
Zone* zone_;
GrowableArray<TableSelector> selectors_;
class DispatchTableGenerator {
explicit DispatchTableGenerator(Zone* zone);
SelectorMap* selector_map() { return &selector_map_; }
// Find suitable selectors and compute offsets for them.
void Initialize(ClassTable* table);
// Build up an array of Code objects, used to serialize the information
// deserialized as a DispatchTable at runtime.
ArrayPtr BuildCodeArray();
void ReadTableSelectorInfo();
void NumberSelectors();
void SetupSelectorRows();
void ComputeSelectorOffsets();
Zone* const zone_;
ClassTable* classes_;
int32_t num_selectors_;
int32_t num_classes_;
int32_t table_size_;
GrowableArray<SelectorRow*> table_rows_;
SelectorMap selector_map_;
} // namespace compiler
} // namespace dart