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// Copyright (c) 2012, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
#error "AOT runtime should not use compiler sources (including header files)"
#include "vm/compiler/call_specializer.h"
namespace dart {
class Precompiler;
class SpeculativeInliningPolicy;
class AotCallSpecializer : public CallSpecializer {
AotCallSpecializer(Precompiler* precompiler,
FlowGraph* flow_graph,
SpeculativeInliningPolicy* speculative_policy);
virtual ~AotCallSpecializer() {}
virtual void VisitInstanceCall(InstanceCallInstr* instr);
virtual void VisitStaticCall(StaticCallInstr* instr);
virtual void VisitPolymorphicInstanceCall(
PolymorphicInstanceCallInstr* instr);
virtual bool TryReplaceInstanceOfWithRangeCheck(InstanceCallInstr* call,
const AbstractType& type);
// Attempt to build ICData for call using propagated class-ids.
virtual bool TryCreateICData(InstanceCallInstr* call);
bool TryCreateICDataForUniqueTarget(InstanceCallInstr* call);
bool RecognizeRuntimeTypeGetter(InstanceCallInstr* call);
bool TryReplaceWithHaveSameRuntimeType(TemplateDartCall<0>* call);
bool TryInlineFieldAccess(InstanceCallInstr* call);
bool TryInlineFieldAccess(StaticCallInstr* call);
bool IsSupportedIntOperandForStaticDoubleOp(CompileType* operand_type);
Value* PrepareStaticOpInput(Value* input, intptr_t cid, Instruction* call);
CompileType BuildStrengthenedReceiverType(Value* input, intptr_t cid);
bool TryOptimizeInstanceCallUsingStaticTypes(InstanceCallInstr* instr);
virtual bool TryOptimizeStaticCallUsingStaticTypes(StaticCallInstr* call);
// If a call can be dispatched through the global dispatch table, replace
// it by a dispatch table call.
void TryReplaceWithDispatchTableCall(InstanceCallBaseInstr* call);
const Function& InterfaceTargetForTableDispatch(InstanceCallBaseInstr* call);
// Try to replace a call with a more specialized instruction working on
// integers (e.g. BinaryInt64OpInstr, CheckedSmiComparisonInstr,
// RelationalOpInstr)
bool TryOptimizeIntegerOperation(TemplateDartCall<0>* call, Token::Kind kind);
// Try to replace a call with a more specialized instruction working on
// doubles (e.g. BinaryDoubleOpInstr, CheckedSmiComparisonInstr,
// RelationalOpInstr)
bool TryOptimizeDoubleOperation(TemplateDartCall<0>* call, Token::Kind kind);
// Check if o.m(...) [call] is actually an invocation through a getter
// o.get:m().call(...) given that the receiver of the call is a subclass
// of the [receiver_class]. If it is - then expand it into
// to avoid hitting dispatch through noSuchMethod.
bool TryExpandCallThroughGetter(const Class& receiver_class,
InstanceCallInstr* call);
Definition* TryOptimizeMod(TemplateDartCall<0>* instr,
Token::Kind op_kind,
Value* left_value,
Value* right_value);
virtual void ReplaceInstanceCallsWithDispatchTableCalls();
Precompiler* precompiler_;
bool has_unique_no_such_method_;
} // namespace dart