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// Copyright (c) 2014, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
library trydart.settings;
import 'user_option.dart';
const BooleanUserOption _alwaysRunInWorker =
const BooleanUserOption('alwaysRunInWorker');
bool get alwaysRunInWorker => _alwaysRunInWorker.value;
void set alwaysRunInWorker(bool b) {
_alwaysRunInWorker.value = b;
const BooleanUserOption _verboseCompiler =
const BooleanUserOption('verboseCompiler');
bool get verboseCompiler => _verboseCompiler.value;
void set verboseCompiler(bool b) {
_verboseCompiler.value = b;
const BooleanUserOption _minified =
const BooleanUserOption('minified');
bool get minified => _minified.value;
void set minified(bool b) {
_minified.value = b;
const BooleanUserOption _onlyAnalyze =
const BooleanUserOption('onlyAnalyze');
bool get onlyAnalyze => _onlyAnalyze.value;
void set onlyAnalyze(bool b) {
_onlyAnalyze.value = b;
const BooleanUserOption _enableDartMind =
const BooleanUserOption('enableDartMind', isHidden: true);
bool get enableDartMind => _enableDartMind.value;
void set enableDartMind(bool b) {
_enableDartMind.value = b;
const BooleanUserOption _compilationPaused =
const BooleanUserOption('compilationPaused');
bool get compilationPaused => _compilationPaused.value;
void set compilationPaused(bool b) {
_compilationPaused.value = b;
const StringUserOption _codeFont =
const StringUserOption('codeFont');
String get codeFont => _codeFont.value;
void set codeFont(String b) {
_codeFont.value = b;
const StringUserOption _currentSample =
const StringUserOption('currentSample', isHidden: true);
String get currentSample => _currentSample.value;
void set currentSample(String b) {
_currentSample.value = b;
const StringUserOption _theme =
const StringUserOption('theme');
String get theme => _theme.value;
void set theme(String b) {
_theme.value = b;
const BooleanUserOption enableCodeCompletion =
const BooleanUserOption('enableCodeCompletion', isHidden: true);
const BooleanUserOption incrementalCompilation =
const BooleanUserOption('incrementalCompilation');
const BooleanUserOption live = const BooleanUserOption('live', isHidden: true);
const BooleanUserOption alwaysRunInIframe =
const BooleanUserOption('alwaysRunInIframe', isHidden: true);
const BooleanUserOption communicateViaBlobs =
const BooleanUserOption('communicateViaBlobs', isHidden: true);
const BooleanUserOption hasSelectionModify =
const BooleanUserOption('hasSelectionModify', isHidden: true);
const List<UserOption> options = const <UserOption>[