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#!/usr/bin/env dart
// Copyright (c) 2012, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
// TODO(ager): Get rid of this version of test.dart when we don't have
// to worry about the special runtime checkout anymore.
// This file is identical to test.dart with test suites in the
// directories samples, client, compiler, and utils removed.
* The directories that contain test suites which follow the conventions
* required by [StandardTestSuite]'s forDirectory constructor.
* New test suites should follow this convention because it makes it much
* simpler to add them to test.dart. Existing test suites should be
* moved to here, if possible.
new Path('runtime/tests/vm'),
new Path('tests/corelib'),
new Path('tests/isolate'),
new Path('tests/language'),
new Path('tests/lib'),
new Path('tests/standalone'),
new Path('tests/utils'),
main() {
var startTime = new;
var optionsParser = new TestOptionsParser();
List<Map> configurations = optionsParser.parse(new Options().arguments);
if (configurations == null) return;
// Extract global options from first configuration.
var firstConf = configurations[0];
Map<String, RegExp> selectors = firstConf['selectors'];
var maxProcesses = firstConf['tasks'];
var progressIndicator = firstConf['progress'];
var verbose = firstConf['verbose'];
var printTiming = firstConf['time'];
var listTests = firstConf['list'];
if (!firstConf['append_logs']) {
var file = new File(TestUtils.flakyFileName());
if (file.existsSync()) {
// Print the configurations being run by this execution of
// test.dart. However, don't do it if the silent progress indicator
// is used. This is only needed because of the junit tests.
if (progressIndicator != 'silent') {
List output_words = configurations.length > 1 ?
['Test configurations:'] : ['Test configuration:'];
for (Map conf in configurations) {
List settings = ['compiler', 'runtime', 'mode', 'arch']
.mappedBy((name) => conf[name]).toList();
if (conf['checked']) settings.add('checked');
output_words.add(Strings.join(settings, '_'));
print(Strings.join(output_words, ' '));
var testSuites = new List<TestSuite>();
for (var conf in configurations) {
if (selectors.containsKey('co19')) {
testSuites.add(new Co19TestSuite(conf));
if (conf['runtime'] == 'vm' && selectors.containsKey('vm')) {
// vm tests contain both cc tests (added here) and dart tests (added in
testSuites.add(new VMTestSuite(conf));
for (final testSuiteDir in TEST_SUITE_DIRECTORIES) {
final name = testSuiteDir.filename;
if (selectors.containsKey(name)) {
testSuites.add(new StandardTestSuite.forDirectory(conf, testSuiteDir));
// Start global http server that serves the entire dart repo.
// The http server is available on localhost:9876 for any
// test that needs to load resources from the repo over http.
if (!listTests) {
// Only start the server if we are running browser tests.
var runningBrowserTests = configurations.any((config) {
return TestUtils.isBrowserRuntime(config['runtime']);
if (runningBrowserTests) startHttpServer('', 9876);
var maxBrowserProcesses = maxProcesses;
// Start process queue.
new ProcessQueue(
() => TestingServerRunner.terminateHttpServers(),