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// Copyright (c) 2018, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
#error "AOT runtime should not use compiler sources (including header files)"
#include "vm/compiler/api/deopt_id.h"
#include "vm/compiler/cha.h"
#include "vm/heap/safepoint.h"
#include "vm/thread.h"
#include "vm/timer.h"
namespace dart {
class CompilerPass;
struct CompilerPassState;
class Function;
class LocalScope;
class LocalVariable;
class SlotCache;
class Slot;
enum class CompilerTracing {
// Global compiler state attached to the thread.
class CompilerState : public ThreadStackResource {
CompilerState(Thread* thread,
bool is_aot,
bool is_optimizing,
CompilerTracing tracing = CompilerTracing::kOn)
: ThreadStackResource(thread),
tracing_(tracing) {
previous_ = thread->SetCompilerState(this);
~CompilerState() {
ASSERT(&thread()->compiler_state() == this);
CHA& cha() { return cha_; }
intptr_t deopt_id() const { return deopt_id_; }
void set_deopt_id(int value) {
ASSERT(value >= 0);
deopt_id_ = value;
intptr_t GetNextDeoptId() {
ASSERT(deopt_id_ != DeoptId::kNone);
const intptr_t id = deopt_id_;
deopt_id_ = DeoptId::Next(deopt_id_);
return id;
static CompilerState& Current() {
return Thread::Current()->compiler_state();
SlotCache* slot_cache() const { return slot_cache_; }
void set_slot_cache(SlotCache* cache) { slot_cache_ = cache; }
// Create a dummy list of local variables representing a context object
// with the given number of captured variables and given ID.
const ZoneGrowableArray<const Slot*>& GetDummyContextSlots(
intptr_t context_id,
intptr_t num_context_slots);
// Create a dummy LocalVariable that represents a captured local variable
// at the given index in the context with given ID.
// This function returns the same variable when it is called with the
// same index.
LocalVariable* GetDummyCapturedVariable(intptr_t context_id, intptr_t index);
bool is_aot() const { return is_aot_; }
bool is_optimizing() const { return is_optimizing_; }
bool should_clone_fields() {
return !is_aot() && (is_optimizing() || FLAG_force_clone_compiler_objects);
bool should_trace() const { return tracing_ == CompilerTracing::kOn; }
static bool ShouldTrace() { return Current().should_trace(); }
static CompilerTracing ShouldTrace(const Function& func);
// Returns class Comparable<T> from dart:core.
const Class& ComparableClass();
// Returns _StringBase._interpolate
const Function& StringBaseInterpolate();
// Returns _StringBase._interpolateSingle
const Function& StringBaseInterpolateSingle();
const Function* function() const { return function_; }
void set_function(const Function& function) { function_ = &function; }
void set_current_pass(const CompilerPass* pass,
const CompilerPassState* pass_state) {
pass_ = pass;
pass_state_ = pass_state;
const CompilerPass* pass() const { return pass_; }
const CompilerPassState* pass_state() const { return pass_state_; }
void ReportCrash();
CHA cha_;
intptr_t deopt_id_ = 0;
// Cache for Slot objects created during compilation (see slot.h).
SlotCache* slot_cache_ = nullptr;
// Caches for dummy LocalVariables and context Slots.
ZoneGrowableArray<ZoneGrowableArray<const Slot*>*>* dummy_slots_ = nullptr;
ZoneGrowableArray<LocalVariable*>* dummy_captured_vars_ = nullptr;
const bool is_aot_;
const bool is_optimizing_;
const CompilerTracing tracing_;
// Lookup cache for various classes (to avoid polluting object store with
// compiler specific classes).
const Class* comparable_class_ = nullptr;
const Function* interpolate_ = nullptr;
const Function* interpolate_single_ = nullptr;
const Function* function_ = nullptr;
const CompilerPass* pass_ = nullptr;
const CompilerPassState* pass_state_ = nullptr;
CompilerState* previous_;
class DeoptIdScope : public ThreadStackResource {
DeoptIdScope(Thread* thread, intptr_t deopt_id)
: ThreadStackResource(thread),
prev_deopt_id_(thread->compiler_state().deopt_id()) {
~DeoptIdScope() { thread()->compiler_state().set_deopt_id(prev_deopt_id_); }
const intptr_t prev_deopt_id_;
/// Ensures that there were no deopt id allocations during the lifetime of this
/// object.
class AssertNoDeoptIdsAllocatedScope : public ThreadStackResource {
explicit AssertNoDeoptIdsAllocatedScope(Thread* thread)
: ThreadStackResource(thread),
prev_deopt_id_(thread->compiler_state().deopt_id()) {}
~AssertNoDeoptIdsAllocatedScope() {
ASSERT(thread()->compiler_state().deopt_id() == prev_deopt_id_);
const intptr_t prev_deopt_id_;
} // namespace dart