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// Copyright (c) 2020, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
import 'dart:io';
import 'package:path/path.dart' as path;
import 'core.dart';
final Sdk sdk = Sdk._instance;
/// A utility class for finding and referencing paths within the Dart SDK.
class Sdk {
static final Sdk _instance = _createSingleton();
/// Path to SDK directory.
final String sdkPath;
/// The SDK's semantic versioning version (
final String version;
factory Sdk() => _instance;
Sdk._(this.sdkPath, this.version);
// Assume that we want to use the same Dart executable that we used to spawn
// DartDev. We should be able to run programs with out/ReleaseX64/dart even
// if the SDK isn't completely built.
String get dart => Platform.resolvedExecutable;
String get analysisServerSnapshot => path.absolute(
String get dart2jsSnapshot => path.absolute(
String get ddsSnapshot => path.absolute(
String get frontendServerSnapshot => path.absolute(
String get devToolsBinaries => path.absolute(
static bool checkArtifactExists(String path) {
if (!File(path).existsSync()) {
log.stderr('Could not find $path. Have you built the full '
'Dart SDK?');
return false;
return true;
static Sdk _createSingleton() {
// Find SDK path.
// The common case, and how cli_util.dart computes the Dart SDK directory,
// [path.dirname] called twice on Platform.resolvedExecutable. We confirm by
// asserting that the directory `./bin/snapshots/` exists in this directory:
var sdkPath =
var snapshotsDir = path.join(sdkPath, 'bin', 'snapshots');
if (!Directory(snapshotsDir).existsSync()) {
// This is the less common case where the user is in
// the checked out Dart SDK, and is executing `dart` via:
// ./out/ReleaseX64/dart ...
// We confirm in a similar manner with the snapshot directory existence
// and then return the correct sdk path:
var altPath =
path.absolute(path.dirname(Platform.resolvedExecutable), 'dart-sdk');
var snapshotsDir = path.join(altPath, 'bin', 'snapshots');
if (Directory(snapshotsDir).existsSync()) {
sdkPath = altPath;
// If that snapshot dir does not exist either,
// we use the first guess anyway.
// Defer to [Runtime] for the version.
var version = Runtime.runtime.version;
return Sdk._(sdkPath, version);
/// Information about the current runtime.
class Runtime {
static Runtime runtime = _createSingleton();
/// The SDK's semantic versioning version (
final String version;
/// The SDK's release channel (`be`, `dev`, `beta`, `stable`).
/// May be null if [Platform.version] does not have the expected format.
final String? channel;
static Runtime _createSingleton() {
var versionString = Platform.version;
// Expected format: "version (channel) ..."
var version = versionString;
String? channel;
var versionEnd = versionString.indexOf(' ');
if (versionEnd > 0) {
version = versionString.substring(0, versionEnd);
var channelEnd = versionString.indexOf(' ', versionEnd + 1);
if (channelEnd < 0) channelEnd = versionString.length;
if (versionString.startsWith('(', versionEnd + 1) &&
versionString.startsWith(')', channelEnd - 1)) {
channel = versionString.substring(versionEnd + 2, channelEnd - 1);
return Runtime._(version, channel);