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#!/usr/bin/env bash
# Copyright (c) 2019, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
# for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
# BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
set -e
# Make sure we're running in the SDK directory.
if ! test -f "$FILE"; then
echo "Couldn't find $FILE"
echo "Make sure to run this script from the Dart SDK directory."
exit 1
# Remove old temp files if the previous run was stopped prematurely.
rm -rf "${TEMP}" "${TEMP_HEADER}" "${TEMP_JIT}" "${TEMP_AOT}"
# We're regenerating the file, but we want to keep all the comments etc at the
# top of the file. So just delete everything after the first "#if ".
LINE=$(grep "#if " "$FILE" -n | head -n 1 | sed "s/^\([0-9]*\):.*/\1/")
head -n $(expr $LINE - 1) "$FILE" >"$TEMP_HEADER"
# Run offsets_extractor for every architecture and append the results.
run() {
tools/ --mode=$1 --arch=$2 offsets_extractor offsets_extractor_precompiled_runtime
echo "" >>"$TEMP_JIT"
out/$3/offsets_extractor >>"$TEMP_JIT"
echo "" >>"$TEMP_AOT"
out/$3/offsets_extractor_precompiled_runtime >>"$TEMP_AOT"
echo "" >>"$TEMP_JIT"
echo "" >>"$TEMP_AOT"
echo "#if !defined(PRODUCT)" >>"$TEMP_JIT"
echo "#if !defined(PRODUCT)" >>"$TEMP_AOT"
run release simarm ReleaseSIMARM
run release x64 ReleaseX64
run release ia32 ReleaseIA32
run release simarm64 ReleaseSIMARM64
run release x64c ReleaseX64C
run release simarm64c ReleaseSIMARM64C
run release simriscv32 ReleaseSIMRISCV32
run release simriscv64 ReleaseSIMRISCV64
echo "" >>"$TEMP_JIT"
echo "" >>"$TEMP_AOT"
echo "#else // !defined(PRODUCT)" >>"$TEMP_JIT"
echo "#else // !defined(PRODUCT)" >>"$TEMP_AOT"
run product simarm ProductSIMARM
run product x64 ProductX64
run product ia32 ProductIA32
run product simarm64 ProductSIMARM64
run product x64c ProductX64C
run product simarm64c ProductSIMARM64C
run product simriscv32 ProductSIMRISCV32
run product simriscv64 ProductSIMRISCV64
echo "" >>"$TEMP_JIT"
echo "" >>"$TEMP_AOT"
echo "#endif // !defined(PRODUCT)" >>"$TEMP_JIT"
echo "#endif // !defined(PRODUCT)" >>"$TEMP_AOT"
cat $TEMP_JIT >>"$TEMP"
cat $TEMP_AOT >>"$TEMP"
echo "" >>"$TEMP"
mv "$TEMP" "$FILE"
# Cleanup.
git cl format "$FILE"
rm "$TEMP_JIT"
rm "$TEMP_AOT"
echo -e "\n\nSuccessfully generated $FILE :)"