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// Copyright (c) 2011, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
import "native_testing.dart";
// Verify that we can have fields with names that start with g and s even
// though those names are reserved for getters and setters in minified mode.
// Note: this works because end and send are both in the list of
// reservedNativeProperties. In general we don't check arbitrary
// names for clashes because it's hard - subclasses can force superclasses
// to rename getters, and that can force unrelated classes to change their
// getters too if they have a property that has the same name.
class A {
int bar;
int g;
int s;
int end;
int gend;
int send;
int gettersCalled;
int settersCalled;
void setup() native r"""
function getter() {
return 42;
function setter(x) {
return 314;
var descriptor = {
get: getter,
set: setter,
configurable: false,
writeable: false
function A(){
var a = Object.create(
{ constructor: A },
{ bar: descriptor,
g: descriptor,
s: descriptor,
end: descriptor,
gend: descriptor,
send: descriptor
a.gettersCalled = 0;
a.settersCalled = 0;
return a;
makeA = function() { return new A; };
A makeA() native;
class B {}
main() {
confuse(new B());
var a = makeA();
Expect.equals(42, confuse(a).bar);
Expect.equals(42, confuse(a).g);
Expect.equals(42, confuse(a).s);
Expect.equals(42, confuse(a).end);
Expect.equals(42, confuse(a).gend);
Expect.equals(42, confuse(a).send);
Expect.equals(271, confuse(a).bar = 271);
Expect.equals(271, confuse(a).g = 271);
Expect.equals(271, confuse(a).s = 271);
Expect.equals(271, confuse(a).end = 271);
Expect.equals(271, confuse(a).gend = 271);
Expect.equals(271, confuse(a).send = 271);
Expect.equals(6, confuse(a).gettersCalled);
Expect.equals(6, confuse(a).settersCalled);
Expect.equals(42, a.g);
Expect.equals(42, a.s);
Expect.equals(42, a.end);
Expect.equals(42, a.gend);
Expect.equals(42, a.send);
Expect.equals(271, = 271);
Expect.equals(271, a.g = 271);
Expect.equals(271, a.s = 271);
Expect.equals(271, a.end = 271);
Expect.equals(271, a.gend = 271);
Expect.equals(271, a.send = 271);
Expect.equals(12, a.gettersCalled);
Expect.equals(12, a.settersCalled);