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// Copyright (c) 2016, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
#include <memory>
#include "platform/assert.h"
#include "vm/allocation.h"
#include "vm/globals.h"
#include "vm/growable_array.h"
#include "vm/object.h"
#include "vm/token_position.h"
namespace dart {
namespace kernel {
class NameIndex {
static const int kInvalidName = -1;
NameIndex() : value_(kInvalidName) {}
explicit NameIndex(int value) : value_(value) {}
operator int() const { return value_; }
int value_;
} // namespace kernel
} // namespace dart
namespace dart {
class BitVector;
class Field;
class ParsedFunction;
class Zone;
namespace kernel {
class Reader;
struct ProcedureAttributesMetadata;
class TableSelectorMetadata;
class StringIndex {
StringIndex() : value_(-1) {}
explicit StringIndex(int value) : value_(value) {}
operator int() const { return value_; }
int value_;
const uint8_t kNativeYieldFlags = 0x2;
enum LogicalOperator { kAnd, kOr };
struct ProgramBinary {
ProgramBinary SubView(intptr_t start, intptr_t end) const {
return {typed_data, kernel_data + start, end - start};
const ExternalTypedData* typed_data;
const uint8_t* kernel_data;
intptr_t kernel_data_size;
class Program {
// Read a kernel Program from the given Reader. Note the returned Program
// can potentially contain several "sub programs", though the library count
// etc will reference the last "sub program" only.
static std::unique_ptr<Program> ReadFrom(Reader* reader,
const char** error = nullptr);
static std::unique_ptr<Program> ReadFromFile(const char* script_uri,
const char** error = nullptr);
static std::unique_ptr<Program> ReadFromBuffer(const uint8_t* buffer,
intptr_t buffer_length,
const char** error = nullptr);
static std::unique_ptr<Program> ReadFromTypedData(
const ExternalTypedData& typed_data, const char** error = nullptr);
bool is_single_program() { return single_program_; }
uint32_t binary_version() { return binary_version_; }
NameIndex main_method() { return main_method_reference_; }
intptr_t source_table_offset() const { return source_table_offset_; }
intptr_t string_table_offset() const { return string_table_offset_; }
intptr_t name_table_offset() const { return name_table_offset_; }
intptr_t metadata_payloads_offset() const {
return metadata_payloads_offset_;
intptr_t metadata_mappings_offset() const {
return metadata_mappings_offset_;
intptr_t constant_table_offset() { return constant_table_offset_; }
intptr_t library_count() { return library_count_; }
NNBDCompiledMode compilation_mode() const { return compilation_mode_; }
const ProgramBinary& binary() const { return binary_; }
const ExternalTypedData* typed_data() { return binary().typed_data; }
const uint8_t* kernel_data() { return binary().kernel_data; }
intptr_t kernel_data_size() { return binary().kernel_data_size; }
Program() : binary_() {}
bool single_program_;
uint32_t binary_version_;
NameIndex main_method_reference_; // Procedure.
NNBDCompiledMode compilation_mode_;
intptr_t library_count_;
// The offset from the start of the binary to the start of the source table.
intptr_t source_table_offset_;
// The offset from the start of the binary to the start of the constant table.
intptr_t constant_table_offset_;
// The offset from the start of the binary to the canonical name table.
intptr_t name_table_offset_;
// The offset from the start of the binary to the metadata payloads.
intptr_t metadata_payloads_offset_;
// The offset from the start of the binary to the metadata mappings.
intptr_t metadata_mappings_offset_;
// The offset from the start of the binary to the start of the string table.
intptr_t string_table_offset_;
ProgramBinary binary_;
class KernelLineStartsReader {
KernelLineStartsReader(const dart::TypedData& line_starts_data,
dart::Zone* zone);
~KernelLineStartsReader() { delete helper_; }
int32_t DeltaAt(intptr_t index) const {
return helper_->At(line_starts_data_, index);
int32_t MaxPosition() const;
// Returns whether the given offset corresponds to a valid source offset
// If it does, then *line and *column (if column is not nullptr) are set
// to the line and column the token starts at.
DART_WARN_UNUSED_RESULT bool LocationForPosition(
intptr_t position,
intptr_t* line,
intptr_t* col = nullptr) const;
// Returns whether any tokens were found for the given line. When found,
// *first_token_index and *last_token_index are set to the first and
// last token on the line, respectively.
intptr_t line_number,
dart::TokenPosition* first_token_index,
dart::TokenPosition* last_token_index) const;
class KernelLineStartsHelper {
KernelLineStartsHelper() {}
virtual ~KernelLineStartsHelper() {}
virtual int32_t At(const dart::TypedData& data, intptr_t index) const = 0;
class KernelInt8LineStartsHelper : public KernelLineStartsHelper {
KernelInt8LineStartsHelper() {}
virtual int32_t At(const dart::TypedData& data, intptr_t index) const;
class KernelInt16LineStartsHelper : public KernelLineStartsHelper {
KernelInt16LineStartsHelper() {}
virtual int32_t At(const dart::TypedData& data, intptr_t index) const;
class KernelInt32LineStartsHelper : public KernelLineStartsHelper {
KernelInt32LineStartsHelper() {}
virtual int32_t At(const dart::TypedData& data, intptr_t index) const;
const dart::TypedData& line_starts_data_;
KernelLineStartsHelper* helper_;
void CollectTokenPositionsFor(const Script& script);
#if !defined(PRODUCT) && !defined(DART_PRECOMPILED_RUNTIME)
ArrayPtr CollectConstConstructorCoverageFrom(const Script& interesting_script);
#endif // !defined(PRODUCT) && !defined(DART_PRECOMPILED_RUNTIME)
ObjectPtr EvaluateStaticConstFieldInitializer(const Field& field);
ObjectPtr EvaluateMetadata(const Library& library,
intptr_t kernel_offset,
bool is_annotations_offset);
ObjectPtr BuildParameterDescriptor(const Function& function);
// Fills in [is_covariant] and [is_generic_covariant_impl] vectors
// according to covariance attributes of [function] parameters.
// [is_covariant] and [is_generic_covariant_impl] should contain bitvectors
// of function.NumParameters() length.
void ReadParameterCovariance(const Function& function,
BitVector* is_covariant,
BitVector* is_generic_covariant_impl);
// Returns true if the given function needs dynamic invocation forwarder:
// that is if any of the arguments require checking on the dynamic
// call-site: if function has no parameters or has only covariant parameters
// as such function already checks all of its parameters.
bool NeedsDynamicInvocationForwarder(const Function& function);
ProcedureAttributesMetadata ProcedureAttributesOf(const Function& function,
Zone* zone);
ProcedureAttributesMetadata ProcedureAttributesOf(const Field& field,
Zone* zone);
TableSelectorMetadata* TableSelectorMetadataForProgram(
const KernelProgramInfo& info,
Zone* zone);
} // namespace kernel
} // namespace dart
#endif // !defined(DART_PRECOMPILED_RUNTIME)