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// Copyright (c) 2018, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
import 'package:analysis_server/lsp_protocol/protocol_generated.dart';
import 'package:analysis_server/lsp_protocol/protocol_special.dart';
/// The characters that will cause the editor to automatically commit the selected
/// completion item.
/// For example, pressing `(` at the location of `^` in the code below would
/// automatically commit the functions name and insert a `(` to avoid either having
/// to press `<enter>` and then `(` or having `()` included in the completion items
/// `insertText` (which is incorrect when passing a function around rather than
/// invoking it).
/// myLongFunctionName();
/// print(myLong^)
/// The `.` is not included because it falsely triggers whenver typing a
/// cascade (`..`), inserting the very first completion instead of just a second
/// period.
const dartCompletionCommitCharacters = ['('];
/// Set the characters that will cause the editor to automatically
/// trigger completion.
/// TODO(dantup): There are several characters that we want to conditionally
/// allow to trigger completion, but they can only be added when the completion
/// provider is able to handle them in context:
/// { trigger if being typed in a string immediately after a $
/// ' trigger if the opening quote for an import/export
/// " trigger if the opening quote for an import/export
/// / trigger if as part of a path in an import/export
/// \ trigger if as part of a path in an import/export
/// : don't trigger when typing case expressions (`case x:`)
/// Additionally, we need to prefix `filterText` on completion items
/// with spaces for those that can follow whitespace (eg. `foo` in
/// `myArg: foo`) to ensure they're not filtered away when the user
/// types space.
/// See
/// for the VS Code implementation of this.
const dartCompletionTriggerCharacters = ['.', '=', '(', r'$'];
/// Characters that refresh signature help only if it's already open on the client.
const dartSignatureHelpRetriggerCharacters = <String>[','];
/// Characters that automatically trigger signature help when typed in the client.
const dartSignatureHelpTriggerCharacters = <String>['('];
/// Characters to trigger formatting when format-on-type is enabled.
const dartTypeFormattingCharacters = ['}', ';'];
/// A [ProgressToken] used for reporting progress when the server is analyzing.
final analyzingProgressToken = Either2<num, String>.t2('ANALYZING');
final emptyWorkspaceEdit = WorkspaceEdit();
/// Constants for command IDs that are exchanged between LSP client/server.
abstract class Commands {
/// A list of all commands IDs that can be sent to the client to inform which
/// commands should be sent to the server for execution (as opposed to being
/// executed in the local plugin).
static const serverSupportedCommands = [
static const sortMembers = 'edit.sortMembers';
static const organizeImports = 'edit.organizeImports';
static const sendWorkspaceEdit = 'edit.sendWorkspaceEdit';
static const performRefactor = 'refactor.perform';
static const fixAllOfErrorCodeInFile = 'edit.fixAll.errorCodeInFile';
abstract class CustomMethods {
static const DiagnosticServer = Method('dart/diagnosticServer');
static const Reanalyze = Method('dart/reanalyze');
static const PublishClosingLabels =
static const PublishOutline = Method('dart/textDocument/publishOutline');
static const PublishFlutterOutline =
static const Super = Method('dart/textDocument/super');
// TODO(dantup): Remove custom AnalyzerStatus status method soon as no clients
// should be relying on it and we now support proper $/progress events.
static const AnalyzerStatus = Method(r'$/analyzerStatus');
/// CodeActionKinds supported by the server that are not declared in the LSP spec.
abstract class DartCodeActionKind {
/// A list of all supported CodeAction kinds, supplied to the client during
/// initialization to allow enabling features based upon them.
static const serverSupportedKinds = [
// We have to explicitly list this for the client to enable built-in command.
static const SortMembers = CodeActionKind('source.sortMembers');
abstract class ServerErrorCodes {
// JSON-RPC reserves -32000 to -32099 for implementation-defined server-errors.
static const ServerAlreadyStarted = ErrorCodes(-32000);
static const UnhandledError = ErrorCodes(-32001);
static const ServerAlreadyInitialized = ErrorCodes(-32002);
static const InvalidFilePath = ErrorCodes(-32003);
static const InvalidFileLineCol = ErrorCodes(-32004);
static const UnknownCommand = ErrorCodes(-32005);
static const InvalidCommandArguments = ErrorCodes(-32006);
static const FileNotAnalyzed = ErrorCodes(-32007);
static const FileHasErrors = ErrorCodes(-32008);
static const ClientFailedToApplyEdit = ErrorCodes(-32009);
static const RenameNotValid = ErrorCodes(-32010);
static const RefactorFailed = ErrorCodes(-32011);
static const FeatureDisabled = ErrorCodes(-32012);
/// An error raised when the server detects that the server and client are out
/// of sync and cannot recover. For example if a textDocument/didChange notification
/// has invalid offsets, suggesting the client and server have become out of sync
/// and risk invalid modifications to a file.
/// The server should detect this error being returned, log it, then exit.
/// The client is expected to behave as suggested in the spec:
/// "If a client notices that a server exists unexpectedly it should try to
/// restart the server. However clients should be careful to not restart a
/// crashing server endlessly. VS Code for example doesn't restart a server
/// if it crashes 5 times in the last 180 seconds."
static const ClientServerInconsistentState = ErrorCodes(-32099);
/// Strings used in user prompts (window/showMessageRequest).
abstract class UserPromptActions {
static const String cancel = 'Cancel';
static const String renameAnyway = 'Rename Anyway';