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// Copyright (c) 2019, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
// @dart = 2.9
// Generates the API tables used by DartFuzz. Automatically generating these
// tables is less error-prone than generating such tables by hand. Furthermore,
// it simplifies regenerating the table when the libraries change.
// Usage:
// dart gen_api_table.dart > dartfuzz_api_table.dart
// Then send out modified dartfuzz_api_table.dart for review together
// with a modified dartfuzz.dart that increases the version.
import 'package:analyzer/dart/analysis/results.dart';
import 'package:analyzer/dart/analysis/session.dart';
import 'package:analyzer/dart/element/element.dart';
import 'package:analyzer/dart/element/type.dart';
import 'gen_util.dart';
// Enum for different restrictions on parameters for library methods.
// none - No restriction on the corresponding parameter.
// small - Corresponding parameter should be a small value.
// This enum has an equivalent enum in the generated Dartfuzz API table.
enum Restriction { none, small }
// Class that represents Dart library methods.
// Proto is a list (of Strings that represent DartTypes) whose first element is
// the DartType of the receiver (DartType.VOID if none). The remaining elements
// are DartTypes of the parameters. The second element is DartType.VOID if there
// are no parameters.
// This class has an equivalent class in the generated Dartfuzz API table.
class DartLib {
final String name;
final List<String> proto;
final List<Restriction> restrictions;
final bool isMethod;
const DartLib(, this.proto, this.restrictions, this.isMethod);
// Constants for strings corresponding to the DartType.
const abstractClassInstantiationErrorEncoding =
const argumentErrorEncoding = 'DartType.ARGUMENTERROR';
const assertionErrorEncoding = 'DartType.ERROR';
const boolEncoding = 'DartType.BOOL';
const byteDataEncoding = 'DartType.BYTEDATA';
const castErrorEncoding = 'DartType.CASTERROR';
const concurrentModificationErrorEncoding =
const cyclicInitializationErrorEncoding = 'DartType.CYCLICINITIALIZATIONERROR';
const deprecatedEncoding = 'DartType.DEPRECATED';
const doubleEncoding = 'DartType.DOUBLE';
const endianEncoding = 'DartType.ENDIAN';
const errorEncoding = 'DartType.ERROR';
const exceptionEncoding = 'DartType.EXCEPTION';
const expandoDoubleEncoding = 'DartType.EXPANDO_DOUBLE';
const expandoIntEncoding = 'DartType.EXPANDO_INT';
const fallThroughErrorEncoding = 'DartType.FALLTHROUGHERROR';
const float32ListEncoding = 'DartType.FLOAT32LIST';
const float32x4Encoding = 'DartType.FLOAT32X4';
const float32x4ListEncoding = 'DartType.FLOAT32X4LIST';
const float64ListEncoding = 'DartType.FLOAT64LIST';
const float64x2Encoding = 'DartType.FLOAT64X2';
const float64x2ListEncoding = 'DartType.FLOAT64X2LIST';
const formatExceptionEncoding = 'DartType.FORMATEXCEPTION';
const indexErrorEncoding = 'DartType.INDEXERROR';
const int16ListEncoding = 'DartType.INT16LIST';
const int32ListEncoding = 'DartType.INT32LIST';
const int32x4Encoding = 'DartType.INT32X4';
const int32x4ListEncoding = 'DartType.INT32X4LIST';
const int64ListEncoding = 'DartType.INT64LIST';
const int8ListEncoding = 'DartType.INT8LIST';
const intEncoding = 'DartType.INT';
const integerDivisionByZeroExceptionEncoding =
const listIntEncoding = 'DartType.LIST_INT';
const mapEntryIntStringEncoding = 'DartType.MAPENTRY_INT_STRING';
const mapIntStringEncoding = 'DartType.MAP_INT_STRING';
const nullEncoding = 'DartType.NULL';
const nullThrownErrorEncoding = 'DartType.NULLTHROWNERROR';
const numEncoding = 'DartType.NUM';
const provisionalEncoding = 'DartType.PROVISIONAL';
const rangeErrorEncoding = 'DartType.RANGEERROR';
const regExpEncoding = 'DartType.REGEXP';
const runeIteratorEncoding = 'DartType.RUNEITERATOR';
const runesEncoding = 'DartType.RUNES';
const setIntEncoding = 'DartType.SET_INT';
const stackOverflowErrorEncoding = 'DartType.STACKOVERFLOWERROR';
const stateErrorEncoding = 'DartType.STATEERROR';
const stringBufferEncoding = 'DartType.STRINGBUFFER';
const stringEncoding = 'DartType.STRING';
const symbolEncoding = 'DartType.SYMBOL';
const typeErrorEncoding = 'DartType.TYPEERROR';
const uint16ListEncoding = 'DartType.UINT16LIST';
const uint32ListEncoding = 'DartType.UINT32LIST';
const uint64ListEncoding = 'DartType.UINT64LIST';
const uint8ClampedListEncoding = 'DartType.UINT8CLAMPEDLIST';
const uint8ListEncoding = 'DartType.UINT8LIST';
const unimplementedErrorEncoding = 'DartType.UNIMPLEMENTEDERROR';
const unsupportedErrorEncoding = 'DartType.UNSUPPORTEDERROR';
const voidEncoding = 'DartType.VOID';
// Constants for the library methods lists' names in dart_api_table.dart.
final abstractClassInstantiationErrorLibs =
final argumentErrorLibs = 'argumentErrorLibs';
final assertionErrorLibs = 'assertionErrorLibs';
final boolLibs = 'boolLibs';
final byteDataLibs = 'byteDataLibs';
final castErrorLibs = 'castErrorLibs';
final concurrentModificationErrorLibs = 'concurrentModificationErrorLibs';
final cyclicInitializationErrorLibs = 'cyclicInitializationErrorLibs';
final deprecatedLibs = 'deprecatedLibs';
final doubleLibs = 'doubleLibs';
final endianLibs = 'endianLibs';
final errorLibs = 'errorLibs';
final exceptionLibs = 'exceptionLibs';
final expandoDoubleLibs = 'expandoDoubleLibs';
final expandoIntLibs = 'expandoIntLibs';
final fallThroughErrorLibs = 'fallThroughErrorLibs';
final float32ListLibs = 'float32ListLibs';
final float32x4Libs = 'float32x4Libs';
final float32x4ListLibs = 'float32x4ListLibs';
final float64ListLibs = 'float64ListLibs';
final float64x2Libs = 'float64x2Libs';
final float64x2ListLibs = 'float64x2ListLibs';
final formatExceptionLibs = 'formatExceptionLibs';
final indexErrorLibs = 'indexErrorLibs';
final int16ListLibs = 'int16ListLibs';
final int32ListLibs = 'int32ListLibs';
final int32x4Libs = 'int32x4Libs';
final int32x4ListLibs = 'int32x4ListLibs';
final int64ListLibs = 'int64ListLibs';
final int8ListLibs = 'int8ListLibs';
final intLibs = 'intLibs';
final integerDivisionByZeroExceptionLibs = 'integerDivisionByZeroExceptionLibs';
final listLibs = 'listLibs';
final mapEntryIntStringLibs = 'mapEntryIntStringLibs';
final mapLibs = 'mapLibs';
final nullLibs = 'nullLibs';
final nullThrownErrorLibs = 'nullThrownErrorLibs';
final numLibs = 'numLibs';
final provisionalLibs = 'provisionalLibs';
final rangeErrorLibs = 'rangeErrorLibs';
final regExpLibs = 'regExpLibs';
final runeIteratorLibs = 'runeIteratorLibs';
final runesLibs = 'runesLibs';
final setLibs = 'setLibs';
final stackOverflowErrorLibs = 'stackOverflowErrorLibs';
final stateErrorLibs = 'stateErrorLibs';
final stringBufferLibs = 'stringBufferLibs';
final stringLibs = 'stringLibs';
final symbolLibs = 'symbolLibs';
final typeErrorLibs = 'typeErrorLibs';
final uint16ListLibs = 'uint16ListLibs';
final uint32ListLibs = 'uint32ListLibs';
final uint64ListLibs = 'uint64ListLibs';
final uint8ClampedListLibs = 'uint8ClampedListLibs';
final uint8ListLibs = 'uint8ListLibs';
final unimplementedErrorLibs = 'unimplementedErrorLibs';
final unsupportedErrorLibs = 'unsupportedErrorLibs';
final voidLibs = 'voidLibs';
// Map from the DartType (string) to the name of the library methods list.
final Map<String, String> typeToLibraryMethodsListName = {
abstractClassInstantiationErrorEncoding: abstractClassInstantiationErrorLibs,
argumentErrorEncoding: argumentErrorLibs,
assertionErrorEncoding: assertionErrorLibs,
boolEncoding: boolLibs,
byteDataEncoding: byteDataLibs,
castErrorEncoding: castErrorLibs,
concurrentModificationErrorEncoding: concurrentModificationErrorLibs,
cyclicInitializationErrorEncoding: cyclicInitializationErrorLibs,
deprecatedEncoding: deprecatedLibs,
doubleEncoding: doubleLibs,
endianEncoding: endianLibs,
errorEncoding: errorLibs,
exceptionEncoding: exceptionLibs,
expandoDoubleEncoding: expandoDoubleLibs,
expandoIntEncoding: expandoIntLibs,
fallThroughErrorEncoding: fallThroughErrorLibs,
float32ListEncoding: float32ListLibs,
float32x4Encoding: float32x4Libs,
float32x4ListEncoding: float32x4ListLibs,
float64ListEncoding: float64ListLibs,
float64x2Encoding: float64x2Libs,
float64x2ListEncoding: float64x2ListLibs,
formatExceptionEncoding: formatExceptionLibs,
indexErrorEncoding: indexErrorLibs,
int16ListEncoding: int16ListLibs,
int32ListEncoding: int32ListLibs,
int32x4Encoding: int32x4Libs,
int32x4ListEncoding: int32x4ListLibs,
int64ListEncoding: int64ListLibs,
int8ListEncoding: int8ListLibs,
intEncoding: intLibs,
integerDivisionByZeroExceptionEncoding: integerDivisionByZeroExceptionLibs,
listIntEncoding: listLibs,
mapEntryIntStringEncoding: mapEntryIntStringLibs,
mapIntStringEncoding: mapLibs,
nullEncoding: nullLibs,
nullThrownErrorEncoding: nullThrownErrorLibs,
numEncoding: numLibs,
provisionalEncoding: provisionalLibs,
rangeErrorEncoding: rangeErrorLibs,
regExpEncoding: regExpLibs,
runeIteratorEncoding: runeIteratorLibs,
runesEncoding: runesLibs,
setIntEncoding: setLibs,
stackOverflowErrorEncoding: stackOverflowErrorLibs,
stateErrorEncoding: stateErrorLibs,
stringBufferEncoding: stringBufferLibs,
stringEncoding: stringLibs,
symbolEncoding: symbolLibs,
typeErrorEncoding: typeErrorLibs,
uint16ListEncoding: uint16ListLibs,
uint32ListEncoding: uint32ListLibs,
uint64ListEncoding: uint64ListLibs,
uint8ClampedListEncoding: uint8ClampedListLibs,
uint8ListEncoding: uint8ListLibs,
unimplementedErrorEncoding: unimplementedErrorLibs,
unsupportedErrorEncoding: unsupportedErrorLibs,
voidEncoding: voidLibs
// Map from return type encoding to list of recognized methods with that
// return type.
final Map<String, List<DartLib>> typeToLibraryMethodsList = {
abstractClassInstantiationErrorEncoding: <DartLib>[],
argumentErrorEncoding: <DartLib>[],
assertionErrorEncoding: <DartLib>[],
boolEncoding: <DartLib>[],
byteDataEncoding: <DartLib>[],
castErrorEncoding: <DartLib>[],
concurrentModificationErrorEncoding: <DartLib>[],
cyclicInitializationErrorEncoding: <DartLib>[],
deprecatedEncoding: <DartLib>[],
doubleEncoding: <DartLib>[],
endianEncoding: <DartLib>[],
errorEncoding: <DartLib>[],
exceptionEncoding: <DartLib>[],
expandoDoubleEncoding: <DartLib>[],
expandoIntEncoding: <DartLib>[],
fallThroughErrorEncoding: <DartLib>[],
float32ListEncoding: <DartLib>[],
float32x4Encoding: <DartLib>[],
float32x4ListEncoding: <DartLib>[],
float64ListEncoding: <DartLib>[],
float64x2Encoding: <DartLib>[],
float64x2ListEncoding: <DartLib>[],
formatExceptionEncoding: <DartLib>[],
indexErrorEncoding: <DartLib>[],
int16ListEncoding: <DartLib>[],
int32ListEncoding: <DartLib>[],
int32x4Encoding: <DartLib>[],
int32x4ListEncoding: <DartLib>[],
int64ListEncoding: <DartLib>[],
int8ListEncoding: <DartLib>[],
intEncoding: <DartLib>[],
integerDivisionByZeroExceptionEncoding: <DartLib>[],
listIntEncoding: <DartLib>[],
mapEntryIntStringEncoding: <DartLib>[],
mapIntStringEncoding: <DartLib>[],
nullEncoding: <DartLib>[],
nullThrownErrorEncoding: <DartLib>[],
numEncoding: <DartLib>[],
provisionalEncoding: <DartLib>[],
rangeErrorEncoding: <DartLib>[],
regExpEncoding: <DartLib>[],
runeIteratorEncoding: <DartLib>[],
runesEncoding: <DartLib>[],
setIntEncoding: <DartLib>[],
stackOverflowErrorEncoding: <DartLib>[],
stateErrorEncoding: <DartLib>[],
stringBufferEncoding: <DartLib>[],
stringEncoding: <DartLib>[],
symbolEncoding: <DartLib>[],
typeErrorEncoding: <DartLib>[],
uint16ListEncoding: <DartLib>[],
uint32ListEncoding: <DartLib>[],
uint64ListEncoding: <DartLib>[],
uint8ClampedListEncoding: <DartLib>[],
uint8ListEncoding: <DartLib>[],
unimplementedErrorEncoding: <DartLib>[],
unsupportedErrorEncoding: <DartLib>[],
voidEncoding: <DartLib>[]
final typedDataFloatTypes = [
void main() async {
final session = GenUtil.createAnalysisSession();
// Visit libraries for table generation.
await visitLibraryAtUri(session, 'dart:async');
await visitLibraryAtUri(session, 'dart:cli');
await visitLibraryAtUri(session, 'dart:collection');
await visitLibraryAtUri(session, 'dart:convert');
await visitLibraryAtUri(session, 'dart:core');
await visitLibraryAtUri(session, 'dart:io');
await visitLibraryAtUri(session, 'dart:isolate');
await visitLibraryAtUri(session, 'dart:math');
await visitLibraryAtUri(session, 'dart:typed_data');
// Generate the tables in a stand-alone Dart class.
for (var key in typeToLibraryMethodsList.keys.toList()..sort()) {
if (typeToLibraryMethodsList[key].isNotEmpty) {
// Only output library methods lists that are non-empty.
typeToLibraryMethodsListName[key], typeToLibraryMethodsList[key]);
Future<void> visitLibraryAtUri(AnalysisSession session, String uri) async {
final libPath = session.uriConverter.uriToPath(Uri.parse(uri));
var result = await session.getResolvedLibrary2(libPath);
if (result is ResolvedLibraryResult) {
} else {
throw StateError('Unable to resolve "$uri"');
void visitLibrary(LibraryElement library) {
// This uses the element model to traverse the code. The element model
// represents the semantic structure of the code. A library consists of
// one or more compilation units.
for (var unit in library.units) {
void visitCompilationUnit(CompilationUnitElement unit) {
// Each compilation unit contains elements for all of the top-level
// declarations in a single file, such as variables, functions, and
// classes. Note that `types` only returns classes. You can use
// `mixins` to visit mixins, `enums` to visit enum, `functionTypeAliases`
// to visit typedefs, etc.
for (var variable in unit.topLevelVariables) {
if (variable.isPublic) {
[voidEncoding, voidEncoding],
isMethod: false);
for (var function in unit.functions) {
if (function.isPublic && !function.isOperator) {
protoString(null, function.parameters));
for (var classElement in unit.types) {
if (classElement.isPublic) {
void visitClass(ClassElement classElement) {
// Classes that cause too many false divergences.
if ( == 'ProcessInfo' || == 'Platform' ||'FileSystem')) {
// Every class element contains elements for the members, viz. `methods` visits
// methods, `fields` visits fields, `accessors` visits getters and setters, etc.
// There are also accessors to get the superclass, mixins, interfaces, type
// parameters, etc.
for (var constructor in classElement.constructors) {
if (constructor.isPublic &&
constructor.isFactory && {
protoString(null, constructor.parameters));
for (var method in classElement.methods) {
if (method.isPublic && !method.isOperator) {
if (method.isStatic) {
protoString(null, method.parameters));
} else {
protoString(classElement.thisType, method.parameters));
for (var accessor in classElement.accessors) {
if (accessor.isPublic && accessor.isGetter) {
var variable = accessor.variable;
if (accessor.isStatic) {
[voidEncoding, voidEncoding],
isMethod: false);
} else {
[typeString(classElement.thisType), voidEncoding],
isMethod: false);
// Function that returns the explicit class name.
String classString(ClassElement classElement) {
switch (typeString(classElement.thisType)) {
case setIntEncoding:
return 'Set<int>';
case listIntEncoding:
return 'List<int>';
case mapIntStringEncoding:
return 'Map<int, String>';
// Types are represented by an instance of `DartType`. For classes, the type
// will be an instance of `InterfaceType`, which will provide access to the
// defining (class) element, as well as any type arguments.
String typeString(DartType type) {
if (type.isDartCoreBool) {
return boolEncoding;
} else if (type.isDartCoreInt) {
return intEncoding;
} else if (type.isDartCoreDouble) {
return doubleEncoding;
} else if (type.isDartCoreString) {
return stringEncoding;
// Supertypes or type parameters are specialized in a consistent manner.
// TODO(ajcbik): inspect type structure semantically, not by display name
// and unify DartFuzz's DartType with analyzer DartType.
switch (type.displayName) {
case 'AbstractClassInstantiationError':
return abstractClassInstantiationErrorEncoding;
case 'ArgumentError':
return argumentErrorEncoding;
case 'AssertionError':
return assertionErrorEncoding;
case 'CastError':
return castErrorEncoding;
case 'ConcurrentModificationError':
return concurrentModificationErrorEncoding;
case 'CyclicInitializationError':
return cyclicInitializationErrorEncoding;
case 'Deprecated':
return deprecatedEncoding;
case 'E':
return intEncoding;
case 'Endian':
return endianEncoding;
case 'Error':
return errorEncoding;
case 'Exception':
return exceptionEncoding;
case 'Expando<double>':
return expandoDoubleEncoding;
case 'Expando<int>':
return expandoIntEncoding;
case 'FallThroughError':
return fallThroughErrorEncoding;
case 'Float32List':
return float32ListEncoding;
case 'Float32x4':
return float32x4Encoding;
case 'Float32x4List':
return float32x4ListEncoding;
case 'Float64List':
return float64ListEncoding;
case 'Float64x2':
return float64x2Encoding;
case 'Float64x2List':
return float64x2ListEncoding;
case 'FormatException':
return formatExceptionEncoding;
case 'IndexError':
return indexErrorEncoding;
case 'Int16List':
return int16ListEncoding;
case 'Int32List':
return int32ListEncoding;
case 'Int32x4':
return int32x4Encoding;
case 'Int32x4List':
return int32x4ListEncoding;
case 'Int64List':
return int64ListEncoding;
case 'Int8List':
return int8ListEncoding;
case 'IntegerDivisionByZeroException':
return integerDivisionByZeroExceptionEncoding;
case 'List':
case 'List<E>':
case 'List<Object>':
case 'List<dynamic>':
case 'List<int>':
return listIntEncoding;
case 'Map':
case 'Map<K, V>':
case 'Map<dynamic, dynamic>':
case 'Map<int, String>':
return mapIntStringEncoding;
case 'MapEntry':
case 'MapEntry<K, V>':
case 'MapEntry<dynamic, dynamic>':
case 'MapEntry<int, String>':
return mapEntryIntStringEncoding;
case 'Null':
return nullEncoding;
case 'NullThrownError':
return nullThrownErrorEncoding;
case 'Provisional':
return provisionalEncoding;
case 'RangeError':
return rangeErrorEncoding;
case 'RegExp':
return regExpEncoding;
case 'RuneIterator':
return runeIteratorEncoding;
case 'Runes':
return runesEncoding;
case 'Set':
case 'Set<E>':
case 'Set<Object>':
case 'Set<dynamic>':
case 'Set<int>':
return setIntEncoding;
case 'StackOverflowError':
return stackOverflowErrorEncoding;
case 'StateError':
return stateErrorEncoding;
case 'StringBuffer':
return stringBufferEncoding;
case 'Symbol':
return symbolEncoding;
case 'TypeError':
return typeErrorEncoding;
case 'Uint16List':
return uint16ListEncoding;
case 'Uint32List':
return uint32ListEncoding;
case 'Uint64List':
return uint64ListEncoding;
case 'Uint8ClampedList':
return uint8ClampedListEncoding;
case 'Uint8List':
return uint8ListEncoding;
case 'UnimplementedError':
return unimplementedErrorEncoding;
case 'UnsupportedError':
return unsupportedErrorEncoding;
case 'num':
return doubleEncoding;
case 'void':
return voidEncoding;
return '?';
List<String> protoString(DartType receiver, List<ParameterElement> parameters) {
final proto = [receiver == null ? voidEncoding : typeString(receiver)];
// Construct prototype for non-named parameters.
for (var parameter in parameters) {
if (!parameter.isNamed) {
// Use 'void' for an empty parameter list.
proto.length == 1 ? proto.add(voidEncoding) : proto;
return proto;
List<DartLib> getTable(String ret) => typeToLibraryMethodsList.containsKey(ret)
? typeToLibraryMethodsList[ret]
: throw ArgumentError('Invalid ret value: $ret');
void addToTable(String ret, String name, List<String> proto,
{bool isMethod = true}) {
// If any of the type representations contains a question
// mark, this means that DartFuzz' type system cannot
// deal with such an expression yet. So drop the entry.
if (ret.contains('?') || proto.contains('?')) {
// Avoid the exit function and other functions that give false divergences.
// Note: to prevent certain constructors from being emitted, update the
// exclude list in `shouldFilterConstructor` in gen_type_table.dart and
// regenerate the type table.
if (name == 'exit' ||
name == 'pid' ||
name == 'hashCode' ||
name == 'exitCode' ||
// TODO(fizaaluthra): Enable reciprocal and reciprocalSqrt after we resolve
name == 'reciprocal' ||
name == 'reciprocalSqrt') {
List<Restriction> restrictions;
// Restrict parameters for a few hardcoded cases,
// for example, to avoid excessive runtime or memory
// allocation in the generated fuzzing program.
if (name == 'padLeft' || name == 'padRight') {
for (var i = 0; i < proto.length - 1; ++i) {
if (proto[i] == intEncoding && proto[i + 1] == stringEncoding) {
restrictions = List<Restriction>.filled(proto.length, Restriction.none);
restrictions[i] = Restriction.small;
restrictions[i + 1] = Restriction.small;
} else if (name == 'List<int>.filled') {
for (var i = 0; i < proto.length; ++i) {
if (proto[i] == intEncoding) {
restrictions = List<Restriction>.filled(proto.length, Restriction.none);
restrictions[i] = Restriction.small;
// Add to table.
getTable(ret).add(DartLib(name, proto, restrictions, isMethod));
void dumpHeader() {
// Copyright (c) 2019, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
// @dart = 2.9
/// NOTE: this code has been generated automatically.
import 'dartfuzz_type_table.dart';
/// Enum for different restrictions on parameters for library methods.
/// none - No restriction on the corresponding parameter.
/// small - Corresponding parameter should be a small value.
enum Restriction {
/// Class that represents Dart library methods.
/// The invididual lists are organized by return type.
/// Proto is a list of DartTypes whose first element is the type of the
/// DartType of the receiver (DartType.VOID if none). The remaining elements are
/// DartTypes of the parameters. The second element is DartType.VOID if there
/// are no parameters.
class DartLib {
final String name;
final List<DartType> proto;
final List<Restriction> restrictions;
final bool isMethod;
const DartLib(, this.proto, this.isMethod,
Restriction getRestriction(int paramIndex) => (restrictions == null) ?
Restriction.none : restrictions[paramIndex];
void dumpTypeToLibraryMethodMap() {
print(' static final typeToLibraryMethods = {');
for (var key in typeToLibraryMethodsListName.keys.toList()..sort()) {
if (typeToLibraryMethodsList[key].isNotEmpty) {
// Only output a mapping from type to library methods list name for those
// types that have a non-empty library methods list.
print(' $key: ${typeToLibraryMethodsListName[key]},');
print(' };');
void dumpTypedDataFloatTypes() {
print(' static const typedDataFloatTypes = [');
for (var type in typedDataFloatTypes) {
print(' $type,');
print(' ];');
void dumpTable(String identifier, List<DartLib> table) {
print(' static const $identifier = [');
table.sort((a, b) => ( == 0)
? a.proto.join().compareTo(b.proto.join())
(t) => print(' DartLib(\'${}\', ${t.proto}, ${t.isMethod}'
'${t.restrictions == null ? "" : ", "
"restrictions: ${t.restrictions}"}),'));
print(' ];');
void dumpFooter() {