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// Copyright (c) 2018, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
// This transformation annotates call sites with the receiver type.
// This is done to avoid reimplementing [Expression.getStaticType] in
// C++.
// We don't annotate all call-sites, but only those where VM could benefit from
// knowing static type of the receiver.
library vm.transformations.call_site_annotator;
import 'package:kernel/ast.dart';
import 'package:kernel/class_hierarchy.dart' show ClassHierarchy;
import 'package:kernel/core_types.dart' show CoreTypes;
import 'package:kernel/type_environment.dart'
show StaticTypeContext, TypeEnvironment;
import '../metadata/call_site_attributes.dart';
CallSiteAttributesMetadataRepository addRepositoryTo(Component component) {
return component.metadata.putIfAbsent(
() => new CallSiteAttributesMetadataRepository());
void transformLibraries(Component component, List<Library> libraries,
CoreTypes coreTypes, ClassHierarchy hierarchy) {
final transformer =
new AnnotateWithStaticTypes(component, coreTypes, hierarchy);
class AnnotateWithStaticTypes extends RecursiveVisitor {
final CallSiteAttributesMetadataRepository _metadata;
final TypeEnvironment env;
StaticTypeContext _staticTypeContext;
Component component, CoreTypes coreTypes, ClassHierarchy hierarchy)
: _metadata = addRepositoryTo(component),
env = new TypeEnvironment(coreTypes, hierarchy);
defaultMember(Member node) {
_staticTypeContext = new StaticTypeContext(node, env);
_staticTypeContext = null;
void annotateWithType(TreeNode node, Expression receiver) {
_metadata.mapping[node] = new CallSiteAttributesMetadata(
receiverType: receiver.getStaticType(_staticTypeContext));
visitPropertySet(PropertySet node) {
if (hasGenericCovariantParameters(node.interfaceTarget)) {
annotateWithType(node, node.receiver);
visitMethodInvocation(MethodInvocation node) {
// TODO(34162): We don't need to save the type here for calls, just whether
// or not it's a statically-checked call.
if ( == 'call' ||
hasGenericCovariantParameters(node.interfaceTarget)) {
annotateWithType(node, node.receiver);
/// Return [true] if the given list of [VariableDeclaration] contains
/// any annotated with generic-covariant-impl.
static bool containsGenericCovariantImpl(List<VariableDeclaration> decls) =>
decls.any((p) => p.isGenericCovariantImpl);
/// Returns [true] if the given [member] has any parameters annotated with
/// generic-covariant-impl attribute.
static bool hasGenericCovariantParameters(Member member) {
if (member is Procedure) {
return containsGenericCovariantImpl(
member.function.positionalParameters) ||
} else if (member is Field) {
return member.isGenericCovariantImpl;
return false;