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// Copyright (c) 2018, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
/// Defines wrapper class around incremental compiler to support
/// the flow, where incremental deltas can be rejected by VM.
import 'dart:async';
import 'dart:developer';
import 'package:front_end/src/api_unstable/vm.dart';
import 'package:kernel/class_hierarchy.dart' show ClassHierarchy;
import 'package:kernel/core_types.dart' show CoreTypes;
import 'package:kernel/kernel.dart';
const String kDebugProcedureName = ":Eval";
/// Wrapper around [IncrementalKernelGenerator] that keeps track of rejected
/// deltas and combines them together into resultant program until it is
/// accepted.
class IncrementalCompiler {
IncrementalKernelGenerator _generator;
IncrementalSerializer incrementalSerializer;
// Component that reflect the state that was most recently accepted by the
// client. Is [null], if no compilation results were accepted by the client.
Component _lastKnownGood;
List<Component> _pendingDeltas;
CompilerOptions _compilerOptions;
bool initialized = false;
bool fullComponent = false;
Uri initializeFromDillUri;
Uri _entryPoint;
final bool forExpressionCompilationOnly;
Uri get entryPoint => _entryPoint;
IncrementalKernelGenerator get generator => _generator;
Component get lastKnownGoodComponent => _lastKnownGood;
IncrementalCompiler(this._compilerOptions, this._entryPoint,
{this.initializeFromDillUri, bool incrementalSerialization: true})
: forExpressionCompilationOnly = false {
if (incrementalSerialization) {
incrementalSerializer = new IncrementalSerializer();
_generator = new IncrementalKernelGenerator(_compilerOptions, _entryPoint,
initializeFromDillUri, false, incrementalSerializer);
_pendingDeltas = <Component>[];
Component component, this._compilerOptions, this._entryPoint)
: forExpressionCompilationOnly = true {
_generator = new IncrementalKernelGenerator.forExpressionCompilationOnly(
_compilerOptions, _entryPoint, component);
_pendingDeltas = <Component>[];
/// Recompiles invalidated files, produces incremental component.
/// If [entryPoint] is specified, that points to new entry point for the
/// compilation. Otherwise, previously set entryPoint is used.
Future<Component> compile({Uri entryPoint}) async {
final task = new TimelineTask();
try {
_entryPoint = entryPoint ?? _entryPoint;
List<Uri> entryPoints;
if (entryPoint != null) entryPoints = [entryPoint];
Component component = await _generator.computeDelta(
entryPoints: entryPoints, fullComponent: fullComponent);
initialized = true;
fullComponent = false;
return _combinePendingDeltas(false);
} finally {
_combinePendingDeltas(bool includePlatform) {
Procedure mainMethod;
NonNullableByDefaultCompiledMode compilationMode;
Map<Uri, Library> combined = <Uri, Library>{};
Map<Uri, Source> uriToSource = new Map<Uri, Source>();
for (Component delta in _pendingDeltas) {
if (delta.mainMethod != null) {
mainMethod = delta.mainMethod;
compilationMode = delta.mode;
for (Library library in delta.libraries) {
bool isPlatform =
library.importUri.scheme == "dart" && !library.isSynthetic;
if (!includePlatform && isPlatform) continue;
combined[library.importUri] = library;
// TODO(vegorov) this needs to merge metadata repositories from deltas.
return new Component(
libraries: combined.values.toList(), uriToSource: uriToSource)
..setMainMethodAndMode(mainMethod?.reference, true, compilationMode);
CoreTypes getCoreTypes() => _generator.getCoreTypes();
ClassHierarchy getClassHierarchy() => _generator.getClassHierarchy();
/// This lets incremental compiler know that results of last [compile] call
/// were accepted, don't need to be included into subsequent [compile] calls
/// results.
accept() {
if (forExpressionCompilationOnly) {
throw new StateError("Incremental compiler created for expression "
"compilation only; cannot accept");
Map<Uri, Library> combined = <Uri, Library>{};
Map<Uri, Source> uriToSource = <Uri, Source>{};
if (_lastKnownGood != null) {
// TODO(aam): Figure out how to skip no-longer-used libraries from
// [_lastKnownGood] libraries.
for (Library library in _lastKnownGood.libraries) {
combined[library.importUri] = library;
Component candidate = _combinePendingDeltas(true);
for (Library library in candidate.libraries) {
combined[library.importUri] = library;
_lastKnownGood = new Component(
libraries: combined.values.toList(),
uriToSource: uriToSource,
candidate.mainMethod?.reference, true, candidate.mode);
for (final repo in candidate.metadata.values) {
/// This lets incremental compiler know that results of last [compile] call
/// were rejected. Subsequent [compile] or [compileExpression] calls need to
/// be processed without changes picked up by rejected [compile] call.
reject() async {
if (forExpressionCompilationOnly) {
throw new StateError("Incremental compiler created for expression "
"compilation only; cannot reject");
// Need to reset and warm up compiler so that expression evaluation requests
// are processed in that known good state.
if (incrementalSerializer != null) {
incrementalSerializer = new IncrementalSerializer();
// Make sure the last known good component is linked to itself, i.e. if the
// rejected delta was an "advanced incremental recompilation" that updated
// old libraries to point to a new library (that we're now rejecting), make
// sure it's "updated back".
// Note that if accept was never called [_lastKnownGood] is null (and
// loading from it below is basically nonsense, it will just start over).
_generator = new IncrementalKernelGenerator.fromComponent(_compilerOptions,
_entryPoint, _lastKnownGood, false, incrementalSerializer);
await _generator.computeDelta(entryPoints: [_entryPoint]);
/// This tells incremental compiler that it needs rescan [uri] file during
/// next [compile] call.
invalidate(Uri uri) {
resetDeltaState() {
fullComponent = true;
Future<Procedure> compileExpression(
String expression,
List<String> definitions,
List<String> typeDefinitions,
String libraryUri,
String klass,
bool isStatic) {
Map<String, DartType> completeDefinitions = {};
for (String name in definitions) {
if (!isLegalIdentifier(name)) continue;
completeDefinitions[name] = new DynamicType();
List<TypeParameter> typeParameters = [];
for (String name in typeDefinitions) {
if (!isLegalIdentifier(name)) continue;
typeParameters.add(new TypeParameter(name, new DynamicType()));
Uri library = Uri.parse(libraryUri);
if (library == null) return null;
return _generator.compileExpression(expression, completeDefinitions,
typeParameters, kDebugProcedureName, library, klass, isStatic);