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include: package:lints/recommended.yaml
# Increase the severity of the unused_import hint.
unused_import: warning
# "strict-inference" is enabled, but "unused" parameters named '_' are
# still reported. Re-evaluate after
# and a functional fix land.
inference_failure_on_untyped_parameter: ignore
# There are about 10k violations in test/ due to missing return types on
# test methods. It would be nice to mark this code as
# "ignored for test/**/*.dart".
inference_failure_on_function_return_type: ignore
# Lints from the recommended set that conflict w/ analyzer style or will
# require some work to reach compliance.
# See:
avoid_renaming_method_parameters: ignore
camel_case_types: ignore
constant_identifier_names: ignore
hash_and_equals: ignore
non_constant_identifier_names: ignore
implementation_imports: ignore
library_private_types_in_public_api: ignore
overridden_fields: ignore
provide_deprecation_message: ignore
strict-inference: true
- always_use_package_imports
- avoid_dynamic_calls
- avoid_unused_constructor_parameters
- await_only_futures
- depend_on_referenced_packages
- unawaited_futures
- unnecessary_parenthesis
- use_super_parameters