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// Copyright (c) 2022, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
import 'dart:math';
import 'package:_fe_analyzer_shared/src/exhaustiveness/exhaustive.dart';
import 'package:_fe_analyzer_shared/src/exhaustiveness/space.dart';
import 'package:_fe_analyzer_shared/src/exhaustiveness/static_type.dart';
import '../../test/exhaustiveness/utils.dart';
void main() {
// (A)
// /|\
// B C D
var a = StaticType('A', isSealed: true);
var b = StaticType('B', inherits: [a]);
var c = StaticType('C', inherits: [a]);
var d = StaticType('D', inherits: [a]);
var t = StaticType('T', fields: {'w': a, 'x': a, 'y': a, 'z': a});
expectExhaustiveOnlyAll(t, [
{'w': b, 'x': b, 'y': b, 'z': b},
{'w': b, 'x': b, 'y': b, 'z': c},
{'w': b, 'x': b, 'y': b, 'z': d},
{'w': b, 'x': b, 'y': c, 'z': b},
{'w': b, 'x': b, 'y': c, 'z': c},
{'w': b, 'x': b, 'y': c, 'z': d},
{'w': b, 'x': b, 'y': d, 'z': b},
{'w': b, 'x': b, 'y': d, 'z': c},
{'w': b, 'x': b, 'y': d, 'z': d},
{'w': b, 'x': c, 'y': b, 'z': b},
{'w': b, 'x': c, 'y': b, 'z': c},
{'w': b, 'x': c, 'y': b, 'z': d},
{'w': b, 'x': c, 'y': c, 'z': b},
{'w': b, 'x': c, 'y': c, 'z': c},
{'w': b, 'x': c, 'y': c, 'z': d},
{'w': b, 'x': c, 'y': d, 'z': b},
{'w': b, 'x': c, 'y': d, 'z': c},
{'w': b, 'x': c, 'y': d, 'z': d},
{'w': b, 'x': d, 'y': b, 'z': b},
{'w': b, 'x': d, 'y': b, 'z': c},
{'w': b, 'x': d, 'y': b, 'z': d},
{'w': b, 'x': d, 'y': c, 'z': b},
{'w': b, 'x': d, 'y': c, 'z': c},
{'w': b, 'x': d, 'y': c, 'z': d},
{'w': b, 'x': d, 'y': d, 'z': b},
{'w': b, 'x': d, 'y': d, 'z': c},
{'w': b, 'x': d, 'y': d, 'z': d},
{'w': c, 'x': b, 'y': b, 'z': b},
{'w': c, 'x': b, 'y': b, 'z': c},
{'w': c, 'x': b, 'y': b, 'z': d},
{'w': c, 'x': b, 'y': c, 'z': b},
{'w': c, 'x': b, 'y': c, 'z': c},
{'w': c, 'x': b, 'y': c, 'z': d},
{'w': c, 'x': b, 'y': d, 'z': b},
{'w': c, 'x': b, 'y': d, 'z': c},
{'w': c, 'x': b, 'y': d, 'z': d},
{'w': c, 'x': c, 'y': b, 'z': b},
{'w': c, 'x': c, 'y': b, 'z': c},
{'w': c, 'x': c, 'y': b, 'z': d},
{'w': c, 'x': c, 'y': c, 'z': b},
{'w': c, 'x': c, 'y': c, 'z': c},
{'w': c, 'x': c, 'y': c, 'z': d},
{'w': c, 'x': c, 'y': d, 'z': b},
{'w': c, 'x': c, 'y': d, 'z': c},
{'w': c, 'x': c, 'y': d, 'z': d},
{'w': c, 'x': d, 'y': b, 'z': b},
{'w': c, 'x': d, 'y': b, 'z': c},
{'w': c, 'x': d, 'y': b, 'z': d},
{'w': c, 'x': d, 'y': c, 'z': b},
{'w': c, 'x': d, 'y': c, 'z': c},
{'w': c, 'x': d, 'y': c, 'z': d},
{'w': c, 'x': d, 'y': d, 'z': b},
{'w': c, 'x': d, 'y': d, 'z': c},
{'w': c, 'x': d, 'y': d, 'z': d},
{'w': d, 'x': b, 'y': b, 'z': b},
{'w': d, 'x': b, 'y': b, 'z': c},
{'w': d, 'x': b, 'y': b, 'z': d},
{'w': d, 'x': b, 'y': c, 'z': b},
{'w': d, 'x': b, 'y': c, 'z': c},
{'w': d, 'x': b, 'y': c, 'z': d},
{'w': d, 'x': b, 'y': d, 'z': b},
{'w': d, 'x': b, 'y': d, 'z': c},
{'w': d, 'x': b, 'y': d, 'z': d},
{'w': d, 'x': c, 'y': b, 'z': b},
{'w': d, 'x': c, 'y': b, 'z': c},
{'w': d, 'x': c, 'y': b, 'z': d},
{'w': d, 'x': c, 'y': c, 'z': b},
{'w': d, 'x': c, 'y': c, 'z': c},
{'w': d, 'x': c, 'y': c, 'z': d},
{'w': d, 'x': c, 'y': d, 'z': b},
{'w': d, 'x': c, 'y': d, 'z': c},
{'w': d, 'x': c, 'y': d, 'z': d},
{'w': d, 'x': d, 'y': b, 'z': b},
{'w': d, 'x': d, 'y': b, 'z': c},
{'w': d, 'x': d, 'y': b, 'z': d},
{'w': d, 'x': d, 'y': c, 'z': b},
{'w': d, 'x': d, 'y': c, 'z': c},
{'w': d, 'x': d, 'y': c, 'z': d},
{'w': d, 'x': d, 'y': d, 'z': b},
{'w': d, 'x': d, 'y': d, 'z': c},
{'w': d, 'x': d, 'y': d, 'z': d},
/// Test that [cases] are exhaustive over [type] if and only if all cases are
/// included and that all subsets of the cases are not exhaustive.
void expectExhaustiveOnlyAll(StaticType type, List<Object> cases) {
const trials = 100;
var best = 9999999;
for (var j = 0; j < 100000; j++) {
var watch = Stopwatch()..start();
for (var i = 0; i < trials; i++) {
var spaces = parseSpaces(cases);
var actual = isExhaustive(Space(type), spaces);
if (!actual) {
throw 'Expected exhaustive';
var elapsed = watch.elapsedMilliseconds;
best = min(elapsed, best);
print('${elapsed / trials}ms (best ${best / trials}ms)');