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// Copyright (c) 2016, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
import '../ast.dart' show Component, Library;
import '../core_types.dart' show CoreTypes;
import '../class_hierarchy.dart';
import '../transformations/continuation.dart' as cont;
import '../transformations/mixin_full_resolution.dart' as mix;
import '../transformations/sanitize_for_vm.dart';
import '../transformations/treeshaker.dart';
import '../transformations/closure_conversion.dart' as cc
show transformComponent;
import 'targets.dart' show TargetFlags;
import 'vm.dart' as vm_target;
// VmClosureConvertedTarget used legacy VmTarget which was superseded by
// VmFastaTarget. Legacy transformations pipeline was pulled from VmTarget
// into this class when VmTarget was merged with new VmFastaTarget.
// TODO(alexmarkov): Figure out if this target is still used, and either remove
// it or unify its transformation pipeline with new VmTarget.
class VmClosureConvertedTarget extends vm_target.VmTarget {
VmClosureConvertedTarget(TargetFlags flags) : super(flags);
String get name => "vmcc";
ClassHierarchy _hierarchy;
void performModularTransformationsOnLibraries(
CoreTypes coreTypes, ClassHierarchy hierarchy, List<Library> libraries,
{void logger(String msg)}) {
var mixins = new mix.MixinFullResolution(this, coreTypes, hierarchy)
_hierarchy = mixins.hierarchy;
void performGlobalTransformations(CoreTypes coreTypes, Component component,
{void logger(String msg)}) {
if (flags.treeShake) {
performTreeShaking(coreTypes, component);
cont.transformComponent(coreTypes, component, flags.syncAsync);
new SanitizeForVM().transform(component);
cc.transformComponent(coreTypes, component);
void performTreeShaking(CoreTypes coreTypes, Component component) {
new TreeShaker(coreTypes, _hierarchy, component,
strongMode: strongMode, programRoots: flags.programRoots)
_hierarchy = null; // Hierarchy must be recomputed.