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// Copyright (c) 2018, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
import 'dart:core';
import 'package:analyzer/file_system/file_system.dart';
import 'package:analyzer/src/context/packages.dart';
import 'package:analyzer/src/file_system/file_system.dart';
import 'package:analyzer/src/generated/sdk.dart';
import 'package:analyzer/src/generated/source.dart';
import 'package:analyzer/src/generated/source_io.dart';
import 'package:analyzer/src/source/package_map_resolver.dart';
import 'package:analyzer/src/summary/package_bundle_reader.dart';
import 'package:analyzer/src/util/uri.dart';
import 'package:analyzer/src/workspace/workspace.dart';
import 'package:path/path.dart' as path;
import 'package:yaml/yaml.dart';
/// Instances of the class `PackageBuildFileUriResolver` resolve `file` URI's by
/// first resolving file uri's in the expected way, and then by looking in the
/// corresponding generated directories.
class PackageBuildFileUriResolver extends ResourceUriResolver {
final PackageBuildWorkspace workspace;
PackageBuildFileUriResolver(PackageBuildWorkspace workspace)
: workspace = workspace,
Source resolveAbsolute(Uri uri, [Uri actualUri]) {
if (!ResourceUriResolver.isFileUri(uri)) {
return null;
String filePath = fileUriToNormalizedPath(provider.pathContext, uri);
Resource resource = provider.getResource(filePath);
if (resource is! File) {
return null;
File file = workspace.findFile(filePath);
if (file != null) {
return file.createSource(actualUri ?? uri);
return null;
/// The [UriResolver] that can resolve `package` URIs in
/// [PackageBuildWorkspace].
class PackageBuildPackageUriResolver extends UriResolver {
final PackageBuildWorkspace _workspace;
final UriResolver _normalUriResolver;
final path.Context _context;
PackageBuildWorkspace workspace, this._normalUriResolver)
: _workspace = workspace,
_context = workspace.provider.pathContext;
Map<String, List<Folder>> get packageMap => _workspace._packageMap;
Source resolveAbsolute(Uri _ignore, [Uri uri]) {
uri ??= _ignore;
if (uri.scheme != 'package') {
return null;
Source basicResolverSource = _normalUriResolver.resolveAbsolute(uri);
if (basicResolverSource != null && basicResolverSource.exists()) {
return basicResolverSource;
String uriPath = uri.path;
int slash = uriPath.indexOf('/');
// If the path either starts with a slash or has no slash, it is invalid.
if (slash < 1) {
return null;
String packageName = uriPath.substring(0, slash);
String fileUriPart = uriPath.substring(slash + 1);
String filePath = fileUriPart.replaceAll('/', _context.separator);
File file = _workspace.builtFile(
_workspace.builtPackageSourcePath(filePath), packageName);
if (file != null && file.exists) {
return file.createSource(uri);
return basicResolverSource;
Uri restoreAbsolute(Source source) {
String filePath = source.fullName;
if (_context.isWithin(_workspace.root, filePath)) {
List<String> uriParts = _restoreUriParts(filePath);
if (uriParts != null) {
return Uri.parse('package:${uriParts[0]}/${uriParts[1]}');
return _normalUriResolver.restoreAbsolute(source);
List<String> _restoreUriParts(String filePath) {
String relative = _context.relative(filePath, from: _workspace.root);
List<String> components = _context.split(relative);
if (components.length > 5 &&
components[0] == '.dart_tool' &&
components[1] == 'build' &&
components[2] == 'generated' &&
components[4] == 'lib') {
String packageName = components[3];
String pathInLib = components.skip(5).join('/');
return [packageName, pathInLib];
return null;
/// Information about a package:build workspace.
class PackageBuildWorkspace extends Workspace {
/// The name of the directory that identifies the root of the workspace. Note,
/// the presence of this file does not show package:build is used. For that,
/// the subdirectory [_dartToolBuildName] must exist. A `pub` subdirectory
/// will usually exist in non-package:build projects too.
static const String _dartToolRootName = '.dart_tool';
/// The name of the subdirectory in [_dartToolName] that distinguishes
/// projects built with package:build.
static const String _dartToolBuildName = 'build';
/// We use pubspec.yaml to get the package name to be consistent with how
/// package:build does it.
static const String _pubspecName = 'pubspec.yaml';
static const List<String> _generatedPathParts = [
/// The resource provider used to access the file system.
final ResourceProvider provider;
/// The map from a package name to the list of its `lib/` folders.
final Map<String, List<Folder>> _packageMap;
/// The absolute workspace root path (the directory containing the
/// `.dart_tool` directory).
final String root;
/// The name of the package under development as defined in pubspec.yaml. This
/// matches the behavior of package:build.
final String projectPackageName;
/// `.dart_tool/build/generated` in [root].
final String generatedRootPath;
/// [projectPackageName] in [generatedRootPath].
final String generatedThisPath;
/// The singular package in this workspace.
/// Each "package:build" workspace is itself one package.
PackageBuildWorkspacePackage _theOnlyPackage;
UriResolver get packageUriResolver => PackageBuildPackageUriResolver(
this, PackageMapUriResolver(provider, _packageMap));
/// For some package file, which may or may not be a package source (it could
/// be in `bin/`, `web/`, etc), find where its built counterpart will exist if
/// its a generated source.
/// To get a [builtPath] for a package source file to use in this method,
/// use [builtPackageSourcePath]. For `bin/`, `web/`, etc, it must be relative
/// to the project root.
File builtFile(String builtPath, String packageName) {
if (!_packageMap.containsKey(packageName)) {
return null;
path.Context context = provider.pathContext;
String fullBuiltPath = context.normalize(context.join(
root, _dartToolRootName, 'build', 'generated', packageName, builtPath));
return provider.getFile(fullBuiltPath);
/// Unlike the way that sources are resolved against `.packages` (if foo
/// points to folder bar, then `foo:baz.dart` is found at `bar/baz.dart`), the
/// built sources for a package require the `lib/` prefix first. This is
/// because `bin/`, `web/`, and `test/` etc can all be built as well. This
/// method exists to give a name to that prefix processing step.
String builtPackageSourcePath(String filePath) {
path.Context context = provider.pathContext;
assert(context.isRelative(filePath), 'Not a relative path: $filePath');
return context.join('lib', filePath);
SourceFactory createSourceFactory(DartSdk sdk, SummaryDataStore summaryData) {
if (summaryData != null) {
throw UnsupportedError(
'Summary files are not supported in a package:build workspace.');
List<UriResolver> resolvers = <UriResolver>[];
if (sdk != null) {
return SourceFactory(resolvers);
/// Return the file with the given [filePath], looking first in the generated
/// directory `.dart_tool/build/generated/$projectPackageName/`, then in
/// source directories.
/// The file in the workspace [root] is returned even if it does not exist.
/// Return `null` if the given [filePath] is not in the workspace root.
File findFile(String filePath) {
path.Context context = provider.pathContext;
assert(context.isAbsolute(filePath), 'Not an absolute path: $filePath');
try {
final String relativePath = context.relative(filePath, from: root);
final File file = builtFile(relativePath, projectPackageName);
if (file.exists) {
return file;
return provider.getFile(filePath);
} catch (_) {
return null;
WorkspacePackage findPackageFor(String path) {
var pathContext = provider.pathContext;
// Must be in this workspace.
if (!pathContext.isWithin(root, path)) {
return null;
// If generated, must be for this package.
if (pathContext.isWithin(generatedRootPath, path)) {
if (!pathContext.isWithin(generatedThisPath, path)) {
return null;
return _theOnlyPackage ??= PackageBuildWorkspacePackage(root, this);
/// Find the package:build workspace that contains the given [filePath].
/// Return `null` if the filePath is not in a package:build workspace.
static PackageBuildWorkspace find(ResourceProvider provider,
Map<String, List<Folder>> packageMap, String filePath) {
Folder folder = provider.getFolder(filePath);
while (true) {
Folder parent = folder.parent;
if (parent == null) {
return null;
final File pubspec = folder.getChildAssumingFile(_pubspecName);
final Folder dartToolDir =
final Folder dartToolBuildDir =
// Found the .dart_tool file, that's our project root. We also require a
// pubspec, to know the package name that package:build will assume.
if (dartToolBuildDir.exists && pubspec.exists) {
try {
final yaml = loadYaml(pubspec.readAsStringSync());
final packageName = yaml['name'] as String;
final generatedRootPath = provider.pathContext
.joinAll([folder.path, ..._generatedPathParts]);
final generatedThisPath =
provider.pathContext.join(generatedRootPath, packageName);
return PackageBuildWorkspace._(provider, packageMap, folder.path,
packageName, generatedRootPath, generatedThisPath);
} catch (_) {
return null;
// We found `pubspec.yaml`, but not `.dart_tool/build`.
// Stop going up, this package does not have package:build results.
// We don't want to find results of a parent package.
if (pubspec.exists) {
return null;
// Go up the folder.
folder = parent;
/// Information about a package defined in a PackageBuildWorkspace.
/// Separate from [Packages] or package maps, this class is designed to simply
/// understand whether arbitrary file paths represent libraries declared within
/// a given package in a PackageBuildWorkspace.
class PackageBuildWorkspacePackage extends WorkspacePackage {
final String root;
final PackageBuildWorkspace workspace;
PackageBuildWorkspacePackage(this.root, this.workspace);
bool contains(Source source) {
var uri = source.uri;
if (uri.isScheme('package')) {
var packageName = uri.pathSegments[0];
return packageName == workspace.projectPackageName;
if (uri.isScheme('file')) {
var path = source.fullName;
return workspace.findPackageFor(path) != null;
return false;
Map<String, List<Folder>> packagesAvailableTo(String libraryPath) =>
bool sourceIsInPublicApi(Source source) {
var filePath = filePathFromSource(source);
if (filePath == null) return false;
var libFolder = workspace.provider.pathContext.join(root, 'lib');
if (workspace.provider.pathContext.isWithin(libFolder, filePath)) {
// A file in "$root/lib" is public iff it is not in "$root/lib/src".
var libSrcFolder = workspace.provider.pathContext.join(libFolder, 'src');
return !workspace.provider.pathContext.isWithin(libSrcFolder, filePath);
libFolder = workspace.provider.pathContext.joinAll(
[root, ...PackageBuildWorkspace._generatedPathParts, 'test', 'lib']);
if (workspace.provider.pathContext.isWithin(libFolder, filePath)) {
// A file in "$generated/lib" is public iff it is not in
// "$generated/lib/src".
var libSrcFolder = workspace.provider.pathContext.join(libFolder, 'src');
return !workspace.provider.pathContext.isWithin(libSrcFolder, filePath);
return false;