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// Copyright (c) 2011, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
import 'link_implementation.dart'
show LinkBuilderImplementation, LinkEntry, LinkIterator, MappedLinkIterable;
class Link<T> implements Iterable<T> {
T get head => throw new StateError("no elements");
Link<T>? get tail => null;
const Link();
Link<T> prepend(T element) {
return new LinkEntry<T>(element, this);
Iterator<T> get iterator => new LinkIterator<T>(this);
void printOn(StringBuffer buffer, [separatedBy]) {}
List<T> toList({bool growable: true}) {
List<T> result = <T>[];
for (Link<T> link = this; !link.isEmpty; link = link.tail!) {
return result;
/// Lazily maps over this linked list, returning an [Iterable].
Iterable<K> map<K>(K fn(T item)) {
return new MappedLinkIterable<T, K>(this, fn);
/// Invokes `fn` for every item in the linked list and returns the results
/// in a [List].
/// TODO(scheglov) Rewrite to `List<E>`, or remove.
List<E?> mapToList<E>(E fn(T item), {bool growable: true}) {
List<E?> result;
if (!growable) {
result = new List<E?>.filled(slowLength(), null);
} else {
result = <E?>[];
result.length = slowLength();
int i = 0;
for (Link<T> link = this; !link.isEmpty; link = link.tail!) {
result[i++] = fn(link.head);
return result;
bool get isEmpty => true;
bool get isNotEmpty => false;
Link<T> reverse(Link<T> tail) => this;
Link<T> reversePrependAll(Link<T> from) {
if (from.isEmpty) return this;
return this.prepend(from.head).reversePrependAll(from.tail!);
Link<T> skip(int n) {
if (n == 0) return this;
throw new RangeError('Index $n out of range');
void forEach(void f(T element)) {}
bool operator ==(other) {
if (other is! Link<T>) return false;
return other.isEmpty;
int get hashCode => throw new UnsupportedError('Link.hashCode');
String toString() => "[]";
get length {
throw new UnsupportedError('get:length');
int slowLength() => 0;
// TODO(ahe): Remove this method?
bool contains(Object? element) {
for (Link<T> link = this; !link.isEmpty; link = link.tail!) {
if (link.head == element) return true;
return false;
// TODO(ahe): Remove this method?
T get single {
if (isEmpty) throw new StateError('No elements');
if (!tail!.isEmpty) throw new StateError('More than one element');
return head;
// TODO(ahe): Remove this method?
T get first {
if (isEmpty) throw new StateError('No elements');
return head;
/// Returns true if f returns true for all elements of this list.
/// Returns true for the empty list.
bool every(bool f(T e)) {
for (Link<T> link = this; !link.isEmpty; link = link.tail!) {
if (!f(link.head)) return false;
return true;
// Unsupported Iterable<T> methods.
bool any(bool f(T e)) => _unsupported('any');
Iterable<T> cast<T>() => _unsupported('cast');
T elementAt(int i) => _unsupported('elementAt');
Iterable<K> expand<K>(Iterable<K> f(T e)) => _unsupported('expand');
T firstWhere(bool f(T e), {T orElse()?}) => _unsupported('firstWhere');
K fold<K>(K initialValue, K combine(K value, T element)) {
return _unsupported('fold');
Iterable<T> followedBy(Iterable<T> other) => _unsupported('followedBy');
T get last => _unsupported('get:last');
T lastWhere(bool f(T e), {T orElse()?}) => _unsupported('lastWhere');
String join([separator = '']) => _unsupported('join');
T reduce(T combine(T a, T b)) => _unsupported('reduce');
Iterable<T> retype<T>() => _unsupported('retype');
T singleWhere(bool f(T e), {T orElse()?}) => _unsupported('singleWhere');
Iterable<T> skipWhile(bool f(T e)) => _unsupported('skipWhile');
Iterable<T> take(int n) => _unsupported('take');
Iterable<T> takeWhile(bool f(T e)) => _unsupported('takeWhile');
Set<T> toSet() => _unsupported('toSet');
Iterable<T> whereType<T>() => _unsupported('whereType');
Iterable<T> where(bool f(T e)) => _unsupported('where');
_unsupported(String method) => throw new UnsupportedError(method);
/// Builder object for creating linked lists using [Link] or fixed-length [List]
/// objects.
abstract class LinkBuilder<T> {
factory LinkBuilder() = LinkBuilderImplementation<T>;
/// Prepends all elements added to the builder to [tail]. The resulting list
/// is returned and the builder is cleared.
Link<T> toLink(Link<T> tail);
/// Creates a new fixed length containing all added elements. The
/// resulting list is returned and the builder is cleared.
List<T> toList();
/// Adds the element [t] to the end of the list being built.
Link<T> addLast(T t);
/// Returns the first element in the list being built.
T get first;
/// Returns the number of elements in the list being built.
int get length;
/// Returns `true` if the list being built is empty.
bool get isEmpty;
/// Removes all added elements and resets the builder.
void clear();