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import 'package:analysis_server/src/analysis_server_abstract.dart';
import 'package:analyzer/exception/exception.dart';
import 'package:analyzer/instrumentation/instrumentation.dart';
/// An instrumentation service to show instrumentation errors as error
/// notifications to the user.
class ErrorNotifier extends NoopInstrumentationService {
AbstractAnalysisServer server;
void logException(dynamic exception,
[StackTrace stackTrace,
List<InstrumentationServiceAttachment> attachments]) {
if (exception is SilentException) {
// Silent exceptions should not be reported to the user.
var message = 'Internal error';
if (exception is CaughtException && exception.message != null) {
// TODO(mfairhurst): Use the outermost exception once crash reporting is
// fixed and this becomes purely user-facing.
exception = exception.rootCaughtException;
// TODO(mfairhurst): Use the outermost message rather than the innermost
// exception as its own message.
message = exception.message;
server.sendServerErrorNotification(message, exception, stackTrace,
fatal: exception is FatalException);
/// Server may throw a [FatalException] to send a fatal error response to the
/// IDEs.
class FatalException extends CaughtException {
FatalException(String message, Object exception, stackTrace)
: super.withMessage(message, exception, stackTrace);