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// Copyright (c) 2018, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
#error "AOT runtime should not use compiler sources (including header files)"
#include "vm/compiler/frontend/constant_reader.h"
#include "vm/compiler/frontend/kernel_translation_helper.h"
#include "vm/hash_map.h"
#include "vm/object.h"
#include "vm/parser.h" // For ParsedFunction.
namespace dart {
namespace kernel {
class ScopeBuildingResult;
class ScopeBuilder {
explicit ScopeBuilder(ParsedFunction* parsed_function);
virtual ~ScopeBuilder() = default;
ScopeBuildingResult* BuildScopes();
void VisitField();
void VisitProcedure();
void VisitConstructor();
void VisitFunctionNode();
void VisitNode();
void VisitInitializer();
void VisitExpression();
void VisitStatement();
void VisitArguments();
void VisitVariableDeclaration();
void VisitVariableGet(intptr_t declaration_binary_offset);
void VisitDartType();
void VisitInterfaceType(bool simple);
void VisitFunctionType(bool simple);
void VisitTypeParameterType();
void HandleLocalFunction(intptr_t parent_kernel_offset);
AbstractType& BuildAndVisitVariableType();
void EnterScope(intptr_t kernel_offset);
void ExitScope(TokenPosition start_position, TokenPosition end_position);
virtual void ReportUnexpectedTag(const char* variant, Tag tag);
// This enum controls which parameters would be marked as requring type
// check on the callee side.
enum ParameterTypeCheckMode {
// All parameters will be checked.
// Only parameters marked as covariant or generic-covariant-impl will be
// checked.
// Only parameters *not* marked as covariant or generic-covariant-impl will
// be checked. The rest would be checked in the method itself.
// Inverse of kTypeCheckForNonDynamicallyInvokedMethod.
// No parameters will be checked.
// No non-covariant checks are performed, and any covariant checks are
// performed by the target.
// This assumes that the reader is at a FunctionNode,
// about to read the positional parameters.
void AddPositionalAndNamedParameters(
intptr_t pos,
ParameterTypeCheckMode type_check_mode,
const ProcedureAttributesMetadata& attrs);
// This assumes that the reader is at a FunctionNode,
// about to read a parameter (i.e. VariableDeclaration).
void AddVariableDeclarationParameter(
intptr_t pos,
ParameterTypeCheckMode type_check_mode,
const ProcedureAttributesMetadata& attrs);
LocalVariable* MakeVariable(TokenPosition declaration_pos,
TokenPosition token_pos,
const String& name,
const AbstractType& type,
const InferredTypeMetadata* param_type_md = NULL);
void AddExceptionVariable(GrowableArray<LocalVariable*>* variables,
const char* prefix,
intptr_t nesting_depth);
void FinalizeExceptionVariable(GrowableArray<LocalVariable*>* variables,
GrowableArray<LocalVariable*>* raw_variables,
const String& symbol,
intptr_t nesting_depth);
void AddTryVariables();
void AddCatchVariables();
void FinalizeCatchVariables();
void AddIteratorVariable();
void AddSwitchVariable();
// Record an assignment or reference to a variable. If the occurrence is
// in a nested function, ensure that the variable is handled properly as a
// captured variable.
LocalVariable* LookupVariable(intptr_t declaration_binary_offset);
StringIndex GetNameFromVariableDeclaration(intptr_t kernel_offset,
const Function& function);
const String& GenerateName(const char* prefix, intptr_t suffix);
void HandleLoadReceiver();
void HandleSpecialLoad(LocalVariable** variable, const String& symbol);
void LookupCapturedVariableByName(LocalVariable** variable,
const String& name);
struct DepthState {
explicit DepthState(intptr_t function)
: loop_(0),
for_in_(0) {}
intptr_t loop_;
intptr_t function_;
intptr_t try_;
intptr_t catch_;
intptr_t finally_;
intptr_t for_in_;
ScopeBuildingResult* result_;
ParsedFunction* parsed_function_;
ActiveClass active_class_;
TranslationHelper translation_helper_;
Zone* zone_;
FunctionNodeHelper::AsyncMarker current_function_async_marker_;
LocalScope* current_function_scope_;
LocalScope* scope_;
DepthState depth_;
intptr_t name_index_;
bool needs_expr_temp_;
TokenPosition first_body_token_position_ = TokenPosition::kNoSource;
KernelReaderHelper helper_;
ConstantReader constant_reader_;
InferredTypeMetadataHelper inferred_type_metadata_helper_;
ProcedureAttributesMetadataHelper procedure_attributes_metadata_helper_;
TypeTranslator type_translator_;
struct FunctionScope {
intptr_t kernel_offset;
LocalScope* scope;
class ScopeBuildingResult : public ZoneAllocated {
: type_arguments_variable(NULL),
raw_variable_counter_(0) {}
bool IsClosureWithEmptyContext(intptr_t function_node_offset) {
for (intptr_t i = 0; i < closure_offsets_without_captures.length(); ++i) {
if (closure_offsets_without_captures[i] == function_node_offset) {
return true;
return false;
IntMap<LocalVariable*> locals;
IntMap<LocalScope*> scopes;
GrowableArray<FunctionScope> function_scopes;
// Only non-NULL for factory constructor functions.
LocalVariable* type_arguments_variable;
// Non-NULL when the function contains a switch statement.
LocalVariable* switch_variable;
// Non-NULL when the function contains a return inside a finally block.
LocalVariable* finally_return_variable;
// Non-NULL when the function is a setter.
LocalVariable* setter_value;
// Non-NULL if the function contains yield statement.
// TODO(27590) actual variable is called :await_jump_var, we should rename
// it to reflect the fact that it is used for both await and yield.
LocalVariable* yield_jump_variable;
// Non-NULL if the function contains yield statement.
// TODO(27590) actual variable is called :await_ctx_var, we should rename
// it to reflect the fact that it is used for both await and yield.
LocalVariable* yield_context_variable;
// Variables used in exception handlers, one per exception handler nesting
// level.
GrowableArray<LocalVariable*> exception_variables;
GrowableArray<LocalVariable*> stack_trace_variables;
GrowableArray<LocalVariable*> catch_context_variables;
// These are used to access the raw exception/stacktrace variables (and are
// used to put them into the captured variables in the context).
GrowableArray<LocalVariable*> raw_exception_variables;
GrowableArray<LocalVariable*> raw_stack_trace_variables;
intptr_t raw_variable_counter_;
// For-in iterators, one per for-in nesting level.
GrowableArray<LocalVariable*> iterator_variables;
// Remembers closure function kernel offsets that do not capture any
// variables.
GrowableArray<intptr_t> closure_offsets_without_captures;
} // namespace kernel
} // namespace dart