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// Copyright (c) 2012, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
#error "AOT runtime should not use compiler sources (including header files)"
#include "platform/assert.h"
#include "platform/globals.h"
#include "vm/allocation.h"
#include "vm/compiler/backend/flow_graph.h"
#include "vm/compiler/backend/il.h"
#include "vm/growable_array.h"
#include "vm/raw_object.h"
namespace dart {
// A class to collect the exits from an inlined function during graph
// construction so they can be plugged into the caller's flow graph.
class InlineExitCollector : public ZoneAllocated {
InlineExitCollector(FlowGraph* caller_graph, Definition* call)
: caller_graph_(caller_graph), call_(call), exits_(4) {}
void AddExit(ReturnInstr* exit);
void Union(const InlineExitCollector* other);
// Before replacing a call with a graph, the outer environment needs to be
// attached to each instruction in the callee graph and the caller graph
// needs to have its block and instruction ID state updated.
// Additionally we need to remove all unreachable exits from the list of
// collected exits.
void PrepareGraphs(FlowGraph* callee_graph);
// Inline a graph at a call site.
// Assumes the callee is in SSA with a correct dominator tree and use
// lists.
// After inlining the caller graph will have correctly adjusted the use
// lists. The block orders will need to be recomputed.
void ReplaceCall(BlockEntryInstr* callee_entry);
struct Data {
BlockEntryInstr* exit_block;
ReturnInstr* exit_return;
BlockEntryInstr* ExitBlockAt(intptr_t i) const {
ASSERT(exits_[i].exit_block != NULL);
return exits_[i].exit_block;
Instruction* LastInstructionAt(intptr_t i) const {
return ReturnAt(i)->previous();
Value* ValueAt(intptr_t i) const { return ReturnAt(i)->value(); }
ReturnInstr* ReturnAt(intptr_t i) const { return exits_[i].exit_return; }
static int LowestBlockIdFirst(const Data* a, const Data* b);
void SortExits();
void RemoveUnreachableExits(FlowGraph* callee_graph);
Definition* JoinReturns(BlockEntryInstr** exit_block,
Instruction** last_instruction,
intptr_t try_index);
Zone* zone() const { return caller_graph_->zone(); }
FlowGraph* caller_graph_;
Definition* call_;
GrowableArray<Data> exits_;
bool SimpleInstanceOfType(const AbstractType& type);
uword FindDoubleConstant(double value);
} // namespace dart