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// Copyright (c) 2017, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
import 'dart:io' show File, exit, stderr;
import 'dart:isolate' show RawReceivePort;
import 'dart:convert' show JsonEncoder;
import 'package:yaml/yaml.dart' show loadYaml;
main(List<String> arguments) async {
var port = new RawReceivePort();
if (arguments.length != 2) {
stderr.writeln("Usage: yaml2json.dart input.yaml output.json");
Uri input = Uri.base.resolve(arguments[0]);
Uri output = Uri.base.resolve(arguments[1]);
var yaml = loadYaml(await new File.fromUri(input).readAsString());
await new File.fromUri(output)
.writeAsString(const JsonEncoder.withIndent(" ").convert(yaml));