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library kernel.transformations.flags;
import '../ast.dart';
/// Flags summarizing the kinds of AST nodes contained in a given member or
/// class, for speeding up transformations that only affect certain types of
/// nodes.
/// These are set by the frontend and the deserializer.
class TransformerFlag {
/// The class or member contains 'super' calls, that is, one of the AST nodes
/// [SuperPropertyGet], [SuperPropertySet], [SuperMethodInvocation].
static const int superCalls = 1 << 0;
/// Temporary flag used by the verifier to indicate that the given member
/// has been seen.
static const int seenByVerifier = 1 << 1;
// TODO(asgerf): We could also add a flag for 'async' and will probably have
// one for closures as well.