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// Copyright (c) 2012, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
library ssa;
import '../common/codegen.dart' show CodegenWorkItem;
import '../common/tasks.dart' show CompilerTask;
import '../elements/elements.dart' show Element, FunctionElement;
import '../io/source_information.dart';
import '../js/js.dart' as js;
import '../js_backend/backend.dart' show JavaScriptBackend, FunctionCompiler;
import '../world.dart' show ClosedWorld;
import 'builder.dart';
import 'builder_kernel.dart';
import 'codegen.dart';
import 'nodes.dart';
import 'optimize.dart';
class SsaFunctionCompiler implements FunctionCompiler {
final SsaCodeGeneratorTask generator;
final SsaBuilderTask builder;
final SsaKernelBuilderTask builderKernel;
final SsaOptimizerTask optimizer;
final JavaScriptBackend backend;
final bool useKernel;
SsaFunctionCompiler(JavaScriptBackend backend,
SourceInformationStrategy sourceInformationFactory, this.useKernel)
: generator = new SsaCodeGeneratorTask(backend, sourceInformationFactory),
builder = new SsaBuilderTask(backend, sourceInformationFactory),
builderKernel =
new SsaKernelBuilderTask(backend, sourceInformationFactory),
optimizer = new SsaOptimizerTask(backend),
backend = backend;
/// Generates JavaScript code for `work.element`.
/// Using the ssa builder, optimizer and codegenerator.
js.Fun compile(CodegenWorkItem work, ClosedWorld closedWorld) {
HGraph graph = useKernel
?, closedWorld)
:, closedWorld);
optimizer.optimize(work, graph, closedWorld);
Element element = work.element;
js.Expression result = generator.generateCode(work, graph, closedWorld);
if (element is FunctionElement) {
// TODO(sigmund): replace by kernel transformer when `useKernel` is true.
result = backend.rewriteAsync(element, result);
return result;
Iterable<CompilerTask> get tasks {
return <CompilerTask>[
useKernel ? builderKernel : builder,