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// Copyright (c) 2016, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
library dart2js.mirrors_handler;
import '../common.dart';
import '../common/resolution.dart';
import '../compiler.dart';
import '../constants/values.dart';
import '../diagnostics/diagnostic_listener.dart';
import '../elements/elements.dart';
import '../elements/entities.dart';
import '../enqueue.dart';
import '../universe/selector.dart';
import '../universe/use.dart';
import '../universe/world_impact.dart';
import 'backend.dart';
import 'constant_handler_javascript.dart';
import 'mirrors_data.dart';
class MirrorsAnalysis {
final JavaScriptBackend backend;
final MirrorsHandler resolutionHandler;
final MirrorsHandler codegenHandler;
/// List of constants from metadata. If metadata must be preserved,
/// these constants must be registered.
final List<Dependency> metadataConstants = <Dependency>[];
/// Set of elements for which metadata has been registered as dependencies.
final Set<Element> _registeredMetadata = new Set<Element>();
StagedWorldImpactBuilder constantImpactsForResolution =
new StagedWorldImpactBuilder();
StagedWorldImpactBuilder constantImpactsForCodegen =
new StagedWorldImpactBuilder();
/// Number of methods compiled before considering reflection.
int preMirrorsMethodCount = 0;
MirrorsAnalysis(this.backend, Resolution resolution)
: resolutionHandler = new MirrorsHandler(backend, resolution),
codegenHandler = new MirrorsHandler(backend, resolution);
DiagnosticReporter get reporter => backend.reporter;
Compiler get compiler => backend.compiler;
JavaScriptConstantCompiler get constants => backend.constants;
MirrorsData get mirrorsData => backend.mirrorsData;
/// Returns all static fields that are referenced through
/// `mirrorsData.targetsUsed`. If the target is a library or class all nested
/// static fields are included too.
Iterable<Element> _findStaticFieldTargets() {
List staticFields = [];
void addFieldsInContainer(ScopeContainerElement container) {
container.forEachLocalMember((Element member) {
if (!member.isInstanceMember && member.isField) {
} else if (member.isClass) {
for (Element target in mirrorsData.targetsUsed) {
if (target == null) continue;
if (target.isField) {
} else if (target.isLibrary || target.isClass) {
return staticFields;
/// Call [registerMetadataConstant] on all metadata from [entities].
void processMetadata(
Iterable<Entity> entities, void onMetadata(MetadataAnnotation metadata)) {
void processLibraryMetadata(LibraryElement library) {
if (_registeredMetadata.add(library)) {
for (ImportElement import in library.imports) {
void processElementMetadata(Element element) {
if (_registeredMetadata.add(element)) {
if (element.isFunction) {
FunctionElement function = element;
for (ParameterElement parameter in function.parameters) {
if (element.enclosingClass != null) {
// Only process library of top level fields/methods
// (and not for classes).
// TODO(johnniwinther): Fix this: We are missing some metadata on
// libraries (example: in co19/Language/Metadata/before_export_t01).
if (element.enclosingElement is ClassElement) {
// Use [enclosingElement] instead of [enclosingClass] to ensure that
// we process patch class metadata for patch and injected members.
} else {
void onQueueEmpty(Enqueuer enqueuer, Iterable<ClassEntity> recentClasses) {
if (!enqueuer.isResolutionQueue && preMirrorsMethodCount == 0) {
preMirrorsMethodCount = backend.generatedCode.length;
if (mirrorsData.isTreeShakingDisabled) {
enqueuer.processedClasses, compiler.libraryLoader.libraries,
forResolution: enqueuer.isResolutionQueue));
} else if (!mirrorsData.targetsUsed.isEmpty && enqueuer.isResolutionQueue) {
// Add all static elements (not classes) that have been requested for
// reflection. If there is no mirror-usage these are probably not
// necessary, but the backend relies on them being resolved.
if (mirrorsData.mustPreserveNames) reporter.log('Preserving names.');
if (mirrorsData.mustRetainMetadata) {
reporter.log('Retaining metadata.');
StagedWorldImpactBuilder impactBuilder = enqueuer.isResolutionQueue
? constantImpactsForResolution
: constantImpactsForCodegen;
if (enqueuer.isResolutionQueue && !enqueuer.queueIsClosed) {
/// Register the constant value of [metadata] as live in resolution.
void registerMetadataConstant(MetadataAnnotation metadata) {
ConstantValue constant =
Dependency dependency =
new Dependency(constant, metadata.annotatedElement);
impactBuilder.registerConstantUse(new ConstantUse.mirrors(constant));
// TODO(johnniwinther): We should have access to all recently processed
// elements and process these instead.
processMetadata(enqueuer.processedEntities, registerMetadataConstant);
} else {
for (Dependency dependency in metadataConstants) {
new ConstantUse.mirrors(dependency.constant));
void onResolutionComplete() {
/// Compute the impact for elements that are matched by the mirrors used
/// annotation or, in lack thereof, all elements.
WorldImpact _computeImpactForReflectiveElements(
Iterable<ClassEntity> recents,
Iterable<ClassEntity> processedClasses,
Iterable<LibraryElement> loadedLibraries,
{bool forResolution}) {
MirrorsHandler handler = forResolution ? resolutionHandler : codegenHandler;
recents, processedClasses, loadedLibraries);
return handler.flush();
/// Compute the impact for the static fields that have been marked as used by
/// reflective usage through `MirrorsUsed`.
WorldImpact _computeImpactForReflectiveStaticFields(
Iterable<Element> elements) {
return resolutionHandler.flush();
class MirrorsHandler {
const bool.fromEnvironment("TRACE_MIRROR_ENQUEUING");
final JavaScriptBackend _backend;
final Resolution _resolution;
bool hasEnqueuedReflectiveElements = false;
bool hasEnqueuedReflectiveStaticFields = false;
StagedWorldImpactBuilder impactBuilder = new StagedWorldImpactBuilder();
MirrorsHandler(this._backend, this._resolution);
DiagnosticReporter get _reporter => _resolution.reporter;
WorldImpact flush() => impactBuilder.flush();
void _logEnqueueReflectiveAction(action, [msg = ""]) {
print("MIRROR_ENQUEUE (R): $action $msg");
* Decides whether an element should be included to satisfy requirements
* of the mirror system.
* During resolution, we have to resort to matching elements against the
* [MirrorsUsed] pattern, as we do not have a complete picture of the world,
* yet.
bool _shouldIncludeElementDueToMirrors(Element element,
{bool includedEnclosing}) {
return includedEnclosing ||
/// Enqueue the constructor [ctor] if it is required for reflection.
/// [enclosingWasIncluded] provides a hint whether the enclosing element was
/// needed for reflection.
void _enqueueReflectiveConstructor(ConstructorElement constructor,
{bool enclosingWasIncluded}) {
if (_shouldIncludeElementDueToMirrors(constructor,
includedEnclosing: enclosingWasIncluded)) {
ClassElement cls = constructor.enclosingClass;
.registerTypeUse(new TypeUse.mirrorInstantiation(cls.rawType));
impactBuilder.registerStaticUse(new StaticUse.mirrorUse(constructor));
/// Enqueue the member [element] if it is required for reflection.
/// [enclosingWasIncluded] provides a hint whether the enclosing element was
/// needed for reflection.
void _enqueueReflectiveMember(
MemberElement element, bool enclosingWasIncluded) {
if (_shouldIncludeElementDueToMirrors(element,
includedEnclosing: enclosingWasIncluded)) {
if (Elements.isStaticOrTopLevel(element)) {
impactBuilder.registerStaticUse(new StaticUse.mirrorUse(element));
} else if (element.isInstanceMember) {
// We need to enqueue all members matching this one in subclasses, as
// well.
// TODO(herhut): Use TypedSelector.subtype for enqueueing
DynamicUse dynamicUse =
new DynamicUse(new Selector.fromElement(element), null);
if (element.isField) {
DynamicUse dynamicUse = new DynamicUse(
new Selector.setter(
new Name(, element.library, isSetter: true)),
/// Enqueue the member [element] if it is required for reflection.
/// [enclosingWasIncluded] provides a hint whether the enclosing element was
/// needed for reflection.
void _enqueueReflectiveElementsInClass(
ClassElement cls, Iterable<ClassEntity> recents,
{bool enclosingWasIncluded}) {
if (cls.library.isInternalLibrary || cls.isInjected) return;
bool includeClass = _shouldIncludeElementDueToMirrors(cls,
includedEnclosing: enclosingWasIncluded);
if (includeClass) {
_logEnqueueReflectiveAction(cls, "register");
ClassElement declaration = cls.declaration;
new TypeUse.mirrorInstantiation(declaration.rawType));
// If the class is never instantiated, we know nothing of it can possibly
// be reflected upon.
// TODO(herhut): Add a warning if a mirrors annotation cannot hit.
if (recents.contains(cls.declaration)) {
_logEnqueueReflectiveAction(cls, "members");
cls.constructors.forEach((ConstructorElement element) {
enclosingWasIncluded: includeClass);
cls.forEachClassMember((Member member) {
_enqueueReflectiveMember(member.element, includeClass);
/// Enqueue special classes that might not be visible by normal means or that
/// would not normally be enqueued:
/// [Closure] is treated specially as it is the superclass of all closures.
/// Although it is in an internal library, we mark it as reflectable. Note
/// that none of its methods are reflectable, unless reflectable by
/// inheritance.
void _enqueueReflectiveSpecialClasses() {
Iterable<ClassElement> classes = _backend.classesRequiredForReflection;
for (ClassElement cls in classes) {
if (_backend.mirrorsData.referencedFromMirrorSystem(cls)) {
.registerTypeUse(new TypeUse.mirrorInstantiation(cls.rawType));
/// Enqueue all local members of the library [lib] if they are required for
/// reflection.
void _enqueueReflectiveElementsInLibrary(
LibraryElement lib, Iterable<ClassEntity> recents) {
bool includeLibrary =
_shouldIncludeElementDueToMirrors(lib, includedEnclosing: false);
lib.forEachLocalMember((Element member) {
if (member.isInjected) return;
if (member.isClass) {
ClassElement cls = member;
do {
_enqueueReflectiveElementsInClass(cls, recents,
enclosingWasIncluded: includeLibrary);
cls = cls.superclass;
} while (cls != null && cls.isUnnamedMixinApplication);
} else if (member.isTypedef) {
TypedefElement typedef = member;
} else {
_enqueueReflectiveMember(member, includeLibrary);
/// Enqueue all elements that are matched by the mirrors used
/// annotation or, in lack thereof, all elements.
// TODO(johnniwinther): Compute [WorldImpact] instead of enqueuing directly.
void enqueueReflectiveElements(
Iterable<ClassEntity> recents,
Iterable<ClassEntity> processedClasses,
Iterable<LibraryElement> loadedLibraries) {
if (!hasEnqueuedReflectiveElements) {
_logEnqueueReflectiveAction("!START enqueueAll");
// First round of enqueuing, visit everything that is visible to
// also pick up static top levels, etc.
// Also, during the first round, consider all classes that have been seen
// as recently seen, as we do not know how many rounds of resolution might
// have run before tree shaking is disabled and thus everything is
// enqueued.
recents = processedClasses.toSet();
_reporter.log('Enqueuing everything');
for (LibraryElement lib in loadedLibraries) {
_enqueueReflectiveElementsInLibrary(lib, recents);
hasEnqueuedReflectiveElements = true;
hasEnqueuedReflectiveStaticFields = true;
_logEnqueueReflectiveAction("!DONE enqueueAll");
} else if (recents.isNotEmpty) {
// Keep looking at new classes until fixpoint is reached.
_logEnqueueReflectiveAction("!START enqueueRecents");
recents.forEach((ClassElement cls) {
_enqueueReflectiveElementsInClass(cls, recents,
enclosingWasIncluded: _shouldIncludeElementDueToMirrors(cls.library,
includedEnclosing: false));
_logEnqueueReflectiveAction("!DONE enqueueRecents");
/// Enqueue the static fields that have been marked as used by reflective
/// usage through `MirrorsUsed`.
// TODO(johnniwinther): Compute [WorldImpact] instead of enqueuing directly.
void enqueueReflectiveStaticFields(Iterable<Element> elements) {
if (hasEnqueuedReflectiveStaticFields) return;
hasEnqueuedReflectiveStaticFields = true;
for (Element element in elements) {
_enqueueReflectiveMember(element, true);
/// Records that [constant] is used by the element behind [registry].
class Dependency {
final ConstantValue constant;
final Element annotatedElement;
const Dependency(this.constant, this.annotatedElement);
String toString() => '$annotatedElement:${constant.toStructuredText()}';