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// Copyright (c) 2014, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
library docgen.models.clazz;
import '../exports/dart2js_mirrors.dart' as dart2js_mirrors;
import '../exports/mirrors_util.dart' as dart2js_util;
import '../exports/source_mirrors.dart';
import '../library_helpers.dart';
import 'dummy_mirror.dart';
import 'generic.dart';
import 'library.dart';
import 'method.dart';
import 'model_helpers.dart';
import 'owned_indexable.dart';
import 'variable.dart';
/// A class containing contents of a Dart class.
class Class extends OwnedIndexable<dart2js_mirrors.Dart2JsInterfaceTypeMirror>
implements Comparable<Class> {
/// List of the names of interfaces that this class implements.
List<Class> interfaces = [];
/// Names of classes that extends or implements this class.
Set<Class> subclasses = new Set<Class>();
/// Top-level variables in the class.
Map<String, Variable> variables;
/// Inherited variables in the class.
final Map<String, Variable> inheritedVariables = {};
/// Methods in the class.
Map<String, Method> methods;
final Map<String, Method> inheritedMethods = new Map<String, Method>();
/// Generic infomation about the class.
final Map<String, Generic> generics;
Class _superclass;
bool get isAbstract => mirror.isAbstract;
/// Make sure that we don't check for inherited comments more than once.
bool _commentsEnsured = false;
/// Returns the [Class] for the given [mirror] if it has already been created,
/// else creates it.
factory Class(ClassMirror mirror, Library owner) {
var clazz = getDocgenObject(mirror, owner);
if (clazz is DummyMirror) {
clazz = new Class._(mirror, owner);
return clazz;
/// Called when we are constructing a superclass or interface class, but it
/// is not known if it belongs to the same owner as the original class. In
/// this case, we create an object whose owner is what the original mirror
/// says it is.
factory Class._possiblyDifferentOwner(ClassMirror mirror,
Library originalOwner) {
var realOwner = getDocgenObject(mirror.owner);
if (realOwner is Library) {
return new Class(mirror, realOwner);
} else {
return new Class(mirror, originalOwner);
Class._(ClassSourceMirror classMirror, Library owner)
: generics = createGenerics(classMirror),
super(classMirror, owner) {
// The reason we do this madness is the superclass and interface owners may
// not be this class's owner!! Example: BaseClient in http pkg.
var superinterfaces =
(interface) => new Class._possiblyDifferentOwner(interface, owner));
this._superclass = classMirror.superclass == null? null :
new Class._possiblyDifferentOwner(classMirror.superclass, owner);
interfaces = superinterfaces.toList();
variables = createVariables(
dart2js_util.variablesOf(classMirror.declarations), this);
methods = createMethods(dart2js_util.anyMethodOf(classMirror.declarations),
// Tell superclass that you are a subclass, unless you are not
// visible or an intermediary mixin class.
if (!classMirror.isNameSynthetic && isVisible && _superclass != null) {
if (this._superclass != null) addInherited(_superclass);
interfaces.forEach((interface) => addInherited(interface));
String _lookupInClassAndSuperclasses(String name) {
var lookupFunc = determineLookupFunc(name);
var classScope = this;
while (classScope != null) {
var classFunc = lookupFunc(classScope.mirror, name);
if (classFunc != null) {
return packagePrefix + getDocgenObject(classFunc, owner).docName;
classScope = classScope._superclass;
return null;
/// Look for the specified name starting with the current member, and
/// progressively working outward to the current library scope.
String findElementInScope(String name) {
var lookupFunc = determineLookupFunc(name);
var result = _lookupInClassAndSuperclasses(name);
if (result != null) {
return result;
result = owner.findElementInScope(name);
return result == null ? super.findElementInScope(name) : result;
String get typeName => 'class';
/// Add all inherited variables and methods from the provided superclass.
/// If [_includePrivate] is true, it also adds the variables and methods from
/// the superclass.
void addInherited(Class superclass) {
addInheritedMethod(superclass, this);
/** [newParent] refers to the actual class is currently using these methods.
* which may be different because with the mirror system, we only point to the
* original canonical superclasse's method.
void addInheritedMethod(Class parent, Class newParent) {
parent.inheritedMethods.forEach((name, method) {
if (!method.mirror.isConstructor) {
inheritedMethods[name] = new Method(method.mirror, newParent, method);
_allButStatics(parent.methods).forEach((name, method) {
if (!method.mirror.isConstructor) {
inheritedMethods[name] = new Method(method.mirror, newParent, method);
/// Remove statics from the map of inherited items before adding them.
Map _allButStatics(Map items) {
var result = {};
items.forEach((name, item) {
if (!item.isStatic) {
result[name] = item;
return result;
/// Add the subclass to the class.
/// If [this] is private (or an intermediary mixin class), it will add the
/// subclass to the list of subclasses in the superclasses.
void addSubclass(Class subclass) {
if (docName == 'dart-core.Object') return;
if (!includePrivateMembers && isPrivate || mirror.isNameSynthetic) {
if (_superclass != null) _superclass.addSubclass(subclass);
interfaces.forEach((interface) {
} else {
/// Check if this [Class] is an error or exception.
bool isError() {
if (qualifiedName == 'dart-core.Error' ||
qualifiedName == 'dart-core.Exception')
return true;
for (var interface in interfaces) {
if (interface.isError()) return true;
if (_superclass == null) return false;
return _superclass.isError();
/// Makes sure that all methods with inherited equivalents have comments.
void ensureComments() {
if (_commentsEnsured) return;
_commentsEnsured = true;
if (_superclass != null) _superclass.ensureComments();
inheritedMethods.forEach((qualifiedName, inheritedMethod) {
var method = methods[qualifiedName];
if (method != null) {
// if we have overwritten this method in this class, we still provide
// the opportunity to inherit the comments.
// we need to populate the comments for all methods. so that the subclasses
// can get for their inherited versions the comments.
methods.forEach((qualifiedName, method) {
if (!method.mirror.isConstructor) method.ensureCommentFor(method);
/// If a class extends a private superclass, find the closest public
/// superclass of the private superclass.
String validSuperclass() {
if (_superclass == null) return 'dart-core.Object';
if (_superclass.isVisible) return _superclass.qualifiedName;
return _superclass.validSuperclass();
/// Generates a map describing the [Class] object.
Map toMap() => {
'name': name,
'qualifiedName': qualifiedName,
'comment': comment,
'isAbstract' : isAbstract,
'superclass': validSuperclass(),
'implements': interfaces.where((i) => i.isVisible)
.map((e) => e.qualifiedName).toList(),
'subclass': (subclasses.toList()..sort())
.map((x) => x.qualifiedName).toList(),
'variables': recurseMap(variables),
'inheritedVariables': recurseMap(inheritedVariables),
'methods': expandMethodMap(methods),
'inheritedMethods': expandMethodMap(inheritedMethods),
'annotations': => a.toMap()).toList(),
'generics': recurseMap(generics)
int compareTo(Class other) => name.compareTo(;
bool isValidMirror(DeclarationMirror mirror) => mirror is ClassMirror;