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import 'dart:convert' show jsonDecode;
import 'dart:io';
void main(List<String> args) {
var jsonPath = args[0];
var json =
jsonDecode(File(jsonPath).readAsStringSync()) as Map<String, Object>;
var changes = json['changes'] as Map<String, Object>;
var byPath = changes['byPath'] as Map<String, Object>;
if (args.isEmpty) {
Usage: summary_stats.dart <summary_file> [category_name]
Prints statistics of `dart migrate` suggestions summary, created with the
`--summary` flag of `dart migrate`.
If [category_name] is not given, this prints the total number of suggestions
which the tool made, per category.
If [category_name] is given, this prints the file names and suggestion counts of
each file with one or more suggestions categorized as [category_name].
} else if (args.length == 1) {
} else {
var category = args[1];
_printCategory(byPath, category);
/// Prints the file names and counts of files with suggestions of [category].
void _printCategory(Map<String, Object> byPath, String category) {
byPath.forEach((String path, Object value) {
var counts = value as Map<String, Object>;
if (counts.containsKey(category)) {
print('$path: ${counts[category]}');
/// Prints the total number of suggestions for each category.
void _printTotals(Map<String, Object> byPath) {
var summary = <String, int>{};
for (var file in byPath.values.cast<Map<Object, Object>>()) {
file.forEach((category, count) {
summary.putIfAbsent(category as String, () => 0);
summary[category as String] += count as int;
var categories = summary.keys.toList()..sort();
for (var category in categories) {
print('$category: ${summary[category]}');