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// Copyright (c) 2019, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
import 'dart:convert' show HtmlEscape, HtmlEscapeMode, LineSplitter;
import 'package:meta/meta.dart';
import 'package:nnbd_migration/nnbd_migration.dart';
import 'package:nnbd_migration/src/front_end/migration_info.dart';
import 'package:nnbd_migration/src/front_end/path_mapper.dart';
import 'package:nnbd_migration/src/front_end/web/file_details.dart';
import 'package:path/path.dart' as path;
/// Instrumentation display output for a library that was migrated to use
/// non-nullable types.
class UnitRenderer {
/// A converter which only escapes "&", "<", and ">". Safe for use in HTML
/// text, between HTML elements.
static const HtmlEscape _htmlEscape =
HtmlEscape(HtmlEscapeMode(escapeLtGt: true));
/// List of kinds of nullability fixes that should be displayed in the
/// "proposed edits" area, in the order in which they should be displayed.
static const List<NullabilityFixKind> kindPriorityOrder = [
/// Displays information for a compilation unit.
final UnitInfo unitInfo;
/// Information for a whole migration, so that libraries can reference each
/// other.
final MigrationInfo migrationInfo;
/// An object used to map the file paths of analyzed files to the file paths
/// of the HTML files used to view the content of those files.
final PathMapper pathMapper;
/// The auth token for the current site, for use in generating URIs.
final String authToken;
/// Creates an output object for the given library info.
this.unitInfo, this.migrationInfo, this.pathMapper, this.authToken);
/// Return the path context used to manipulate paths.
path.Context get pathContext => migrationInfo.pathContext;
/// Builds a JSON view of the instrumentation information in [unitInfo].
FileDetails render() {
return FileDetails(
regions: _computeRegionContent(unitInfo),
navigationContent: _computeNavigationContent(),
sourceCode: unitInfo.content,
edits: _computeEditList());
/// Returns the list of edits, as JSON.
Map<String, List<EditListItem>> _computeEditList() {
var editListsByKind = <NullabilityFixKind, List<EditListItem>>{};
for (var region in unitInfo.regions) {
var kind = region.kind;
if (kind != null && region.isCounted) {
(editListsByKind[kind] ??= []).add(EditListItem(
line: region.lineNumber,
explanation: region.explanation,
offset: region.offset));
// Order the lists and filter out empty categories.
var result = <String, List<EditListItem>>{};
for (var kind in kindPriorityOrder) {
var edits = editListsByKind[kind];
if (edits != null) {
result[_headerForKind(kind, edits.length)] = edits;
return result;
/// Returns the content of the file with navigation links and anchors added.
/// The content of the file (not including added links and anchors) will be
/// HTML-escaped.
String _computeNavigationContent() {
var content = unitInfo.content;
var mapper = unitInfo.offsetMapper;
var openInsertions = <int, String>{};
var closeInsertions = <int, String>{};
// Compute insertions for navigation targets.
for (var region in unitInfo.targets) {
if (region.length > 0) {
var openOffset =;
if (openOffset == null) {
// Region has been deleted via a hint action.
var openInsertion = openInsertions[openOffset] ?? '';
openInsertion = '<span id="o${region.offset}">$openInsertion';
openInsertions[openOffset] = openInsertion;
var closeOffset = openOffset + region.length;
var closeInsertion = closeInsertions[closeOffset] ?? '';
closeInsertion = '$closeInsertion</span>';
closeInsertions[closeOffset] = closeInsertion;
// Compute insertions for navigation sources, but skip the sources that
// point at themselves.
for (var region in unitInfo.sources ?? <NavigationSource>[]) {
if (region.length > 0) {
var openOffset =;
if (openOffset == null) {
// Region has been deleted via a hint action.
var target =;
if (target.filePath != unitInfo.path ||
region.offset != target.offset) {
var openInsertion = openInsertions[openOffset] ?? '';
var targetUri = _uriForPath(, target);
openInsertion =
'<a href="$targetUri" class="nav-link">$openInsertion';
openInsertions[openOffset] = openInsertion;
var closeOffset = openOffset + region.length;
var closeInsertion = closeInsertions[closeOffset] ?? '';
closeInsertion = '$closeInsertion</a>';
closeInsertions[closeOffset] = closeInsertion;
// Apply the insertions that have been computed.
var offsets = <int>[...openInsertions.keys, ...closeInsertions.keys];
var navContent2 = StringBuffer();
var previousOffset = 0;
for (var offset in offsets) {
_htmlEscape.convert(content.substring(previousOffset, offset)));
navContent2.write(closeInsertions[offset] ?? '');
navContent2.write(openInsertions[offset] ?? '');
previousOffset = offset;
if (previousOffset < content.length) {
return navContent2.toString();
/// Returns the content of regions, based on the [unitInfo] for both
/// unmodified and modified regions.
/// The content of the file (not including added links and anchors) will be
/// HTML-escaped.
String _computeRegionContent(UnitInfo unit) {
var content = unitInfo.content;
var rows = <String>[];
var currentTextCell = StringBuffer();
bool isAddedLine = false;
var lineNumber = 1;
void finishRow(bool isAddedText) {
var line = currentTextCell?.toString();
if (isAddedLine) {
rows.add('<tr><td class="line-no">(new)</td><td>$line</td></tr>');
} else {
rows.add('<tr><td class="line-no">$lineNumber</td>'
'<td class="line-$lineNumber">$line</td></tr>');
currentTextCell = StringBuffer();
isAddedLine = isAddedText;
void writeSplitLines(
String lines, {
String perLineOpeningTag = '',
String perLineClosingTag = '',
bool isAddedText = false,
}) {
var lineIterator = LineSplitter.split(lines).iterator;
while (true) {
if (lineIterator.moveNext()) {
// If we're not on the last element, end this row, and get ready to
// start a new row.
} else {
if (lines.endsWith('\n')) {
/// Returns the CSS class for a region with a given [RegionType].
String classForRegion(RegionType type) {
switch (type) {
case RegionType.add:
return 'added-region';
case RegionType.remove:
return 'removed-region';
case RegionType.informative:
return 'informative-region';
throw StateError('Unexpected RegionType $type');
var previousOffset = 0;
for (var region in unitInfo.regions) {
var offset = region.offset;
var length = region.length;
if (offset > previousOffset) {
// Display a region of unmodified content.
writeSplitLines(content.substring(previousOffset, offset));
previousOffset = offset + length;
var shouldBeShown = region.kind != null;
var regionClass = classForRegion(region.regionType);
var regionSpanTag = shouldBeShown
? '<span class="region $regionClass" '
'data-offset="$offset" data-line="$lineNumber">'
: '';
writeSplitLines(content.substring(offset, offset + length),
perLineOpeningTag: regionSpanTag,
perLineClosingTag: shouldBeShown ? '</span>' : '',
isAddedText: region.regionType == RegionType.add);
if (previousOffset < content.length) {
// Last region of unmodified content.
return '<table data-path="${}"><tbody>'
String _headerForKind(NullabilityFixKind kind, int count) {
var s = count == 1 ? '' : 's';
var es = count == 1 ? '' : 'es';
switch (kind) {
case NullabilityFixKind.addImport:
return '$count import$s added';
case NullabilityFixKind.addLate:
return '$count late keyword$s added';
case NullabilityFixKind.addLateDueToHint:
return '$count late hint$s converted to late keyword$s';
case NullabilityFixKind.addLateDueToTestSetup:
return '$count late keyword$s added, due to assignment in `setUp`';
case NullabilityFixKind.addLateFinalDueToHint:
return '$count late final hint$s converted to late and final keywords';
case NullabilityFixKind.addRequired:
return '$count required keyword$s added';
case NullabilityFixKind.addType:
return '$count type$s added';
case NullabilityFixKind.changeMethodName:
return '$count method name$s changed';
case NullabilityFixKind.downcastExpression:
return '$count downcast$s added';
case NullabilityFixKind.otherCastExpression:
return '$count cast$s (non-downcast) added';
case NullabilityFixKind.checkExpression:
return '$count null check$s added';
case NullabilityFixKind.checkExpressionDueToHint:
return '$count null check hint$s converted to null check$s';
case NullabilityFixKind.compoundAssignmentHasBadCombinedType:
return '$count compound assignment$s could not be migrated (bad '
'combined type)';
case NullabilityFixKind.compoundAssignmentHasNullableSource:
return '$count compound assignment$s could not be migrated (nullable '
case NullabilityFixKind.conditionTrueInStrongMode:
return '$count condition$s will be true in strong checking mode';
case NullabilityFixKind.conditionFalseInStrongMode:
return '$count condition$s will be false in strong checking mode';
case NullabilityFixKind.makeTypeNullable:
return '$count type$s made nullable';
case NullabilityFixKind.makeTypeNullableDueToHint:
return '$count nullability hint$s converted to ?$s';
case NullabilityFixKind.noValidMigrationForNull:
return '$count literal `null`$s could not be migrated';
case NullabilityFixKind.nullAwarenessUnnecessaryInStrongMode:
return '$count null-aware access$es will be unnecessary in strong '
'checking mode';
case NullabilityFixKind.nullAwareAssignmentUnnecessaryInStrongMode:
return '$count null-aware assignment$s will be unnecessary in strong '
'checking mode';
case NullabilityFixKind.removeAs:
return '$count cast$s now unnecessary';
case NullabilityFixKind.removeDeadCode:
return '$count dead code removal$s';
case NullabilityFixKind.removeLanguageVersionComment:
return '$count language version comment$s removed';
case NullabilityFixKind.replaceVar:
return "$count 'var' declaration$s replaced";
case NullabilityFixKind.typeNotMadeNullable:
return '$count type$s not made nullable';
case NullabilityFixKind.typeNotMadeNullableDueToHint:
return '$count type$s not made nullable due to hint$s';
throw StateError('Null kind');
/// Returns the URL that will navigate to the given [target] in the file at
/// the given [relativePath].
String _uriForPath(String path, NavigationTarget target) {
var queryParams = {
'offset': target.offset,
if (target.line != null) 'line': target.line,
'authToken': authToken,
} => '${entry.key}=${entry.value}').join('&');
return '$path?$queryParams';