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// Copyright (c) 2019, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
import 'package:analyzer_plugin/protocol/protocol_common.dart';
/// An object that can map the offsets before a sequence of edits to the offsets
/// after applying the edits.
abstract class OffsetMapper {
/// A mapper used for files that were not modified.
static OffsetMapper identity = _IdentityMapper();
/// Return a mapper representing the file modified by the given [edits].
factory OffsetMapper.forEdits(List<SourceEdit> edits) => _EditMapper(edits);
/// Return a mapper representing the file modified by an insertion at [offset]
/// the given with [length].
factory OffsetMapper.forInsertion(int offset, int length) =>
_SimpleSourceEditMapper(offset, 0, length);
/// Return a mapper representing the file modified by an insertion at [offset]
/// with [replacemnet] text overwriting the given [length].
factory OffsetMapper.forReplacement(
int offset, int length, String replacement) =>
_SimpleSourceEditMapper(offset, length, replacement.length);
/// Return a mapper representing [rebased] rebased by [rebaser].
/// Warning: this does not currently handle cases where the [rebased] mapper
/// contains an insert or deletion in the middle of a range deleted by
/// [rebaser]. This is not a case that currently needs to be supported.
factory OffsetMapper.rebase(OffsetMapper rebaser, OffsetMapper rebased) {
return _RebasedOffsetMapper(rebaser, rebased);
/// Return a mapper representing a sequence of edits made in order, with the
/// offsets coming out of [first] being the offsets passed into [second].
factory OffsetMapper.sequence(OffsetMapper first, OffsetMapper second) {
return _OffsetMapperChain([first, second]);
/// Return the post-edit offset that corresponds to the given pre-edit
/// [offset], or `null` when that offset has been deleted.
int map(int offset);
/// A mapper used for files that were modified by a set of edits.
class _EditMapper implements OffsetMapper {
/// A list whose elements are the highest pre-edit offset for which the
/// corresponding element of [_deltas] should be applied.
final List<int> _offsets = [];
/// A list whose elements are the deltas to be applied for all pre-edit
/// offsets that are less than or equal to the corresponding element of
/// [_offsets].
final List<int> _deltas = [];
/// Initialize a newly created mapper based on the given set of [edits].
_EditMapper(List<SourceEdit> edits) {
int map(int offset) => offset + _deltaFor(offset);
/// Return the delta to be added to the pre-edit [offset] to produce the
/// post-edit offset.
int _deltaFor(int offset) {
for (var i = 0; i < _offsets.length; i++) {
var currentOffset = _offsets[i];
if (currentOffset >= offset || currentOffset < 0) {
return _deltas[i];
// We should never get here because [_initializeDeltas] always adds an
// offset/delta pair at the end of the list whose offset is less than zero.
return 0;
/// Initialize the list of old offsets and deltas used by [_deltaFor].
void _initializeDeltas(List<SourceEdit> edits) {
var previousDelta = 0;
for (var edit in edits) {
var offset = edit.offset;
var length = edit.length;
previousDelta += (edit.replacement.length - length);
/// A mapper used for files that were not modified.
class _IdentityMapper implements OffsetMapper {
int map(int offset) => offset;
class _OffsetMapperChain implements OffsetMapper {
final List<OffsetMapper> innerMappers;
int map(int offset) {
for (final mapper in innerMappers) {
offset =;
if (offset == null) {
return offset;
class _RebasedOffsetMapper implements OffsetMapper {
final OffsetMapper rebaser;
final OffsetMapper rebased;
_RebasedOffsetMapper(this.rebaser, this.rebased);
int map(int offset) {
final rebasedOffset =;
final rebasingOffset =;
if (rebasedOffset == null || rebasingOffset == null) {
return null;
final delta = rebasedOffset - offset;
return rebasingOffset + delta;
class _SimpleSourceEditMapper implements OffsetMapper {
/// The offset where the replacement begins.
final int offset;
/// The length of text to be replaced.
final int replacedLength;
/// The length of text to be inserted as a replacement.
final int replacementLength;
this.offset, this.replacedLength, this.replacementLength);
int map(int offset) {
if (offset < this.offset) {
return offset;
if (offset < this.offset + replacedLength) {
return null;
return offset + replacementLength - replacedLength;