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// Copyright (c) 2019, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
import 'package:analyzer/src/generated/utilities_general.dart';
import 'package:analyzer_plugin/protocol/protocol_common.dart';
import 'package:collection/collection.dart';
import 'package:crypto/crypto.dart';
import 'package:nnbd_migration/instrumentation.dart';
import 'package:nnbd_migration/nnbd_migration.dart';
import 'package:nnbd_migration/src/front_end/offset_mapper.dart';
import 'package:nnbd_migration/src/front_end/unit_link.dart';
import 'package:nnbd_migration/src/front_end/web/navigation_tree.dart';
import 'package:nnbd_migration/src/preview/preview_site.dart';
import 'package:path/path.dart' as path;
/// A description of an edit that can be applied before rerunning the migration
/// in order to improve the migration results.
class EditDetail {
/// A description of the edit that will be performed.
final String description;
/// The offset of the range to be replaced.
final int offset;
/// The length of the range to be replaced.
final int length;
/// The string with which the range will be replaced.
final String replacement;
/// Initialize a newly created detail.
EditDetail(this.description, this.offset, this.length, this.replacement);
/// Initializes a detail based on a [SourceEdit] object.
factory EditDetail.fromSourceEdit(
String description, SourceEdit sourceEdit) =>
EditDetail(description, sourceEdit.offset, sourceEdit.length,
/// Everything the front end needs to know to tell the server to perform a hint
/// action.
class HintAction {
final HintActionKind kind;
final int nodeId;
HintAction(this.kind, this.nodeId);
HintAction.fromJson(Map<String, Object> json)
: nodeId = json['nodeId'] as int,
kind = HintActionKind.values
.singleWhere((action) => action.index == json['kind']);
Map<String, Object> toJson() => {
'nodeId': nodeId,
'kind': kind.index,
/// A class storing rendering information for an entire migration report.
/// This generally provides one [InstrumentationRenderer] (for one library)
/// with information about the rest of the libraries represented in the
/// instrumentation output.
class MigrationInfo {
/// The information about the compilation units that are are migrated.
final Set<UnitInfo> units;
/// A map from file paths to the unit infos created for those files. The units
/// in this map is a strict superset of the [units] that were migrated.
final Map<String, UnitInfo> unitMap;
/// The resource provider's path context.
final path.Context pathContext;
/// The filesystem root used to create relative paths for each unit.
final String includedRoot;
MigrationInfo(this.units, this.unitMap, this.pathContext, this.includedRoot);
/// The path of the Dart logo displayed in the toolbar.
String get dartLogoPath => PreviewSite.dartLogoPath;
/// The path to the highlight.pack.js script, relative to [unitInfo].
String get highlightJsPath => PreviewSite.highlightJsPath;
/// The path to the highlight.pack.js stylesheet, relative to [unitInfo].
String get highlightStylePath => PreviewSite.highlightCssPath;
/// The path of the Material icons font.
String get materialIconsPath => PreviewSite.materialIconsPath;
/// The path of the Roboto font.
String get robotoFont => PreviewSite.robotoFontPath;
/// The path of the Roboto Mono font.
String get robotoMonoFont => PreviewSite.robotoMonoFontPath;
/// Returns the absolute path of [path], as relative to [includedRoot].
String absolutePathFromRoot(String path) =>
pathContext.join(includedRoot, path);
/// Returns the relative path of [path] from [includedRoot].
String relativePathFromRoot(String path) =>
pathContext.relative(path, from: includedRoot);
/// Return the path to [unit] from [includedRoot], to be used as a display
/// name for a library.
String computeName(UnitInfo unit) => relativePathFromRoot(unit.path);
List<UnitLink> unitLinks() {
var links = <UnitLink>[];
for (var unit in units) {
var count = unit.fixRegions.length;
return links;
/// A location from or to which a user might want to navigate.
abstract class NavigationRegion {
/// The offset of the region.
final int offset;
/// The line number of the region.
final int line;
/// The length of the region.
final int length;
/// Initialize a newly created link.
NavigationRegion(int offset, this.line, this.length)
: assert(offset >= 0),
offset = offset < 0 ? 0 : offset;
/// A location from which a user might want to navigate.
class NavigationSource extends NavigationRegion {
/// The target to which the user should be navigated.
final NavigationTarget target;
/// Initialize a newly created link.
NavigationSource(int offset, int line, int length,
: super(offset, line, length);
/// A location to which a user might want to navigate.
class NavigationTarget extends NavigationRegion {
/// The file containing the anchor.
final String filePath;
/// Initialize a newly created anchor.
NavigationTarget(this.filePath, int offset, int line, int length)
: super(offset, line, length);
int get hashCode => JenkinsSmiHash.hash3(filePath.hashCode, offset, length);
bool operator ==(Object other) {
return other is NavigationTarget &&
other.filePath == filePath &&
other.offset == offset &&
other.length == length;
String toString() => 'NavigationTarget["$filePath", $line, $offset, $length]';
/// A description of an explanation associated with a region of code that was
/// modified.
class RegionInfo {
/// Type type of region.
final RegionType regionType;
/// The offset to the beginning of the region.
final int offset;
/// The length of the region.
final int length;
/// The line number of the beginning of the region.
final int lineNumber;
/// The explanation to be displayed for the region.
/// `null` if this region doesn't represent a fix (e.g. it's just whitespace
/// change to preserve formatting).
final String explanation;
/// The kind of fix that was applied.
/// `null` if this region doesn't represent a fix (e.g. it's just whitespace
/// change to preserve formatting).
final NullabilityFixKind kind;
/// Indicates whether this region should be counted in the edit summary.
final bool isCounted;
/// A list of the edits that are related to this range.
List<EditDetail> edits;
/// A list of the nullability propagation traces that are related to this
/// range.
List<TraceInfo> traces;
/// Initialize a newly created region.
RegionInfo(this.regionType, this.offset, this.length, this.lineNumber,
this.explanation, this.kind, this.isCounted,
{this.edits = const [], this.traces = const []});
/// Different types of regions that are called out.
enum RegionType {
/// This is a region of code that was added in migration.
/// This is a region of code that was removed in migration.
/// This is a region of code that wasn't changed by migration, but is being
/// shown to give the user more information about the migration.
/// Information about a single entry in a nullability trace.
class TraceEntryInfo {
/// Text description of the entry.
final String description;
/// Name of the enclosing function, or `null` if not known.
String function;
/// Source code location associated with the entry, or `null` if no source
/// code location is known.
final NavigationTarget target;
/// The hint actions available on this trace entry, or `[]` if none.
final List<HintAction> hintActions;
TraceEntryInfo(this.description, this.function,,
{this.hintActions = const []})
: assert(hintActions != null);
/// Information about a nullability trace.
class TraceInfo {
/// Text description of the trace.
final String description;
/// List of trace entries.
final List<TraceEntryInfo> entries;
TraceInfo(this.description, this.entries);
/// The migration information associated with a single compilation unit.
class UnitInfo {
/// The absolute and normalized path of the unit.
final String path;
/// Hash of the original contents of the unit.
List<int> _diskContentHash;
/// The preview content of unit.
String content;
/// The information about the regions that have an explanation associated with
/// them. The offsets in these regions are offsets into the post-edit content.
final List<RegionInfo> regions = [];
/// The navigation sources that are located in this file. The offsets in these
/// sources are offsets into the pre-edit content.
List<NavigationSource> sources;
/// The navigation targets that are located in this file. The offsets in these
/// targets are offsets into the pre-edit content.
final Set<NavigationTarget> targets = {};
/// An offset mapper reflecting changes made by the migration edits.
OffsetMapper migrationOffsetMapper = OffsetMapper.identity;
/// An offset mapper reflecting changes made to disk since the migration was
/// run, which can be rebased on [migrationOffsetMapper] to create and
/// maintain an offset mapper from current disk state to migration result.
OffsetMapper diskChangesOffsetMapper = OffsetMapper.identity;
/// Whether this compilation unit was explicitly opted out of null safety at
/// the start of this migration.
/*late*/ bool wasExplicitlyOptedOut;
/*late*/ bool migrationStatusCanBeChanged;
/// Indicates the migration status of this unit.
/// After all migration phases have completed, this indicates that a file was
/// already migrated, or is being migrated during this migration.
/// A user can change this migration status from the preview interface:
/// * An already migrated unit cannot be changed.
/// * During an initial migration, in which a package is migrated to null
/// safety, the user can toggle a file's migration status between
/// "migrating" and "opting out."
/// * During a follow-up migration, in which a package has been migrated to
/// null safety, but some files have been opted out, the user can toggle a
/// file's migration status between "migrating" and "keeping opted out."
UnitMigrationStatus migrationStatus;
/// Initialize a newly created unit.
/// Set the original/disk content of this file to later use [hadDiskContent].
/// This does not have a getter because it is backed by a private hash.
set diskContent(String originalContent) {
_diskContentHash = md5.convert((originalContent ?? '').codeUnits).bytes;
/// Returns the [regions] that represent a fixed (changed) region of code.
List<RegionInfo> get fixRegions => regions
.where((region) =>
region.regionType != RegionType.informative && region.kind != null)
/// Returns the [regions] that are informative.
List<RegionInfo> get informativeRegions => regions
.where((region) =>
region.regionType == RegionType.informative && region.kind != null)
/// The object used to map the pre-edit offsets in the navigation targets to
/// the post-edit offsets in the [content].
OffsetMapper get offsetMapper =>
OffsetMapper.rebase(diskChangesOffsetMapper, migrationOffsetMapper);
/// Check if this unit's file had expected disk contents [checkContent].
bool hadDiskContent(String checkContent) {
assert(_diskContentHash != null);
return const ListEquality().equals(
_diskContentHash, md5.convert((checkContent ?? '').codeUnits).bytes);
void handleSourceEdit(SourceEdit sourceEdit) {
final contentCopy = content;
final regionsCopy = List<RegionInfo>.from(regions);
final insertLength = sourceEdit.replacement.length;
final deleteLength = sourceEdit.length;
final migratedOffset =;
final diskOffset =;
if (migratedOffset == null || diskOffset == null) {
throw StateError('cannot apply replacement, offset has been deleted.');
try {
content = content.replaceRange(migratedOffset,
migratedOffset + deleteLength, sourceEdit.replacement);
.where((region) => region.offset + region.length <= migratedOffset));
.where((region) => region.offset >= migratedOffset + deleteLength)
.map((region) => RegionInfo(
// TODO: perhaps this should be handled by offset mapper instead,
// since offset mapper handles navigation, edits, and traces, and
// this is the odd ball out.
region.offset + insertLength - deleteLength,
edits: region.edits,
traces: region.traces)));
diskChangesOffsetMapper = OffsetMapper.sequence(
diskOffset, deleteLength, sourceEdit.replacement));
} catch (e) {
content = contentCopy;
/// Returns the [RegionInfo] at offset [offset].
// TODO(srawlins): This is O(n), used each time the user clicks on a region.
// Consider changing the type of [regions] to facilitate O(1) searching.
RegionInfo regionAt(int offset) => regions
.firstWhere((region) => region.kind != null && region.offset == offset);