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// Copyright (c) 2014, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
import 'package:_fe_analyzer_shared/src/scanner/errors.dart'
show translateErrorToken;
import 'package:_fe_analyzer_shared/src/scanner/scanner.dart' as fasta;
import 'package:_fe_analyzer_shared/src/scanner/token.dart'
show Token, TokenType;
import 'package:analyzer/dart/analysis/features.dart';
import 'package:analyzer/error/error.dart';
import 'package:analyzer/error/listener.dart';
import 'package:analyzer/src/dart/analysis/experiments.dart';
import 'package:analyzer/src/dart/error/syntactic_errors.dart';
import 'package:analyzer/src/dart/scanner/reader.dart';
import 'package:analyzer/src/error/codes.dart';
import 'package:analyzer/src/generated/source.dart';
import 'package:pub_semver/pub_semver.dart';
export 'package:analyzer/src/dart/error/syntactic_errors.dart';
/// The class `Scanner` implements a scanner for Dart code.
/// The lexical structure of Dart is ambiguous without knowledge of the context
/// in which a token is being scanned. For example, without context we cannot
/// determine whether source of the form "<<" should be scanned as a single
/// left-shift operator or as two left angle brackets. This scanner does not
/// have any context, so it always resolves such conflicts by scanning the
/// longest possible token.
class Scanner {
final Source source;
/// The text to be scanned.
final String _contents;
/// The offset of the first character from the reader.
final int _readerOffset;
/// The error listener that will be informed of any errors that are found
/// during the scan.
final AnalysisErrorListener _errorListener;
/// If the file has [fasta.LanguageVersionToken], it is allowed to use the
/// language version greater than the one specified in the package config.
/// So, we need to know the full feature set for the context.
late final FeatureSet _featureSetForOverriding;
/// The flag specifying whether documentation comments should be parsed.
bool _preserveComments = true;
final List<int> lineStarts = <int>[];
late final Token firstToken;
/// A flag indicating whether the scanner should recognize the `>>>` operator
/// and the `>>>=` operator.
/// Use [configureFeatures] rather than this field.
bool enableGtGtGt = false;
/// A flag indicating whether the scanner should recognize the `late` and
/// `required` keywords.
/// Use [configureFeatures] rather than this field.
bool enableNonNullable = false;
Version? _overrideVersion;
late FeatureSet _featureSet;
/// Initialize a newly created scanner to scan characters from the given
/// [source]. The given character [reader] will be used to read the characters
/// in the source. The given [_errorListener] will be informed of any errors
/// that are found.
factory Scanner(Source source, CharacterReader reader,
AnalysisErrorListener errorListener) =>
Scanner.fasta(source, errorListener,
contents: reader.getContents(), offset: reader.offset);
factory Scanner.fasta(Source source, AnalysisErrorListener errorListener,
{String? contents, int offset = -1}) {
return Scanner._(
source, contents ??, offset, errorListener);
this.source, this._contents, this._readerOffset, this._errorListener) {
/// The features associated with this scanner.
/// If a language version comment (e.g. '// @dart = 2.3') is detected
/// when calling [tokenize] and this field is non-null, then this field
/// will be updated to contain a downgraded feature set based upon the
/// language version specified.
/// Use [configureFeatures] to set the features.
FeatureSet get featureSet => _featureSet;
/// The language version override specified for this compilation unit using a
/// token like '// @dart = 2.7', or `null` if no override is specified.
Version? get overrideVersion => _overrideVersion;
set preserveComments(bool preserveComments) {
_preserveComments = preserveComments;
/// Configures the scanner appropriately for the given [featureSet].
/// TODO(paulberry): stop exposing `enableGtGtGt` and `enableNonNullable` so
/// that callers are forced to use this API. Note that this would be a
/// breaking change.
void configureFeatures({
required FeatureSet featureSetForOverriding,
required FeatureSet featureSet,
}) {
_featureSetForOverriding = featureSetForOverriding;
_featureSet = featureSet;
enableGtGtGt = featureSet.isEnabled(Feature.triple_shift);
enableNonNullable = featureSet.isEnabled(Feature.non_nullable);
void reportError(
ScannerErrorCode errorCode, int offset, List<Object?>? arguments) {
.onError(AnalysisError(source, offset, 1, errorCode, arguments));
void setSourceStart(int line, int column) {
int offset = _readerOffset;
if (line < 1 || column < 1 || offset < 0 || (line + column - 2) >= offset) {
for (int i = 2; i < line; i++) {
lineStarts.add(offset - column + 1);
/// The fasta parser handles error tokens produced by the scanner
/// but the old parser used by angular does not
/// and expects that scanner errors to be reported by this method.
/// Set [reportScannerErrors] `true` when using the old parser.
Token tokenize({bool reportScannerErrors = true}) {
fasta.ScannerResult result = fasta.scanString(_contents,
configuration: buildConfig(_featureSet),
includeComments: _preserveComments,
languageVersionChanged: _languageVersionChanged);
// fasta pretends there is an additional line at EOF
// for compatibility, there is already a first entry in lineStarts
fasta.Token token = result.tokens;
// The fasta parser handles error tokens produced by the scanner
// but the old parser used by angular does not
// and expects that scanner errors to be reported here
if (reportScannerErrors) {
// The default recovery strategy used by scanString
// places all error tokens at the head of the stream.
while (token.type == TokenType.BAD_INPUT) {
translateErrorToken(token as fasta.ErrorToken, reportError);
token =!;
firstToken = token;
// Update all token offsets based upon the reader's starting offset
if (_readerOffset != -1) {
final int delta = _readerOffset + 1;
do {
token.offset += delta;
token =!;
} while (!token.isEof);
return firstToken;
void _languageVersionChanged(
fasta.Scanner scanner, fasta.LanguageVersionToken versionToken) {
var overrideMajor = versionToken.major;
var overrideMinor = versionToken.minor;
if (overrideMajor < 0 || overrideMinor < 0) {
var overrideVersion = Version(overrideMajor, overrideMinor, 0);
_overrideVersion = overrideVersion;
var latestVersion = ExperimentStatus.currentVersion;
if (overrideVersion > latestVersion) {
[latestVersion.major, latestVersion.minor],
_overrideVersion = null;
} else {
_featureSet = _featureSetForOverriding.restrictToVersion(
scanner.configuration = buildConfig(_featureSet);
/// Return a ScannerConfiguration based upon the specified feature set.
static fasta.ScannerConfiguration buildConfig(FeatureSet? featureSet) =>
featureSet == null
? fasta.ScannerConfiguration()
: fasta.ScannerConfiguration(
enableTripleShift: featureSet.isEnabled(Feature.triple_shift),
enableNonNullable: featureSet.isEnabled(Feature.non_nullable),
forAugmentationLibrary: featureSet.isEnabled(Feature.macros),