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Name: Root certificates for trusted CAs
Short Name: root_certificates
Version: 0.1
Date: June 29, 2015
License: MPL/2.0,
This directory contains the root CA certificates chosen to be trusted by
Mozilla's NSS library, reformatted into an array in C source code, to be
used by the default SecurityContext obect in Dart's dart:io library for
secure networking (TLS, SSL).
The certificates are fetched from Mozilla with the command line
curl -o certdata.txt
and then a derived file, with the certificates in PEM format, is created by
running the utility at
go run convert_mozilla_certdata.go > certdata.pem
Note that this utility produces a warning about one certificate with a negative
serial number. This is expected.
Comments are stripped from this file, to decrease the size of the string
that will be compiled into the Dart executable:
sed '/^#/d' ./certdata.pem > ./certdata.stripped
The stripped file is converted to a C character array with the xxd utility:
xxd -i certdata.stripped >
And finally the name of the array is changed to root_certificates and the
MPL copyright header is added back to the file, creating