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// Copyright (c) 2012, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
import 'dart:collection';
import 'dart:convert';
import 'package:collection/collection.dart' hide mapMap;
// ignore: deprecated_member_use
import 'package:package_config/packages_file.dart' as packages_file;
import 'package:path/path.dart' as p;
import 'package:pub_semver/pub_semver.dart';
import 'package:source_span/source_span.dart';
import 'package:yaml/yaml.dart';
import 'io.dart';
import 'language_version.dart';
import 'package_config.dart';
import 'package_name.dart';
import 'sdk.dart' show sdk;
import 'source_registry.dart';
import 'system_cache.dart';
import 'utils.dart';
/// A parsed and validated `pubspec.lock` file.
class LockFile {
/// The packages this lockfile pins.
final Map<String, PackageId> packages;
/// The intersections of all SDK constraints for all locked packages, indexed
/// by SDK identifier.
Map<String, VersionConstraint> sdkConstraints;
/// Dependency names that appeared in the root package's `dependencies`
/// section.
final Set<String> _mainDependencies;
/// Dependency names that appeared in the root package's `dev_dependencies`
/// section.
final Set<String> _devDependencies;
/// Dependency names that appeared in the root package's
/// `dependency_overrides` section.
final Set<String> _overriddenDependencies;
/// Creates a new lockfile containing [ids].
/// If passed, [mainDependencies], [devDependencies], and
/// [overriddenDependencies] indicate which dependencies should be marked as
/// being listed in the main package's `dependencies`, `dev_dependencies`, and
/// `dependency_overrides` sections, respectively. These are consumed by the
/// analysis server to provide better auto-completion.
LockFile(Iterable<PackageId> ids,
{Map<String, VersionConstraint> sdkConstraints,
Set<String> mainDependencies,
Set<String> devDependencies,
Set<String> overriddenDependencies})
: this._(
Map.fromIterable(ids.where((id) => !id.isRoot),
key: (id) =>,
sdkConstraints ?? {'dart': VersionConstraint.any},
mainDependencies ?? const UnmodifiableSetView.empty(),
devDependencies ?? const UnmodifiableSetView.empty(),
overriddenDependencies ?? const UnmodifiableSetView.empty());
Map<String, PackageId> packages,
: packages = UnmodifiableMapView(packages);
: packages = const {},
sdkConstraints = {'dart': VersionConstraint.any},
_mainDependencies = const UnmodifiableSetView.empty(),
_devDependencies = const UnmodifiableSetView.empty(),
_overriddenDependencies = const UnmodifiableSetView.empty();
/// Loads a lockfile from [filePath].
factory LockFile.load(String filePath, SourceRegistry sources) {
return LockFile._parse(filePath, readTextFile(filePath), sources);
/// Parses a lockfile whose text is [contents].
factory LockFile.parse(String contents, SourceRegistry sources) {
return LockFile._parse(null, contents, sources);
/// Parses the lockfile whose text is [contents].
/// [filePath] is the system-native path to the lockfile on disc. It may be
/// `null`.
static LockFile _parse(
String filePath, String contents, SourceRegistry sources) {
if (contents.trim() == '') return LockFile.empty();
Uri sourceUrl;
if (filePath != null) sourceUrl = p.toUri(filePath);
var parsed = loadYamlNode(contents, sourceUrl: sourceUrl);
_validate(parsed is Map, 'The lockfile must be a YAML mapping.', parsed);
var parsedMap = parsed as YamlMap;
var sdkConstraints = <String, VersionConstraint>{};
var sdkNode = parsedMap.nodes['sdk'];
if (sdkNode != null) {
// Lockfiles produced by pub versions from 1.14.0 through 1.18.0 included
// a top-level "sdk" field which encoded the unified constraint on the
// Dart SDK. They had no way of specifying constraints on other SDKs.
sdkConstraints['dart'] = _parseVersionConstraint(sdkNode);
} else if (parsedMap.containsKey('sdks')) {
var sdksField = parsedMap['sdks'];
_validate(sdksField is Map, 'The "sdks" field must be a mapping.',
sdksField.nodes.forEach((name, constraint) {
_validate(name.value is String, 'SDK names must be strings.', name);
sdkConstraints[name.value as String] =
var packages = <String, PackageId>{};
var packageEntries = parsedMap['packages'];
if (packageEntries != null) {
_validate(packageEntries is Map, 'The "packages" field must be a map.',
packageEntries.forEach((name, spec) {
// Parse the version.
'Package $name is missing a version.', spec);
var version = Version.parse(spec['version']);
// Parse the source.
'Package $name is missing a source.', spec);
var sourceName = spec['source'];
'Package $name is missing a description.', spec);
var description = spec['description'];
// Let the source parse the description.
var source = sources[sourceName];
PackageId id;
try {
id = source.parseId(name, version, description,
containingPath: filePath);
} on FormatException catch (ex) {
throw SourceSpanFormatException(
ex.message, spec.nodes['description'].span);
// Validate the name.
_validate(name ==,
"Package name $name doesn't match ${}.", spec);
packages[name] = id;
return LockFile._(
const UnmodifiableSetView.empty(),
const UnmodifiableSetView.empty(),
const UnmodifiableSetView.empty());
/// Asserts that [node] is a version constraint, and parses it.
static VersionConstraint _parseVersionConstraint(YamlNode node) {
if (node == null) return null;
_validate(node.value is String,
'Invalid version constraint: must be a string.', node);
return _wrapFormatException('version constraint', node.span,
() => VersionConstraint.parse(node.value));
/// Runs [fn] and wraps any [FormatException] it throws in a
/// [SourceSpanFormatException].
/// [description] should be a noun phrase that describes whatever's being
/// parsed or processed by [fn]. [span] should be the location of whatever's
/// being processed within the pubspec.
static T _wrapFormatException<T>(
String description, SourceSpan span, T Function() fn) {
try {
return fn();
} on FormatException catch (e) {
throw SourceSpanFormatException(
'Invalid $description: ${e.message}', span);
/// If [condition] is `false` throws a format error with [message] for [node].
static void _validate(bool condition, String message, YamlNode node) {
if (condition) return;
throw SourceSpanFormatException(message, node.span);
/// Returns a copy of this LockFile with a package named [name] removed.
/// Returns an identical [LockFile] if there's no package named [name].
LockFile removePackage(String name) {
if (!this.packages.containsKey(name)) return this;
var packages = Map<String, PackageId>.from(this.packages);
return LockFile._(packages, sdkConstraints, _mainDependencies,
_devDependencies, _overriddenDependencies);
/// Returns the contents of the `.packages` file generated from this lockfile.
/// If [entrypoint] is passed, a relative entry is added for its "lib/"
/// directory.
String packagesFile(SystemCache cache, [String entrypoint]) {
var header = 'Generated by pub on ${}.';
var map =
Map<String, Uri>.fromIterable(ordered(packages.keys), value: (name) {
var id = packages[name];
var source = cache.source(id.source);
return p.toUri(p.join(source.getDirectory(id), 'lib'));
if (entrypoint != null) map[entrypoint] = Uri.parse('lib/');
var text = StringBuffer();
packages_file.write(text, map, comment: header);
return text.toString();
/// Returns the contents of the `.dart_tools/package_config` file generated
/// from this lockfile.
/// This file is planned to eventually replace the `.packages` file.
/// If [entrypoint] is passed, an accompanying [entrypointSdkConstraint]
/// should be given, these identify the current package in which this file is
/// written. Passing `null` as [entrypointSdkConstraint] is correct if the
/// current package has no SDK constraint.
Future<String> packageConfigFile(
SystemCache cache, {
String entrypoint,
VersionConstraint entrypointSdkConstraint,
}) async {
final entries = <PackageConfigEntry>[];
for (final name in ordered(packages.keys)) {
final id = packages[name];
final source = cache.source(id.source);
final rootPath = source.getDirectory(id);
Uri rootUri;
if (p.isRelative(rootPath)) {
// Relative paths are relative to the root project, we want them
// relative to the `.dart_tool/package_config.json` file.
rootUri = p.toUri(p.join('..', rootPath));
} else {
rootUri = p.toUri(rootPath);
final pubspec = await source.describe(id);
final sdkConstraint = pubspec.sdkConstraints[sdk.identifier];
name: name,
rootUri: rootUri,
packageUri: p.toUri('lib/'),
languageVersion: LanguageVersion.fromSdkConstraint(sdkConstraint),
if (entrypoint != null) {
name: entrypoint,
rootUri: p.toUri('../'),
packageUri: p.toUri('lib/'),
languageVersion: LanguageVersion.fromSdkConstraint(
final packageConfig = PackageConfig(
configVersion: 2,
packages: entries,
generator: 'pub',
generatorVersion: sdk.version,
return JsonEncoder.withIndent(' ').convert(packageConfig.toJson()) + '\n';
/// Returns the serialized YAML text of the lock file.
/// [packageDir] is the containing directory of the root package, used to
/// properly serialize package descriptions.
String serialize(String packageDir) {
// Convert the dependencies to a simple object.
var packageMap = {};
packages.forEach((name, package) {
var description =
package.source.serializeDescription(packageDir, package.description);
packageMap[name] = {
'version': package.version.toString(),
'description': description,
'dependency': _dependencyType(
var data = {
'sdks': mapMap(sdkConstraints,
value: (_, constraint) => constraint.toString()),
'packages': packageMap
return '''
# Generated by pub
# See
/// Returns the dependency classification for [package].
String _dependencyType(String package) {
if (_mainDependencies.contains(package)) return 'direct main';
if (_devDependencies.contains(package)) return 'direct dev';
// If a package appears in `dependency_overrides` and another dependency
// section, the main section it appears in takes precedence.
if (_overriddenDependencies.contains(package)) {
return 'direct overridden';
return 'transitive';