feature: Upgrade TypeMatcher, deprecate isInstanceOf (#88)

- No longer abstract
- Added type parameter
- Deprecate the existing `name` parameter, tell folks to the type param
- Added `having` method which allows chained validation of features
- Eliminated 13 private implementations from the package
  - Just use it directly.
- Moved to its own file

Deprecate `isInstanceOf` class.
- Tell folks to use `TypeMatcher<T>` instead
- Run away from weirdly named classes

- centralizing tests in type_matcher_test
- Removed isInstanceOf tests from core_matchers_test
9 files changed
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Support for specifying test expectations, such as for unit tests.

The matcher library provides a third-generation assertion mechanism, drawing inspiration from Hamcrest.

For more information, see Unit Testing with Dart.