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Developer Tools

This directory contains tools for developers of the Dart markdown package.


When you make a change to the package that might have subtle consequences on how Markdown is parsed, it would be really great to see how your output compares to the previous output, on a large collection of Markdown.

One such collection is the Dartdoc comments of any Dart package, which dartdoc translates into HTML, with the help of this markdown package. You can use the dartdoc-compare.dart script to compare what changes your code will make to dartdoc‘s output. Here’s how it works:

  1. Clone the dartdoc git repository.

  2. Get a copy of some Dart code that you would like to use for the comparison.

  3. Run the dartdoc-compare.dart script like so:

    $ dart tool/dartdoc-compare.dart \
          --dartdoc-dir=<dartdoc repo> \
          --before=<git SHA of "previous" code> \
          <directory of dart code for comparison>
  4. The tool will then walk through the following steps:

    1. cd into the dartdoc directory, change pubspec.yaml to depend on your “before” version of markdown, and run pub get.
    2. cd into the directory of dart code, and run pub get.
    3. Run dartdoc.
    4. cd back into the dartdoc directory, change pubspec.yaml to depend on your “after” version of markdown (defaults to HEAD), and run pub get.
    5. Repeat steps 2 and 3.
    6. Diff the output of steps 3 and 5, and show you how to diff it yourself.


In an effort to make this package CommonMark-compliant, we have a script that runs the package through the CommonMark specs. To see help:

$ dart tool/stats.dart --help