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// Copyright (c) 2020, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
// test w/ `pub run test -N unnecessary_string_escapes`
f("\'");// LINT
f('\"');// LINT
f("\"");// OK
f('\'');// OK
f("\'$f");// LINT
f('\"$f');// LINT
f("\"$f");// OK
f('\'$f');// OK
f("$f\'");// LINT
f('$f\"');// LINT
f("$f\"");// OK
f('$f\'');// OK
f("""\'$f""");// LINT
f('''\"$f''');// LINT
f("""\"$f""");// LINT
f('''\'$f''');// LINT
f("""$f\'""");// LINT
f('''$f\"''');// LINT
f("""$f\"""");// OK
f('''$f\'''');// OK
f('\:'); // LINT
f('\a'); // LINT
f('\uFFFF'); // OK
f('\t'); // OK
f('\n'); // OK
f('\r'); // OK
f('\$'); // OK
f('\x00'); // OK
f('\\'); // OK
f(r"\'");// OK
f(r'\"');// OK
f('''_\'_'''); // LINT
f('''_\''''); // OK otherwise parsing error
f('''\'_'''); // LINT
f('''_\"_'''); // LINT
f('''_\''_'''); // LINT
f('''_\'\'\'_'''); // OK otherwise parsing error
f('''_'\''_'''); // OK otherwise parsing error
f('''_\'\'\'\'\'\'_'''); // OK for >= 3 consecutive quotes
f("""_\"_"""); // LINT
f("""_\""""); // OK otherwise parsing error
f("""\"_"""); // LINT
f("""_\'_"""); // LINT
f("""_\""_"""); // LINT
f("""_\"\"\"_"""); // OK otherwise parsing error
f("""_"\""_"""); // OK otherwise parsing error
f("""_\"\"\"\"\"\"_"""); // OK for >= 3 consecutive quotes