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// Copyright (c) 2015, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
// test w/ `pub run test -N non_constant_identifier_names`
String YO = ''; //LINT
const Z = 4; //OK
//OK (#687):
var cell_0_0;
var cell_0_1;
var cell_1_0;
var cell_1_1;
var cell_10_11;
// See: #2378
class _F {
void _m() {} //OK
void _mBar() {} //OK
void _m_bar() {} //LINT
void _fun() {} //OK
void _funBar() {} //OK
void _fun_bar() {} //LINT
abstract class A {
int _x; //OK
int __x; //OK
int X; //OK
static const Y = 3; // OK
final String bar_bar; //LINT
A(this.bar_bar); //OK
A.N(this.bar_bar); //OK
A.Named(this.bar_bar); //LINT
factory A.Named2(String a) = A; //LINT
A._Named(this.bar_bar); //LINT
A.named_bar(this.bar_bar); //LINT
A.namedBar(this.bar_bar); //OK
A._N(this.bar_bar); //LINT
A._named(this.bar_bar); //OK
A.$Named(this.bar_bar); //OK
A._(this.bar_bar); //OK
A.__(this.bar_bar); //OK
A.___(this.bar_bar); //OK
String foo_bar(); //LINT
baz(var Boo); //LINT
bar({String Name}); //LINT
foo([String Name]); //LINT
static Foo() => null; //LINT
bool operator >(other); //OK
bool operator <(other); //OK
void f() {
foo(YO); //OK
foo() {
listen((_) {}); // OK!
listen((__) {}); // OK!
listen((_____) {}); // OK!
Main() => null; //LINT
listen(void onData(Object event)) {}
// Generic function syntax should be OK (#805).
T scope<T>(T Function() run) {
/* ... */