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#!/usr/bin/env dart
// Copyright (c) 2013, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
/// This simulates a translation process, reading the messages generated from
/// extract_message.dart for the files sample_with_messages.dart and
/// part_of_sample_with_messages.dart and writing out hard-coded translations
/// for German and French locales.
import 'dart:convert';
import 'dart:io';
import 'package:path/path.dart' as path;
import 'package:args/args.dart';
/// A list of the French translations that we will produce.
var french = {
"types": r"{a}, {b}, {c}",
"This string extends across multiple lines.":
"Cette message prend plusiers lignes.",
"message2": r"Un autre message avec un seul paramètre {x}",
"alwaysTranslated": "Cette chaîne est toujours traduit",
"message1": "Il s'agit d'un message",
"\"So-called\"": "\"Soi-disant\"",
"trickyInterpolation": r"L'interpolation est délicate "
r"quand elle se termine une phrase comme {s}.",
"message3": "Caractères qui doivent être échapper, par exemple barres \\ "
"dollars \${ (les accolades sont ok), et xml/html réservés <& et "
"des citations \" "
"avec quelques paramètres ainsi {a}, {b}, et {c}",
"YouveGotMessages_method": "Cela vient d'une méthode",
"nonLambda": "Cette méthode n'est pas un lambda",
"staticMessage": "Cela vient d'une méthode statique",
"notAlwaysTranslated": "Ce manque certaines traductions",
"thisNameIsNotInTheOriginal": "Could this lead to something malicious?",
"Ancient Greek hangman characters: 𐅆𐅇.":
"Anciens caractères grecs jeux du pendu: 𐅆𐅇.",
"escapable": "Escapes: \n\r\f\b\t\v.",
"sameContentsDifferentName": "Bonjour tout le monde",
"differentNameSameContents": "Bonjour tout le monde",
"rentToBePaid": "loyer",
"rentAsVerb": "louer",
"plurals": "{num,plural, =0{Est-ce que nulle est pluriel?}=1{C'est singulier}"
"other{C'est pluriel ({num}).}}",
"whereTheyWentMessage": "{gender,select, male{{name} est allé à sa {place}}"
"female{{name} est allée à sa {place}}other{{name}"
" est allé à sa {place}}}",
// Gratuitously different translation for testing. Ignoring gender of place.
"nestedMessage": "{combinedGender,select, "
"{number,plural, "
"=0{Personne n'avait allé à la {place}}"
"=1{{names} était allé à la {place}}"
"other{{names} étaient allés à la {place}}"
"{number,plural, "
"=1{{names} était allée à la {place}}"
"other{{names} étaient allées à la {place}}"
"outerPlural": "{n,plural, =0{rien}=1{un}other{quelques-uns}}",
"outerGender": "{g,select, male {homme} female {femme} other {autre}}",
"pluralThatFailsParsing": "{noOfThings,plural, "
"=1{1 chose:}other{{noOfThings} choses:}}",
"nestedOuter": "{number,plural, other{"
"{gen,select, male{{number} homme}other{{number} autre}}}}",
"outerSelect": "{currency,select, CDN{{amount} dollars Canadiens}"
"other{{amount} certaine devise ou autre.}}}",
"nestedSelect": "{currency,select, CDN{{amount,plural, "
"=1{{amount} dollar Canadien}"
"other{{amount} dollars Canadiens}}}"
"other{N'importe quoi}"
"literalDollar": "Cinq sous est US\$0.05",
r"'<>{}= +-_$()&^%$#@!~`'": r"interessant (fr): '<>{}= +-_$()&^%$#@!~`'"
/// A list of the German translations that we will produce.
var german = {
"types": r"{a}, {b}, {c}",
"This string extends across multiple lines.":
"Dieser String erstreckt sich über mehrere Zeilen erstrecken.",
"message2": r"Eine weitere Meldung mit dem Parameter {x}",
"alwaysTranslated": "Diese Zeichenkette wird immer übersetzt",
"message1": "Dies ist eine Nachricht",
"\"So-called\"": "\"Sogenannt\"",
"trickyInterpolation": r"Interpolation ist schwierig, wenn es einen Satz "
"wie dieser endet {s}.",
"message3": "Zeichen, die Flucht benötigen, zB Schrägstriche \\ Dollar "
"\${ (geschweiften Klammern sind ok) und xml reservierte Zeichen <& und "
"Zitate \" Parameter {a}, {b} und {c}",
"YouveGotMessages_method": "Dies ergibt sich aus einer Methode",
"nonLambda": "Diese Methode ist nicht eine Lambda",
"staticMessage": "Dies ergibt sich aus einer statischen Methode",
"thisNameIsNotInTheOriginal": "Could this lead to something malicious?",
"Ancient Greek hangman characters: 𐅆𐅇.":
"Antike griechische Galgenmännchen Zeichen: 𐅆𐅇",
"escapable": "Escapes: \n\r\f\b\t\v.",
"sameContentsDifferentName": "Hallo Welt",
"differentNameSameContents": "Hallo Welt",
"rentToBePaid": "Miete",
"rentAsVerb": "mieten",
"plurals": "{num,plural, =0{Ist Null Plural?}=1{Dies ist einmalig}"
"other{Dies ist Plural ({num}).}}",
"whereTheyWentMessage": "{gender,select, male{{name} ging zu seinem {place}}"
"female{{name} ging zu ihrem {place}}other{{name} ging zu seinem {place}}}",
//Note that we're only using the gender of the people. The gender of the
//place also matters, but we're not dealing with that here.
"nestedMessage": "{combinedGender,select, "
"{number,plural, "
"=0{Niemand ging zu {place}}"
"=1{{names} ging zum {place}}"
"other{{names} gingen zum {place}}"
"{number,plural, "
"=1{{names} ging in dem {place}}"
"other{{names} gingen zum {place}}"
"outerPlural": "{n,plural, =0{Null}=1{ein}other{einige}}",
"outerGender": "{g,select, male{Mann}female{Frau}other{andere}}",
"pluralThatFailsParsing": "{noOfThings,plural, "
"=1{eins:}other{{noOfThings} Dinge:}}",
"nestedOuter": "{number,plural, other{"
"{gen,select, male{{number} Mann}other{{number} andere}}}}",
"outerSelect": "{currency,select, CDN{{amount} Kanadischen dollar}"
"other{{amount} einige Währung oder anderen.}}}",
"nestedSelect": "{currency,select, CDN{{amount,plural, "
"=1{{amount} Kanadischer dollar}"
"other{{amount} Kanadischen dollar}}}"
"literalDollar": "Fünf Cent US \$ 0.05",
r"'<>{}= +-_$()&^%$#@!~`'": r"interessant (de): '<>{}= +-_$()&^%$#@!~`'"
/// The output directory for translated files.
String targetDir;
/// Generate a translated json version from [originals] in [locale] looking
/// up the translations in [translations].
void translate(Map originals, String locale, Map translations) {
var translated = {"_locale": locale};
originals.forEach((name, text) {
translated[name] = translations[name];
var file = new File(path.join(targetDir, 'translation_$locale.arb'));
main(List<String> args) {
if (args.length == 0) {
print('Usage: make_hardcoded_translation [--output-dir=<dir>] '
var parser = new ArgParser();
defaultsTo: '.', callback: (value) => targetDir = value);
var fileArgs = args.where((x) => x.contains('.arb'));
var messages = JSON.decode(new File(fileArgs.first).readAsStringSync());
translate(messages, "fr", french);
translate(messages, "de_DE", german);