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-# Flutter Web Engine
-This directory contains the source code for the Web Engine. The easiest way to
-hack on the Web Engine is using the `felt` tool. See dev/ for details.
-## Rolling CanvasKit
-CanvasKit is versioned separately from Skia and rolled manually. Flutter
-consumes a pre-built CanvasKit provided by the Skia team, currently hosted on When a new version of CanvasKit is available (check
- or consult the Skia team
-directly), follow these steps to roll to the new version:
-- Make sure you have `depot_tools` installed (if you are regularly hacking on
-  the engine code, you probably do).
-- If not already authenticated with CIPD, run `cipd auth-login` and follow
-  instructions (this step requires sufficient privileges; contact
-  #hackers-infra-🌡 on Flutter's Discord server).
-- Edit `dev/canvaskit_lock.yaml` and update the value of `canvaskit_version`
-  to the new version.
-- Run `dart dev/canvaskit_roller.dart` and make sure it completes successfully.
-  The script uploads the new version of CanvasKit to the
-  `flutter/web/canvaskit_bundle` CIPD package, and writes the CIPD package
-  instance ID to the DEPS file.
-- Send a pull request containing the above file changes. If the new version
-  contains breaking changes, the PR must also contain corresponding fixes.
-If you have questions, contact the Flutter Web team on Flutter Discord on the
-#hackers-web-🌍 channel.
+Flutter Web engine extracted into a pub package for experimentation.