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// Copyright 2013 The Flutter Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
import 'dart:async';
import 'dart:io' as io;
import 'package:simulators/simulator_manager.dart';
import 'browser_lock.dart';
import 'common.dart';
import 'utils.dart';
/// Returns [IosSimulator] if the [Platform] is `macOS` and simulator
/// is started.
/// Throws an [StateError] if these two conditions are not met.
IosSimulator get iosSimulator {
if (!io.Platform.isMacOS) {
throw StateError('iOS Simulator is only available on macOS machines.');
if (_iosSimulator == null) {
throw StateError(
'iOS Simulator not started. Please first call initIOSSimulator method',
return _iosSimulator!;
IosSimulator? _iosSimulator;
/// Inializes and boots an [IosSimulator] using the [iosMajorVersion],
/// [iosMinorVersion] and [iosDevice] arguments.
Future<void> initIosSimulator() async {
if (_iosSimulator != null) {
throw StateError('_iosSimulator can only be initialized once');
final IosSimulatorManager iosSimulatorManager = IosSimulatorManager();
final IosSimulator simulator;
final SafariIosLock lock = browserLock.safariIosLock;
try {
simulator = await iosSimulatorManager.getSimulator(
_iosSimulator = simulator;
} catch (e) {
'Error getting iOS Simulator for ${lock.simulatorDescription}.\n'
'Try running `felt create` command before running tests.',
if (!simulator.booted) {
await simulator.boot();
print('INFO: Simulator ${} booted.');
cleanupCallbacks.add(() async {
await simulator.shutdown();
print('INFO: Simulator ${} shutdown.');
/// Returns the installation of Safari.
/// Currently uses the Safari version installed on the operating system.
/// Latest Safari version for Catalina, Mojave, High Siera is 13.
/// Latest Safari version for Sierra is 12.
Future<BrowserInstallation> getOrInstallSafari({
StringSink? infoLog,
}) async {
// These tests are aimed to run only on macOS machines local or on LUCI.
if (!io.Platform.isMacOS) {
throw UnimplementedError('Safari on ${io.Platform.operatingSystem} is'
' not supported. Safari is only supported on macOS.');
infoLog ??= io.stdout;
// Since Safari is included in macOS, always assume there will be one on the
// system.
infoLog.writeln('Using the system version that is already installed.');
return BrowserInstallation(
version: 'system',
executable: PlatformBinding.instance.getMacApplicationLauncher(),